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Summary: Gram's tells the sister's about Paige Matthews but warns that if Paige realizes she is a charmed one the original sisters risk losing their powers

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Chapter One

Title: P4
Summery: Grams's tells the girl's of Paige's exsistance however warns that if Paige discovers her true nature not only will she be put in mortal danger, the original sisters risk losing their powers.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners. This is just fanfic

"If she ever finds out she is a charmed one, you will loose your powers"
Grams' warning rang loudly in Prue Halliwell's mind even as she manouvered closer to the dark haired woman sitting at the bar.
She knew she was breaking her own rule; she had ordered her younger sisters Phoebe and Piper to stay away from the mysterious
half sister. Intellectually she wanted to know if this woman was a threat, despite Gram's assurances, how many times had demons
tried to infiltrate the charmed ones by pretending to be a long lost sibling. She was just trying to make sure her sisters
were safe.

But hidden deep inside she wanted to see her sister who had been cruelly seperated from her. She had found the girl-Paige
Matthews, according to her mother fairly easily. She was a training to be a social worker and had a free spirit that could
rival Phoebe's. She had attempted several times to 'casually' bump into Paige for the last two weeks but what better excuse
could she have then at Piper's bar?

Prue rested her elbows onto the black, shiny bar, catching the barmaid's attention with a tilt to the chin. Lisa, grinned and
served her a drink, "How're you doing tonight Prue?"

"Not bad" Prue answered, trying not to look at the girl on her left. "Looks like buisness is good" she remarked.

"Yeah, the place is bouncing tonight, good news for you, huh?"

"Doesn't hurt" Prue agreed. She could feel the girls' eyes on her back, and she tried to figure out a way to open a conversation but Paige got there first.

"You own this place?"

Prue nodded, "Mmm Hmmm. Me and my sisters." She turned to the girl fully, taking in the flawless white skin and big eyes. SHe
was dressed in casual party clothes that Phoebe would approve off, and despite the fact that her make up was a little too bright and a little thick she had a pretty face, a face that was remarkably like her own.

"I'm Prue."

"Paige Matthews"

They lapsed into silence, each lost in their own thoughts, heads nodding to the beat of the music.

"So are you here with anyone?" Prue asked.

Paige fiddled with her straw slightly nervously. "No, I'm here alone."

"You're not drinking?" Prue observed.

"No, I had, I guess you could say that me and drink don't go well together" she let out a stiff laugh, clearly embrassed.

"Well you've got good taste in drinks," Prue said, unaccountably wanting to cheer Paige up.

"So are you here with your sisters?" Paige asked, cleary looking for another topic of conversation.

"Yeah they're around here somewhere." Prue said. "Piper's probably in the office and Phoebe is....enjoying herself."


Prue raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Prue and Phoebe and Piper. P3. The club. It makes sense."

"I think you are the first person to put that all together."

"All P's in a row." Prue said.

"Kind of funny," Paige said, her body language much more relaxed now. "That you meet another P in a crowd of about 100"

Prue narrowed her eyes slightly, Gram's had promised her that Paige had no idea that she was charmed or who her natural parents were but that didn't mean she had learned it from another source.

"Yeah, funny."

Paige shrugged, "Paige, Prue, Phoebe andd Piper, try saying that five times fast."

"Or drunk," Prue retorted, laughing, to her relief Paige let out a peel of laughter,and it sounded like relief.

"You looked like you could use a laugh," Prue observed. Paige nodded, and all of Prue's sisterly scanners turned on. Despite her presumed party girl persona, Prue could see that Paige was hurting.

"Yeah, I...I suffered a....loss and sometimes it's hard....but in a way, and God I feel terrible saying it, it helped me find myself. What I'm supposd to be doing."

She trailed off but Prue didn't need her to finish. How many people had she lost in the pursuit of demons and suddenly her desire to inform her possible sister of her destiny was the last thing she wanted to do. She thought of Phoebe, of how Grams's death had brought her back to Haliwell manor, had shaped her into a powerful witch and to greater understanding of Prue. She knew how devastation could also bring about change and destiny.

"I'm sorry."

"No, don't be. Just me being maudlin." Paige assured her.

"I've only just found out what I'm supposed to be doing," Prue said, "I've felt like I have been living for other people." She confided. What she meant was best for Phoebe and Piper and Grams'.

"Well let's have a toast. Too new beginings." She clinked her glass against Prue's and they shared a smile.

End part
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