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Looking for light in a dark universe.

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This story is No. 2 in the series "rebirth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The flame of Athena was tossed into an uncontrolled slip after the fight with the Borg. This is the story of their destination and and the battles they fought.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredbuffaloFR1822,3311157,59715 Nov 114 Feb 12Yes


Very special thanks to my Beta JonnyNapalm

Thena Xander and the Athena illustration

The Flame of Athena; was last of the Orion class ships. The Orion class; created during the tail end of the twenty-first century, the first of the sentient ships. The design was pioneered by Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Rodney McKay, blending elements of Asgard and Ancient tech. It was Captain Carters’ personality that was grafted into the first Orion to prove the concept sound, though all of this is long forgotten by all but a few.

The universe changed when humanity first met the Vedrans, it was the start of the great Commonwealth, an empire that would spread across three galaxies. Many of the Jaffa no longer needing larval Goa'uld turned to genetic engineering. Dr. Peter Museveni, a genius in many ways soon took the reigns of the rest of the Nietzscheans, a race separate from their Jaffa ancestors, none knew his dream would become such a nightmare.

The Commonwealth soared to great heights only to fall at the hands of the Nietzscheans. By the time of The Fall, the days of the Stargate were all but forgotten. But our story is of the time after The Fall. Our story is of the Adventures of the last Orion class battle cruiser, the Flame of Athena, and her crew. This is the story of the great battle that they fought.

A lone ship tumbles out of slipstream. It has no control; but neither Thena nor Xander really care, they had survived. Finally regaining control, the Flame of Athena scans the system trying to find their location.

"I have no idea were we are" says Thena after a few moments.

"Shit, well at least we escaped," replies Xander.

"I'm reading signs of a battle."


"No more then a few days."

"I'll make sure the weapons systems weren't messed up by that slip."

"We might need them."

The two warriors do not see the rip in space-time left by their exit from slipstream.

Nor do they see it growing…


Several days later.

Thena wakes in the dead of night.

No, that isn't right.

There isn't really day or night in space. She wakes in the middle of what has become her and Xanders’ sleep cycle over the past weeks.

They have been working hard trying to repair the engines. With no way to power the damaged Hyper-drive they had settled in to repair the slipstream drive; which while damaged, was repairable and worked off a separate system which requires less power. Truly it was a miracle that they had gotten that final jump out of it.

The battlefield they had jumped into was cold. Whoever had been fighting, and over what was couldn’t be seen. They had only stayed long enough to salvage raw materials from the debris.

The ships were unlike anything in the Athena’s records.

Thena leaves her and Xander's quarters. Walking through her hallways she tries to figure out what has woken her.

As her bare feet pad along the walkways a cold feeling starts to grip at her heart.

"Athena" she calls. Her holographic incarnation appears in the hallway next to her.


"Are any anomalous readings coming from this deck?"


"Something’s wrong." Breaking into a run she rushes toward command.

Thena bursts into the room in time to see the Borg cut down Xander. He dies, as she always knew he would, with a smile on his lips, spitting blood into the face of his killer.

Thena reaches for her force lance only to remember she hadn't worn it, she turns to run only to be stopped by one of the Borg, wearing her face.

"You will be assimilated." Says her twin before reaching out a deformed hand to grasp her throat.

Thena cries out as she wakes from the nightmare. She has been having many, all fairly similar to this, ever since their narrow escape.

Xander sits up his force lance coming to the ready. Seeing there is no immediate threat he puts the weapon back under his pillow.

"The same dream?" He asks pulling her into an embrace.

"Why does this keep happening? I'm an Android, I'm not supposed to dream. I'm not even supposed to need to sleep."

"Well, love." Says Xander leaning back to look Thena in the eyes. "You're not a simple Android anymore. Hell, I doubt you ever were."

"That’s supposed to be comforting?"

"It's the middle of the night! You want better wait ‘til I've had my sleep," says Xander with a grin. Thena can't help but smirk back.


Coruscant, the capital world of the Old Republic.

Master Yoda sits in his quarters meditating. There is a disturbance in the Force, and he is struggling to find its source.

Even a few years ago it would have been a relatively simple matter to find the source of such a thing, but that was before the Clone War. So much death and destruction, it weighed upon the galaxy.

After many hours he still was no closer to finding the source. All he could discern was that it was coming from somewhere in the Outer Rim.

Flashes of a great intelligence and a great danger were all that were to be had on this day.

Settling back into his seat he considers what his actions will be on this matter.

It is times like this he realizes how old he has become. Yoda pores himself a drink, he sometimes misses the old days before his duties eliminated him from being able to simply travel to a disturbance, and proximity would most likely clear his vision.

He considers whom he might send in his stead. Kenobi, he was on temporary leave after being injured.

Yes he will send Kenobi; he is wise enough to be trusted.


Xander sits in the cockpit of the slip fighter, pouring over the manual in his hand.

Ever since he saw the half dozen fighters sitting in the docking bay of the Athena he knew he had to fly one.

Back before he was framed for the murders of his friends, he had dreamed of joining the Air Force, flying fighters, he knew it was unlikely it would happen, but he never really gave up on it until his sentencing. You can't be a fighter pilot if you're convicted of a multiple homicides, even if you hadn't killed most of them.

He reaches forward and flips a switch on the control panel, smiling as the readout comes to life. Maybe his dream could come true after all.
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