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Looking for light in a dark universe.

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This story is No. 2 in the series "rebirth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The flame of Athena was tossed into an uncontrolled slip after the fight with the Borg. This is the story of their destination and and the battles they fought.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredbuffaloFR1822,3311157,59515 Nov 114 Feb 12Yes


Obi-Wan Kenobi looks out into the deep void of space. To think all that stands between him and that vast void is the few inches of protective material that make up the small fighters hull. It was a sobering thought.

He looks down to the readouts behind the ships controls. He was fast approaching the sector that Yoda had sensed the disturbance from. The whole area was littered with debris from the war, there had been a large ship battle between a trade guild ship and a republic star destroyer, he still has a feeling of disquiet at what the republic had chosen to name their new warship class, a feeling which seemed to foretell of dark times to come.

Kenobi forces his mind back to the present, his readings show an unknown ship floating a few hundred light hours from the debris field, and it was being attacked. Perhaps this is what he was sent to find.


The Athena had been floating in normal space for close to a week when they attacked. It was taking longer than expected to repair the slipstream core and it left them incredibly vulnerable to attack.

Xander and Thena are working in the core when the ships attacked, lucky due to Xanders’ heavy paranoia at being so close to the old battlefield they were at full battle readiness, well as close as you can be with two crew members. Unlike the later Andromeda class ships Thena was unable to synthesize drone-bots to man her guns, but even without the organic assistance the ships’ AI was one hell of a shot.

With the rocking of the first bombardment, Xander and Thena run for command.

“Can you tell who’s attacking us,” asks Xander?

“Cruiser and a flight of fighters, don’t recognize their configuration,” replies Thena.

“Are they getting through our flack field?” The ship rocking violently under the explosion from a heavy hit quickly answers Xanders’ question.

“Guess that answers your question,” says Thena as they run into the command. Thena quickly checks the readouts on the flight controls, jumping into the control chair she begins to maneuver them away from their new enemy.

“Now would be a good time to do something,” says Thena.

“These assholes are tearing the shit outta my hull.”

“You know I always gotta ace up my sleeve love,” says Xander as he types a command into his console.

“Tell me you love me,” says Xander as a flight of Slipfighters launch from the Athenas’ bays.

“Love you” says Thena with a smirk.

The flight of slipfighters arranges into a triangle formation and begins cutting a swath through the enemy ships.

“When did you find the time to slave the ships to your console?”

“Don’t sleep much,” he says with a grin.


Obi-Wan watches the progress of the battle as his ship flies swiftly toward the unknown ship. A trade guild automated attack ship was attacking it, his scans showing that it was too damaged to be worth salvaging after the battle and was left to drift.

Obi-Wan watches as the unknown ship is hit by one of the droid ships’ heavy cannons, but surprisingly instead of it punching through the hull like he expected from such a delicate looking ship the energy blast rocks off of its armor. As this thought goes through his mind, he sees a flight of smaller ships launch from the docking bays of the strange craft. They quickly form up into an attack formation and begin tearing their way through the droid fighters. The unknown ship now turns its attention to the droid cruiser, he watches as an energy beam fires from just under the nose of the craft, it cuts into a hole in the droid cruisers’ armor and shields. The energy beam lasts for several seconds before terminating; the two ships sit there for a moment before a small explosion emanates from the droid ship, creating larger and larger explosions tearing the droid ship apart.

Obi-Wan finally closes into attack rang to find the battle already resolved. He weaves his way through the wreckage of the droid fighters; he is so focused on the strange ship that he doesn’t see the slight flickering of his readouts. He is finally close enough to the unknown ship to finally see it with his own eyes. It is obviously a military craft from its construction, all hard lines and grey on grey. There is an obvious beauty about it despite, or rather maybe because of its utilitarian design. It is shaped something like a war hammer or ax with the handle jutting forward to terminate in the nose. It was unlike any ship design he had seen.

Obi-Wan feels panic begin to rise in him as he sees that the ship has targeted him. He quickly opens a com channel, his small fighter would be vaporized by that ships’ weapons.

“This is Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I mean you no harm, I have been sent to render aid and assess your situation,” says Obi-Wan. Just because it wasn’t exactly the truth doesn’t mean he was lying.


Xander looks out the viewport at the small ship. It was a small fighter, of different design than the ships they had just finished off.

“What do you think,” he asks Thena?

“Well, he isn’t acting aggressive.”

“Let him dock?”

“Port docking bay, you go and meet him.”

With a nod, Xander sends the information and heads for the docking bay. He checks the charge on his force lance as he walks.

“Try not to kill him” Thena yells after him.

“No promises.”

Xander walks through the halls making his way to the docking bay. To think a few months ago he had been on death row. It had been an odd tale that had brought him to prison. A long time ago he was a fighter, facing dark things that wanted to end the world. He had a family of sorts, they had faced demons Vampires, Apocalypse, then came the time of the slayer army, and the great battle that waged across the world.

When the dust finally settled magic was gone, the heroes were gone, even the demons were gone. Xander found himself in a hell dimension, alone faced with countless enemies, he still doesn’t know what happened to his family, his girls and the man he considered his father.

It took him twenty years to claw his way out of that hell dimension; on his return he found a changed world. No magic, no demons, not even vampires plagued humanity.

It took him years but he finally made a place for himself, a life. But then came O’tool, killing the few people he felt something about in this world, leaving evidence pointing to him. Xander tracked him across five states, finally finding him in a backwater burg, in a biker bar. He killed every man in that bar, Including Jack O’Tool.

Xanders’ mind rockets back to the present as he finally comes to the docking bay. He looks down to see the strange ship. It is painted with splashes of red, of an aerodynamic design it looks like a triangle, in fact Xander is reminded of a stealth fighter.

Xander watches as a man climbs out of the cockpit. He is in his mid-thirties with a beard, wearing brown robes.

“So what’s your story then,” asks Xander.

The End

You have reached the end of "Looking for light in a dark universe.". This story is complete.

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