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Jurisdictional Issues

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Summary: Two Alpha Predators Meet

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DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-CenteredcmdruhuraFR1311,4521143,97116 Nov 1116 Nov 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters from Buffy or DC. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.

AN: Thoughts are between asterisks - *How boring.*

He races along the roof tops. Heading in the direction of the emergency signal that shut off only a few moments after it had been triggered.

There are only two possible reasons for that particular beacon to stop. One is that another of the Family had arrived on the scene and keyed in the abort code. However, since there hadn’t been any follow-up reports from either Cassandra or whomever might have come to her aid, that has a very low probability of being the case. The other is that the transmitter has suffered a catastrophic failure and there aren’t many things that could cause that, which did not bode well for Cassandra’s health.

As he nears the edge of the roof near where the signal came from, he hears the sound of fighting in the alley below.

Peering down, he sees Cassandra fighting someone who appears to be a few inches shorter than her. From the person’s build, it appears to be another woman or maybe a teenage girl. Whichever it is, Cassandra is losing, which, given her abilities, is startling to see.

Cassandra is on the defensive and only blocking one out of every two blows, and is only effective against one in of ten of those. Cassandra’s opponent is just moving too fast for her to take advantage of her gift.

He takes this all in within only a few heartbeats.

He tosses a batarang at the unknown assailant as he jumps down to a ledge three stories above the alley that will give him a better angle from which to enter the fight to aid Cassandra.

His feet have barely touched down when he is momentarily shocked by what he sees happen.

Cassandra’s assailant catches his batarang; spins around and tosses it back at his new position while delivering a spin kick to Cassandra’s midsection that lifts her off her feet and sends her sailing twenty feet. Cassandra would have probably gone further if it weren’t for impacting a large trash bin with her butt. Her forward momentum suddenly turning into rotational momentum causing her to tumble hard into the trash bin and hitting her head on the inside of the upraised lid as it falls, shutting her inside.

Meanwhile, he has to quickly duck to the left to avoid the very fast returning batarang and even then it clips the horn on the right side of his cowl. It had been aimed directly for the bridge of his nose.

He moves forward when suddenly his head is jerked back.

As he tries to figure out what has happened, the mystery assailant shouts up to him.

“I don’t have time to tap dance with you or your brood, so stay out of my way” says an angry voice he identifies as Southern Californian. “Because if even one person is hurt or killed because you interfered, I’ll make sure they know who to sue for wrongful injury or death, Mr. BW.”

With that the woman/girl takes off down the alley away from where he is.

He quickly finds the reason for his sudden head jerk. His cape has been pegged to the brick wall of the building by three wooden pegs.

*She must have thrown them while my own batarang blocked my view,* he muses.

He has to exert some effort to dislodge them even if they didn’t penetrate his cape’s material and only wedged it in the wall around their points.

He also finds his batarang embedded in the wall. He retrieves it and quickly makes his way to the trash bin Cassandra fell in.

Lifting the lid he is relieved to see that she is trying to roll over in an apparent effort to get back on her feet.

“Batgirl,” he calls out. “Are you alright?”

She looks up at him and stares.

*She must be trying to focus her eyes,* he thinks. *I’ll have to have her checked for a concussion.*

“Let me help you out of there,” he says.

He notices her wince several times as she helps her and that she is a bit unsteady once she is back standing in the alley. He also notices the shattered remains of the emergency transmitter on her belt.

Cassandra indicates that he should go after her assailant, but instead he asks, “Why were you fighting?”

Signing, she explains that she came across her assailant beating on some homeless guy in an apparent effort to gain some information from him. She doesn’t know what the information being sought is.

She intervened and separated the two, with the homeless guy beating a hasty retreat. When she prevented the woman from following him, the fight started. Initially she had the advantage though only slightly due to the woman’s fast reflexes and great strength but the woman not only sped up her own attacks but began using various techniques in combinations that Cassandra never seen before. This allowed the woman to actually change the targets of her blows at the last second once Cassandra had committed herself to a blocking strategy. The fact that the woman was much stronger than one might assume from looking at her had also played a factor in Cassandra’s losing the early advantage of surprise.

Cassandra assures him that when she next meets her assailant she will not be the loser.

As much as he hates the situation, he tells her, “We can’t interfere with her mission.”

Despite her full face mask, he knows she is looking at him with a very puzzled expression.

“I suspect she is a Vampire Slayer and the homeless guy, who may or may not be human, has information she needs to prevent some Supernatural calamity,” he tells her. “Based on her brief statement before she left, lives are at risk and it’s possible that time is critical. Even attempting to find her to see if we could assist her could be a fatal distraction for her, us, the whole world in fact.”

Cassandra is even more confused after his brief explanation than before. Batman has always jealously guarded who could operate in Gotham and who couldn’t. What made this one woman so important?

Batman knew he would have to explain further his lack of action to his young protégé but tells her to wait till they are back at the Cave where her injuries can be treated and no one can overhear what he has to say.

As they make their way back to where he left the Batmobile, he thinks back to the briefing The League received from Dr. Fate about Slayers shortly after it became apparent there were now hundreds of them popping up around the world.

*God, how I hate magic and the supernatural. Plus, the fact that this particular Slayer seems to know who my alter ego is.*

Gotham is his city and he its protector, but Slayers see the whole world as theirs to protect and brook no interference with that duty, even from the people they are trying to protect.

By necessity, these young women are killers, a fact that he also hates though his anger is not aimed towards them per se but those that started the line for choosing a young girl to be their instrument for protecting the human race. The onus of being made the judge, jury, and executioner would be a terrible load for even a mature person to have, let alone a teenager, regardless of the supposed ‘adult supervision’ provided by the Watcher’s Council. Though he admits to himself that, based on his investigations, the current incarnation of that organization is doing a better job than the previous version.

“Oracle,” he says, opening the secure comm channel. “Get the word out that a Slayer is in Gotham and something big is probably going down. No one is to seek her out but do offer assistance if they do come across her. Batgirl already had a misunderstanding with her so any approach should be made with extreme caution. From Batgirl’s description, it’s a good possibility that she’s Slayer Prime which means the situation is probably dire. Her support team should be around somewhere so everyone should keep an eye out for them as well.”

After Oracle acknowledges his report, he ponders if he might be able to persuade the Slayer to give Cassandra a rematch once the current crisis is over and before she leaves town. Now that Cassandra knows what she is facing, he is certain that she’d beat the Slayer and that might impress upon her the need to let him know in advance the next time she might need to come to Gotham. It is his City after all.

The End

You have reached the end of "Jurisdictional Issues". This story is complete.

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