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Noah Puckerman

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Summary: Puck was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. But it was in Sunnydale, California, he grew up. (Not updated in a while, but I'm working on it!)

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Television > GleePyretofSwedenFR18924,05012112,48116 Nov 1114 Feb 13No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Leaving on a Tiny-Ass Plane

Beta: LolaAnn and MissE, any remaining mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: I am not making any money from this fanfiction. Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and the FOX network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon.

Chapter Two: Leaving on a Tiny-Ass Plane


The next day dawned cloudy and muggy. As if Puck didn’t feel bad enough already, the weather had to go and make him sweaty and uncomfortable to boot. His flight was taking off pretty early, and he would spend the bigger part of the day on either a plane or in an airport. He was grateful that he wouldn’t have to sit on the same plane all the way to California; the short layovers would save his sanity, what he had left of it anyway.

“Are you all packed, Noah?” His mother didn’t even bother to knock before she went into his room to get him out of bed. She was even bold enough to rip the blanket off him as she walked past to check his closet for things he might have neglected to pack. As if he couldn’t pack a bag, he was 16 years old for fuck’s sake!

“I’m packed, Ma! Get out!” Puck grumbled from under his pillow. He didn’t like to admit it but he was embarrassed to have his mother see him lying there, buck naked. He slept best when he didn’t have a stitch on him.

“Fine, get dressed and come to breakfast. We have to get going.” His mother left the door open a crack, like she didn’t trust him not to fall asleep again. Puck couldn’t blame her, really. He hadn’t done much to earn any kind of trust in a long time. He promised himself then that he would make an effort to change things when he got to California. No more screwing up for Noah Puckerman.


The drive to Allen County’s tiny airport was blissfully short, not a word was spoken. Puck thought that maybe that was for the best. His mother nagging him to behave and straighten up while at his uncle’s, was not something he wanted to suffer through this early in the morning. When they got there, Puck’s mother helped him carry his guitar case and his carry-on bag. That left Puck to lug his three heavy suitcases by himself. Miriam wasn’t any help at all. She kept wiping tears off her cheeks and that made Puck feel worse than he thought was ever possible. His sister was a pain in the ass, but he loved her more than anything. Who would protect her from bullies, and scare her future boyfriends, if he wasn’t there to do it?

They checked his bags, and Puck’s mother made sure that he wouldn’t have to re-check them at every lay-over, and then it was time to say their goodbyes. Puck hated goodbyes; that’s why he didn’t stick around at school the day before. He didn’t even say it to Quinn before he left her in the hall, sobbing her little drama-queen heart out. He’d just said “don’t know” and was gone. He refused to feel guilty, because he was badass. He would never see that kid, and Quinn would get over it. He hoped Quinn would get over it.

He took his carry-on bag from his mother before he kissed his sister’s hair and gave her a one armed hug. She threw her little arms around him and though her grip was strong, it wasn’t firm enough to explain the sudden tightness in his chest. He pried her arms away from him and turned to go.

“Goodbye, Noah! Call when you get there, alright? I love you.” His mother said to his back, because even though he’d stopped when she started talking, he didn’t turn around. His shoulders were tense and hunched up almost all the way to his ears, and it was most definitely not tears that he felt burning his throat. If he wasn’t such a badass, he would have turned back and wrapped his mother in a big hug, because he loved her too. But since he was the baddest badass in Lima, he didn’t even acknowledge her words with a nod. He just slung his bag over his shoulder and walked away. He was good at that – walking away.


The plane was fucking tiny! Puck wasn’t in any way small, so the first hour of his trip was pure torture. The passengers were practically sitting in each other’s laps and there was not an inch more leg-space than, he would imagine, a person Berry’s size would need. And to top it all off, the person sitting next to him was totally fat! And a dude, and he had an ugly mustache which looked like it doubled as a lunchbox. Disgusting. Puck tried to ignore the smell of sweat and onions coming from the guy, but it was difficult. He put his earphones in, hoping to, at least, drown out the annoying wheezing noise coming from the dude’s nose.

He leaned back against the backrest and closed his eyes. Imagining himself on stage, performing the song blaring in his ears – his favorite. The other glee kids were there too, backing him up and giving his vocals that extra push from awesome to totally fucking fantastic. A weight settled in his heart as he wondered if his new school even had a glee club. Then he wondered if he would want to join if they did. It wouldn’t be the same. Nothing would ever be the same, he knew that, and he felt like crying again.

He felt trapped on that tiny plane. There wasn’t even a bathroom for him to hide in. He wanted to punch something, scream. He wanted to belt his feelings out in an angry rock song and smash an amplifier at the end. He wanted to play his guitar and calm his nerves. He wanted off this fucking plane!

The hour it took to get from Ohio to Illinois seemed to drag on for years. Feeling more than a little relieved, he finally stepped onto the tarmac, happy to leave the plane and the stinky man behind. As he walked to the terminal, a light rain started and it seemed to wash all Puck’s anger and tension away. He felt as if he could breathe freely again. The rest of his flight was pretty uneventful, not one single interesting incident or noteworthy person during the whole time. It was fourteen hours of utter boredom and Puck never did get the hang of that ‘sitting still’ thing.

As they prepared for landing for the last time, Puck got reacquainted with his nerves again. It had been many years since he’d felt the flutter of anxious butterflies in his belly. He did not enjoy the feeling and he dealt with that the only way he knew how – by getting annoyed, very annoyed. By the time he reached the area for baggage claim, his nerves were in no better shape than before. Puck sort of wished that he was the kind of person who could take a few deep breaths and have every trace of nervousness be swept away like so much dust. But wishes were for losers, and Puck was a badass.

He conveniently forgot that badasses don’t get nervous over meeting their own family at an airport. It hadn’t even been that long ago since he’d seen them. Just last summer they had been in Lima to visit. His mother was fairly close with her brother, so Uncle Ira and his family would visit a few weeks every summer. He used to tell him that if it weren’t for his practice that he would take his family and relocate to Lima in a heartbeat. Puck couldn’t for the life of him understand why someone would give up California for Ohio if they had a choice.


End of Chapter Two

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