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the Knights.

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Hunter knight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: They are SG-23 and, even the Ori tremble at their name.

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Out of ruin

So it's been a little while since I've put a chapter up for this story but here it is. I have been doing some editing and minor rewrites but there haven't been any earth shattering changes except the character of Hunter is now played by John Casey (see the banner) hope you enjoy the chapter and please review.

They stand looking over the ruins of their home. The Alpha site had been their place of refuge since the war began, and now it had been torn away from them.
Hunter bends down to retrieve the flag that had flown not five hours before. It was singed but you could still make out the symbol for the SGC. With all the nationalities working here they had never flown the flag of any one country, instead they flew the symbol which united them all to a single purpose. Getting back to his feet Hunter grabs a piece of rebar sticking out from a ruined building. He starts climbing one of the tallest remaining structures. It is treacherous but he quickly makes his way to the top, he pauses for a moment, tying the flag to the piece of rebar. By this point all the survivors are watching his actions. He plunges the rebar into the wreckage beneath his feet with such force that it embeds itself several inches deep, Hunter stands back.

The charred flag flutters in the rising winds around them. If the Ori thought that they had been fighting a war, they had no idea of what hell they had brought down upon themselves.


In her command ship floating high above the conquered planet of Chulak, Adria, The Orici, feels a tingling running up her spine. For the first time since her birth she felt something she knew should never enter her mind, she felt fear. At that moment she knew the days too come would shake the heavens.
She looks down to the communications console beneath her left hand; it was chirping the arrival of a report.
The attack on the human outpost was complete, but at a cost, the humans had managed to destroy one of her battle cruisers. Anger flares in the Orici at the sight of her namesake, Adria of Krypton and her paramour Hunter in the recovered recordings from the destroyed ship. Their team was almost as bad as SG-1; they had both become thorns in her side, thorns that needed plucking.
She turns her attention to one of her other attacks; perhaps one thorn would be removed soon.


Daniel Jackson ducks down behind a small wall as rapid energy fire comes his way. It was beginning to become disturbing how often this was happening to him of late.
This had been meant to be a simple meet and greet but as soon as they had stepped out of the gate they had come under fire from the Ori troops lying in wait. He Watches as Vala grabs a bandage from his bag, pressing it into the massive stomach wound which Carter had caught in the first exchange.

"Why'd you have to go and do that," he asks Carter trying to joke so she wouldn't know how bad it was.

"You know I've been wanting some leave," she replies around shallow coughs that bring blood to her lips.

"Keep her awake" he says to Vala. "I'm gonna try for the DHD."
Shouldering his P-90 he signals to Cam and Teal'c to cover him. As they lay down a field of cover-fire Daniel runs like hell for the DHD, he quickly ducks behind the pedestal as energy blasts barely miss his head.
Leaving as much of himself unexposed as he can he dials earth. The gate activates but it is quickly apparent that there is no way they will make it to the portal. Grabbing his radio Daniel yells over the chaos.

"This is SG-1, we are under fire and unable to reach the gate. We have wounded and need immediate Evac. Repeat we are pinned down and need immediate Evac." With that the gate closes and Daniel sends a silent prayer that Carter will last.


It was turning into a bad day. That was the only thing that general Landry could think. First the Alpha site is hit and then within the hour SG-1 is being attacked. There were no ships close enough to send, especially not knowing how badly wounded they were.
He hated to send them out, but SG-23 was the only team that was ready for a rapid rescue. He picks up the phone to give the order.


It was only hours since they had been pulled from the remains of the Alpha site, and they were already being sent out again. SG-1 was in trouble again.
Graham reads over the report.

"Looks pretty simple" he says to the others.

"Their numbers?"

"Nothing firm, but there seems to be at least a platoon pinning them down." Hunter gets to his feet and grabs his helmet.

"Well then let's go pull SG-1s' bacon out of the fire," he says. The rest of SG-23 quickly seal the last of their armor into a battle ready state and follow him out of the room.

The SGC personnel seem to part like the red sea as the SGCs' first heavy battle unit make their way to the gate. The site of them in full armor ready to deal out death was enough to give even the most hardened veteran of the base reason to give them a wide birth. They had just watched their home destroyed before their eyes, and they needed to take it out on someone.


Cam was starting to get worried; this was odd for the former combat pilot. He really never gets worried; it was almost a prerequisite for this job. But he knew that they were in a tight spot, Carter had been hit bad, and unless they got her to a medic quick things weren't looking good for her. Daniels call for Evac hadn't brought results and time was running out.
He was starting to make a plan to break for the gate; he figured he could draw enough of the fire for the others to make it through.

Granted he wound end up filled with holes, but they would make it, probably. He was about to put his plan into action when the gate comes to life.

It has never ceased to amaze him, that swirling vortex of destructive power that proceeds the establishing of a stable wormhole.

It is only seconds after the portal stabilizes that they come. He had never seen SG-23 in action, he had heard the stories but always though they were exaggerated, much like most of the stories told about his own team. But watching them as they exit the gate and jump into the battle, he could swear he was seeing something from the tales he used to read as a child. They were a force of nature, knights of a bloody order sent to destroy the wicked.
He watches as one of the four armored figures draws a sword from its sheath on his back. He walks forward toward a group of the Ori soldiers, saluting them with his blade.

With deadly precision and a frightening speed he cuts his way through the enemy. One of them, seemingly an officer draws his blade. He tries to block the knights' blade with his own, but his sword is split in two by the armored figures' blow, soon to be followed by the better part of the officers own body.

All of this has taken but moments, in that space of time all of SG-1 were transfixed by their saviors. Quickly snapping out of it Cam runs over to Daniel and Vala to help them carry Sam to the gate. Teal'c starts dialing Earth, simultaneously laying down cover fire on the few remaining Ori.

Cam and Daniel splitting Sam’s weight between them quickly get through the gate to the needed medical treatment waiting on the other side, Vala is close on their heels. With hesitation Teal'c looks to the knights fighting a few hundred feet from him. His radio clicks to life and the voice of Hunter issues into his ear.

"Go through the gate, we'll finish the cleanup and follow. They need you more than us."

"Understood" says Teal'c. He turns and steppes through the gate, after a moment the portal closes.


It is less than ten minutes after they first exited the gate and SG-23 stand over the dead and dying bodies of the Ori soldiers. Nearly ninety troops and they had barely scratched SG-23.
Hunter crouches down to wipe his blade on the cloak of the officer he had crossed blades with earlier.

"If we keep fighting them like this the war will drag on for years. We have them outclassed on land, but we can barely touch them in the skies. One of us needs to find an advantage, and we need it to be us," says Graham as he looks over the battlefield.

"We could bring in-" starts Hunter, only to be cut off by Adria.

"No he is unready for what he would need to do. He would hesitate and that is all they would need. A Kryptonian heritage is no shield against the Priors power." Adria had learned the hard way that the Priors power could harm her hardy flesh after their flames had eaten through her armor during the battle for the super-gate. She might no longer have the full powers of a Kryptonian but she maintained a small portion of her races' resilience. She knew that Clark would want to help, but she also knew that though he may be a warrior he was no killer, this war was no place for him.

The four armor-clad figures turn to the gate. After a moment Stark dials Earth and they all step through, leaving only the dead to remember what had happened here.


From her place in the higher plains Cordelia knows the time to act has come. She only hopes she is not too late, and that the others will not stop her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "the Knights." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jan 12.

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