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A Memorial

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Summary: Buffy talks with other fictional characters Explains why in a cute skit with Buffy, that I deleted It's My Life & A Hidden Identity

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredNoturHeroFR1517910488516 Nov 1116 Nov 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Harry Potter. They belong to the great Joss Wheadon and J.K Rowling

"I can't believe we were taken off! I wanted to meet my mate." Cacia whined.

"Hey now, I was just about to start my new life away from Dumbledore! Things were going so well. Besides, I was going to have a mate as well." Harry retorted.

"Whoever is responsible for this dies!" Tom yelled

"Who are you?" Cacia and Harry asked.

Cacia was trying to hide her attraction to Tom. Tom notices and smirks. Harry notices and shakes his head.

"Why don't you two make out already." Harry groused.

"That is a good idea kid." Tom said before doing just that.

Cacia and Tom were making out. Both were oblivious to the world.

Harry was bored before a beautiful blonde came in.

"What are you doing here kid?" Buffy asked Harry.

"Our stories got canceled. Due to some rules."

"That bites. We were always screwed over too in my show. Then we decided to go out in our own way. We even made fun of our enemies on our show."

"That sounds cool. I would have loved to watch your show, but at the time I was living with extremely abusive people that did not let me watch TV." Harry said sadly.

"You poor thing. Do you want me to go all slayer on them. Just don't tell Giles." Buffy whispered the last part.

"Thanks that is kind of sweet. They were convicted in a goblin court. They will spend the rest of their lives in the mines." Harry smirked

"Huh, I did not know that Goblins existed. I thought the same about leprechauns too." Buffy mused

"Leprechauns can be tricky with their fake gold. If you go to Ireland, you should be able to see one." Harry told Buffy.

Buffy laughed. "I want to adopt you as my little brother."

"I was recently adopted. They are dead though."

"Your life is as screwed up as mine. I thought that was impossible!" Buffy commiserated with the eleven year old.

"We should start a club." Harry suggested.

"So do know why you were canceled?" Buffy asked.

Harry just shook his head

"You will not like the answer. You will think it's my fault." Buffy said sadly.

"I want to know. I promise to not blame you since I think you are wicked."

"That means cool in Giles speak, right? Well cool is of the good." Buffy grinned

"Will you tell me now?" Harry pouted.

"OK, there is these really cool people that have dedicated a fanfiction site to me! Isn't that cool?"

"Yes, Buffy. I recently found I had my own sites as well. I'll use some of your American terms and say that we are cool like that."

Buffy giggled. "They made a rule that half of the stories and word count must have my show in it."

Harry glared while Buffy was starting to get nervous.

"It's not your fault Buffy."

Harry hugs Buffy

"No, it's her sites fault!" Tom growls

"Isn't he sexy when he growls." Cacia grins saucily at her mate

They begin making out again.

"The author told me that she had forgotten about the nuances of your show Buffy."

"That is understandable. Have her look for the transcripts. If they are not online, than she should ask for my shows DVD for Christmas."

"That is a great idea Buffy. Then the author can write stories involving you. Then I can come back!"

"Glad I can help. Oh shoot. I am late for training with the mini mes. See you around."

"Bye Buffy."

Harry went to look for his female counterpart. Cacia was still kissing Tom.

"Cacia, you know that Tom has been trying to kill you in an alternative universe, right?"

Tom glares at Harry. "Where did you get that information from, Dumbledore?"

"You have a great point Tom. Dumbles is probably the villain in my world too." Harry shakes his head.

"Do you want to take a walk Tom?" Cacia pleaded with her eyes.

Tom answered by picking her up and running out of the room

"Great now I am alone. Cacia is probably snogging Tom. Come on author get to know Buffy again. I don't want to be here forever."

Poor Harry was sitting in the dark alone.

A/N: This was just a silly one shot explaining why I deleted two of my stories. I was not forced to delete them, but I could not continue them until I had some Buffy stories as well. Once I get my Buffy count up I can post them again. It will give me the chance to improve them. Hey, this counts as a Buffy story so I am on my way. Thanks to everyone that has read, reviewed, and recommended those stories. I love you guys.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Memorial". This story is complete.

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