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the Knights.

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Hunter knight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: They are SG-23 and, even the Ori tremble at their name.

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the horsemen.

Welcome to the Knights. So here it is Adria and Hunter getting their own team.
for the record I do not own BtVS, Stargate, Smallville, Halo, Eureka, Chuck, or any of the other stories mentioned herein.
Reviews make me write better, and possibly faster.
A huge Thank you to my Beta JonnyNapalm
Four horsemen illustration

The Alpha site; it’s been years since the construction of the new off-world base and in that time it has become a small city. Several hundred Air Force personnel now live there, off and on. Hunter and Adria have called it home for close to a year, ever since the start of the Ori war. There have been a fair number of jokes through about with Adria sharing her name with the enemy commander. Adria still can't believe that Vala named her daughter after her. Normally it would be an honor.
Hunter and Adria have become something of a strike team, going into enemy encampments and neutralizing them. The never truly were members of an official SG team, usually just backing up who needed it, until now. They are to be half of the newly formed SG-23, a first response combat team.

Hunter sits looking over the specs of the new mark 1 MJOLNIR armor that the SGC is hoping to bring into the field soon, he doesn't understand parts of the design, mostly the parts that Thor worked on, but he had been responsible for large sections of the design and he wanted to make sure that they would be built properly.

He looks up as Adria enters the room.

"Hey love, you find anything out?" Adria had been trying to find out about their new teammates.

"Not much, one is military the other might be a civilian."

"On a combat team?"

"Those the new designs," asks Adria pointing to the papers Hunter had just been looking at.

"Yeah, they definitely made it look more human." The colored picture of a finished suit was quite different from the hybrid Yautja-Krypton armor that Hunter used to wear; he still misses his old suit, but it was destroyed during the battle for the Supergate. This armor is a metallic green it's design seeming to mirror American military garb, the helmet has a yellow faceplate.

"How does it compare to what you gave them?"

"Well, at least from what I can understand, Thor made a lot of modifications. Seems it gave him an Idea for a containment suit for his people, he designed the power system as a thank you."

"Well we'll be finding out soon enough" says Adria, SG-23 was to be one of the first teams issued the armor.

"Did you get any names?"

"For the new team members?"

"What else."

"Major Graham Miller and Nathan Stark."

"Here's hoping they won't get us killed."

Three months later.

The four of them crouch in the muddy trench. They have been fighting for three days straight and this was the first time that they could stop, catch forty winks, and eat something.

It had started as a simple objective, to assess the enemy activities on this planet and report back. What they found made things difficult. A new kind of ship, from the plans they were able to steal, a deadlier one too. This planet was were the Ori forces were building it and performing the first tests. The battle for New Geldar was quickly becoming not only the bloodiest but the longest of the Ori war. Much of the fighting before now had been in space and those battles were always quickly decided, this ground fighting was much more dirty, both sides were evenly matched with there being so few Priors.

Over the past three months SG-23 had become a tight team, trusting each other to have their back. The small skull over wings painted on each of their suits' shoulders a small testament to that. Graham had been learning as much as he could about the Ori, including reading the Book of Origin. He had learned that they had a tale of four warriors, much like the four horsemen in the Bible meant to bring about destruction; they were thought, reason, strength, and death. Over many drinks the four had been talking about this story when Adria got an idea. The next day they had all woken to find brand spanking new tattoos on their shoulders. A deaths' head skull over wings with a symbol inked into the brow, each of the team had a different symbol, they were taken from the Yautja alphabet, Grahams' was the symbol for reason, Nathans' was thought, Adria had strength, and Hunter had death. They all fit with their specialties. Graham was the leader; with his military training he was the best tactician of the four. Nathan was the techie, often rewriting the programming for their suits while under fire. Hunter was the fighter, Adria being Kryptonian, even a de-powered Kryptonian, made her powerful, combined with the fact she had been a member of the Kryptonian security forces before the fall, she knew her way around a weapon.

An Ori soldier firing his staff weapon at Stark quickly ended the short reprieve from the battle; luckily he was still in full armor so he was only lightly singed by the blast. The battle armor had truly proved itself over the past months, it's only drawback the amount of time it took to properly train a soldier how to use it, well that and the money. The only reason that Stark and Graham were already in the field was that the two were heavily involved with the designing of the armor, Graham was the test pilot, while Stark was one of the main programmers. The higher ups had decided that the marines would be the ones to be trained for it, the next generation of the armor was just waiting for the jar-heads to finish at the training grounds, then the Ori would have a new heavy infantry to worry about. The eggheads already had a host of new ideas for the armor, there was even talk of energy shielding.

SG-23 movies back into action, Hunter and Adria lay down cover fire with their rifles while Nathan and Gram move up on the enemy.

The rifles were new too, based on Kryptonian designs it fired plasma rounds that cut through most armor like butter.
The attackers were a squad of Ori troops armed with their version of a staff weapon, while the MJOLNIR armor could take a hit or two from them, it wasn't made from Kryptonian metal, it wouldn't take long for the energy blasts to cook them, the Ori weapons were much superior to what the Jaffa used to carry.

They move quickly to neutralize the Ori troops, soon they stand over the bodies of the Ori troops, their rapidly cooling armor the only sign of the battle.
Continuing to move on they come to a crest looking down on a valley. Dead bodies litter the ground. There are SG personnel and Ori troops both littering the ground.

"Good god" says Nathan shouldering his rifle.

"There will be more days like this before the end," says Hunter crouching down and leaning into Adrias’ leg, looking for some measure of comfort.

"How many?"

"Lords be merciful, it will be few."
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