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Harry Potter and The Hidden Agenda

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hidden Agenda". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Harry gets rescued by an unlikely source and from there the truth begins to appear revealing more than he ever bargained for. He gains new friends and allies in the battle to save the Wizarding world from more than just Voldemort.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: SpikeemeraldisleFR2135213,1012437691,87416 Nov 115 Jul 14No

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Chapter One

Summary: Harry gets rescued by an unlikely source and from there the truth begins to appear revealing more than he ever bargained for. He gains new friends and allies in the battle to save the Wizarding world from more than just Voldemort.

Warnings: Slash, m/m, mpreg, character bashing, evil Dumbledore, some changes from the shows and books.

Spoilers: Up to the end of season 5 for BTVS, Up to Season 5 for Angel, Up to the end of book 5 for Harry Potter

Rating: NC-17, won't be happening until later in the story but it will happen.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, BTVS, or Angel (I wish I did but I don't) and I am not connected with any show or publishing company. I do not make any money off this and never will. No Copyright infringement is intended.

Author's note: This story will contain male/male relationships and possibly male/male/male relationships as well. If you do not like this type of story then please don't read. It will also contain an Evil Dumbledore, again if you don't like that than just move to a different story. Thanks.


He couldn't believe he was sitting in this disgusting object called a taxi, but it had been this or the Knight's Bus which could only take him to the area and not the physical address of where he wanted to go. Why it couldn't be on the floo network he would never understand. He'd apparated to London before using the muggle way of getting to Privet Drive. He leaned back in the seat not really watching the cookie cutter type houses he was going by and ignoring the driver with his attempt at conversation. School had let out a month ago and it had been the best summer of his life so far. Both of his parents had ended up in Azkaban after they had attempted to get something for the Dark Lord from the Department of Mysteries. This had happened before school had even let out for summer vacation and Draco had petitioned the Wizengmont to be emancipated. He'd had to go in front of a minor board, a five member panel of the Wizengmont, where they'd gone over the forms and approved it. Within minutes he'd gone from mere student to Lord Draco Malfoy. He'd gone home a week later when school was let out. The house may have been empty, except for the house elves, but it had been an incredible feeling. He hadn't had to worry about his father using the cruciatus curse on him, he was free of the Imperio curse his father had placed on him since he'd started school when he was eleven, nor had he had to deal with his mother's incessant need to throw him at different girls and boys who's parents followed the Dark Lord and a union with which would give them more power. His father had been cold and cruel, but his mother had seen him as a pawn to be married off to whomever she thought would be advantageous. He wasn't sure whom he hated more, but he did know he was happy to be free of them and he knew he had Harry Potter to thank for it.

That was where he was headed to now. When he'd searched through his father's desk he'd found a file on Harry Potter which included his home address. The Death Eaters hadn't been able to get through the wards on the place, but they knew exactly where Potter lived at. He'd read through the file, which really did not have that much in it, and decided to contact Potter. He'd thank him, fill him in on how his father had use the unforgivables on him, and hope that Potter would give him a second chance. He knew he couldn't do it by owl; this had to be done face to face so he'd checked into how to get there. He didn't know the area so apparating wasn't really feasible for him since he couldn't be sure a muggle wouldn't see him, he hated the Knight Bus, so he'd gotten some muggle money from Gringotts and used the taxi. He sighed and looked out the window figuring they had to be getting there soon and spotted the sign for Privet Drive. He suddenly felt nervous, what if Potter wouldn't see him? What if he didn't believe him? He took a deep breath and told himself not to worry. He'd find out soon enough if Potter would give him the chance he longed for. He felt the taxi slow down then stop in front of the one house. It looked the same as all the other houses; the only note of distinction was the bars on the one window on the second floor. He'd thought Potter's home would be grander than this. The savior of the wizarding world should be living in something better than this mass produced home.

He turned to the driver as he heard the amount he had to pay. He really had no idea if it was a great amount or not. He counted out the money and realized he would have to give him two hundred pounds since he only had one hundred pound notes. He shrugged and gave it to him. "Keep the change," he told him before getting out not noticing the shocked face on the driver at the large tip he'd received. Draco straightened the dark suit he had on, pulling down the jacket and smoothing the lapels. It was the only true muggle looking outfit he had. He heard the taxi leave as he continued to stand there looking at the house. It was now or never. He couldn't just stand there and he would not leave without completing his task. He kept his regal look in place, walked up to the door, and rang the bell.

"Yes, how can I help you?" Petunia Dursley said as she looked at the young man in front of her after she'd opened the door. He looked to be about the same age as her Duddikins, but she didn't think he was one of her son's friends. This boy exuded wealth and seemed out of place for her neighborhood.

"I am here to see Harry Potter," Draco said stepping forward and not letting the woman shut the door. He knew from the file that this was Potter's aunt. The file said she was a house-wife with one child of her own.

"You're one of those freaks aren't you?" Petunia sneered at him. She wasn't able to shut the door on him because he'd stepped inside and blocked it. The only way to get him out would be to demand he leave and possibly cause a scene which the neighbors would love to see she knew. She gave a sideways glance up towards the stairs and then back at the boy who now walked further in then turn towards her. "He...he's not here right now. You need to leave. I'll let him know you stopped by."

Draco lifted an eyebrow at her words. He'd noticed the look up the stairs, the hesitation in saying Potter wasn't there and how nervous she now seemed. "I think it might be best if I wait. I am sure he will be home soon won't he? I mean it is almost dinner time."

Petunia continued to hold the door unsure of what to do. Her husband wouldn't be home for at least thirty minutes and Dudley wouldn't be home until after dark. She was on her own to deal with this freak before her and she knew if he saw Harry there could be trouble. "You aren't welcome here," She finally told him, her voice trembling with her nerves and fear. "We don't allow freaks like you to just come in and do what you want. Harry is busy doing school work, he cannot be disturbed. Now I suggest you leave before I call the police."

Hearing all this Draco had a very bad feeling settle into his gut. He didn't like being called a freak. Who was this woman to look down at him? He was Lord Malfoy, one of the richest wizards in all of Britain and a powerful wizard in his own right. Why would she call him a freak when her own nephew was a wizard? Then there was the fact that she lied and said he wasn't home only to change it and state he was doing school work? Something was seriously wrong here. He pulled out his wand, but let his arm hang loosely at his side. He noticed her eyes getting bigger and how she stared at his wand. He started tapping the side of his leg with his wand while giving her the Malfoy glare. It wasn't quite as intimidating as Snape's, but it ran a close second. "Where is Potter?" He demanded.

" can't do magic here. It's against your laws," Petunia told him. She backed up a bit and in doing so accidentally caused the door to swing partially shut. She again looked furtively up the stairs then back to the wizard standing there. "Get out!"

"I am allowed to do magic," Draco told her even as he lifted the wand to point it at her. The way she kept looking up the stairs he had a good idea that Potter was up there. "Stupefy," he said sending the spell at her. She slid down the wall and was out cold. He pushed the door the rest of the way shut before turning and going up the stairs, taking them two at a time. He checked the first room, but it was empty. From the items in there he assumed it belonged to Potter's cousin. He went down the hall and came to a sudden stop. The door there had numerous locks upon it and some sort of flap installed near the bottom. "Alohomora," he stated as he pointed his wand at the locks which immediately undid themselves. He pushed opened the door, the smell that hit him made him want to retch. He pulled out a handkerchief to cover his nose so he could continue on in. The room was dark since the curtains were pulled closed. "Lumos," He whispered. A tip of light appeared at the end of his wand and he gasped at the sight before him. There on a rickety bed was Harry Potter. He was chained at his wrists to the headboard, what was left of his clothes were in tatters and there was blood all over him. Potter looked so thin, Draco thought as he moved closer. He could see the bruises, welts and cuts that laced the other boy's body. He could smell body secretions along with vomit which he could also see on the bed. It appeared as though Potter had been like that for some time. "Potter?"

Harry had heard the footsteps in the hall and knew they didn't belong to any of his family. He wondered if his uncle had finally made good on his threat to sell him. Hearing his last name he managed to get one eye open; the other was swollen shut. His glasses had been one of the first thing his Uncle had broken so all he saw was a blob, but even with that he could tell that white hair anywhere. "Malfoy? Come to finish the job?" He managed to croak out.

"Merlin no," Draco said relieved to know that Potter still lived. Now he just had to figure out what to do. He couldn't just grab him and apparate him somewhere, he just wasn't that proficient in apparating to do side-along; he'd only received his license a week ago after all. He had to think, but in the mean time he would do what he could to help. He reached for his wand to undo the chains that were holding Potter to the bed. He could see that the arms were at unnatural positions and were more than likely broken.

Once his arms were free Harry didn't even think as he tried to move them down. He whimpered in pain, managing not to scream only because when he'd screamed before his Uncle had beaten him worse. The pain was too much for him with his other injuries and he passed out.

Hearing the whimper was worse than the screams he had been expecting because he knew the control used not to scream and suspected the reason Potter hadn't. Draco felt his stomach clench reminded of the time his father had crucioed him over and over again, each time he'd screamed Lucius had seemed to smile with pleasure. He shook his head; this was not the time for his own memories. He had to help Potter before the rest of his family showed up. "Tinsey," He called and waited. It only took a few moments for the house-elf to show up in the room. "Tinsey I need you to go to Uncle Sev and tell him I need him immediately. I do not care what he is doing. Tell him it is life and death if need be and then bring him back here." He saw the house-elf nod before vanishing. He knew his godfather hated Harry Potter. He'd seen how Uncle Sev, as he called his godfather, treated the other boy and he'd also heard many of his rants about him, but Draco knew his godfather would never stand for this sort of abuse.

It seemed to take forever, in truth it was only a minute, before Tinsey arrived back with Severus Snape. "Draco what is so earth shattering that..." Snape broke off mid-sentence of his tirade as he saw the scene before him and the smell of the room assaulted his nose. "Draco what happened?" he asked even as he took out his wand and began to run some diagnostic spells on Potter.

"I found him this way. His aunt did not want me to find him so I am assuming her and the rest of his muggle family did this to him. Uncle Sev we need to get him out of here before his aunt recovers from the stupefy I used on her."

Snape looked at the injuries his spells told him was wrong with Potter. He'd seen muggles in better shape after one of the Dark Lord's revels than what Potter was in now. "I shall take him to the manor." He cast a spell to keep Potter immobile and then floated him up off the bed. As soon as he did so the smell grew worse causing Snape and Draco to fight being sick themselves.

Draco heard footsteps on the stairs; they stopped half way before going back down, but he knew sooner or later they'd come to investigate. "Take him Uncle Sev and do what you can for him. I will handle his family," he told him as he stood up.

"Just leave them alive Draco, otherwise the alarms will go off and we will have Dumbledore here along with the rest of the order," Snape told him. He knew he'd have to tell Dumbledore, but he wanted to wait until he talked with Potter. He didn't trust the old wizard and he wanted to see who Potter wanted to know about this situation. He concentrated and then vanished from the room.

"Tinsey, take everything that is in the room except the furniture. Take it back to the manor and help Uncle Sev as much as you can," Draco told her. He walked away knowing his orders would be followed. He opened the door and heard talking coming from below; obviously the muggle wasn't alone anymore. He crept down slowly and listened to what was being said.

"Don't you worry Petunia; I’ll blast those freaks and if he gets hit by accident well no bloody loss. Saves me from having to deal with the brat," Vernon Dursley sneered. He checked his shot gun and made sure it was loaded. "I'm within my rights shooting them; they break in here, trespassing. Well I have a right to defend my home and I'm going to make sure those freaks stay away in the future."

"Be careful Vernon, they can freeze or kill you with just a word," Petunia said. She was standing to the side of her husband wringing her hands with worry. She had the feeling this would not end well.

"You should heed your wife's advice," Draco said from the archway of the room. "Expelliarmus!" Draco had a cold and dangerous smile on his face as he watched the weapon in Vernon's hand go flying to land on the other side of the room. "Freaks like us can do all sorts of things; make your blood boil, peel your skin away, break bones, cut and dismember you all without even breaking a sweat."

Vernon and Petunia were the ones sweating now as fear consumed them. Vernon though had, as the saying goes, more balls then brains. He stepped forward and glared at Draco trying to appear brave. "Get out of my house. You don't frighten me," He said in a gruff voice trying to sound brave, but one could hear the tremor in his voice.

"You are even more stupid then I gave you credit for," Draco told him. He cocked his head slightly as he looked Vernon up and down. His smile turned into a sneer as he aimed his wand at him. "Aguamente," he stated and then had to struggle not to laugh as the water hit Vernon in the face causing Vernon to not only jump backwards, but to soil his pants. "You should wait to see what a spell does before responding. So brave and yet water makes you piss your pants. Petrificus Totalus," he said to them both and watched them fall over frozen and unable to do anything but stare at him. He gave an evil chuckle, the type that would have sent chills down their spines if they could have moved. "Now that I have you at my mercy let us first see who was to blame for what. Legilimens," he stated as he pointed his wand at Petunia very happy that his Uncle had taught him that spell recently. He sorted through the memories; not only seeing the abuse of Harry, but also how Dudley was treated growing up. He just shook his head at the muggles. He had the perfect idea to punish all three of them. He raised his wand and began casting the spells upon Vernon and Petunia; although he didn't cast any on Dudley, since he wasn't there, Draco knew he'd feel the effects of what he'd done to his parents. Once he was done he freed them from the body bind. "Enjoy the rest of your lives." He just couldn't resist giving that parting shot before apparating out of there.

Arriving back at the manor Draco appeared in the foyer. He called to Tinsey to find out where his godfather had taken Potter and then headed up to the Green Room in the west wing. He reached the open doorway and could see Severus working on Potter. There were improvements that he could see from there, but he could tell much more needed to be done. He didn't interrupt, but moved back into the hallway just outside the room; he conjured a chair and sat down to wait. He knew Severus would come out when he was done and then they would talk.

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