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Trinity of Saints

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Summary: What happens when three heroes, each slated for an early death, miss their final bows? They’re charged with handling the fallout from their resurrections.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Action
JmariaFR1833,0250154,36617 Nov 1119 Nov 11No

Part Two: Stranger Danger

Title: Trinity of Saints
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18 (for disturbing imagery involving juveniles)
Disclaimer: Whedon owns BtVS, Rowling owns HP, Kripke owns SPN, Jmaria owns the girl (and a couple of Bratz dolls, but no Barbies)
Spoilers: Series for BtVS, season 2 & au!season 3 for SPN, au!books/movies 6 & 7 and set when each character mentioned is 26/27 (as Dean was born in ‘79, and Buffy & Harry were born in ‘80/‘81 according to canon)
Summary: What happens when three heroes, each slated for an early death, miss their final bows? They’re charged with handling the fallout from their resurrections.
A/N: This is probably the longest hedged-over fic of mine. This brat sat on my computer as a vid for three years, and then as a prologue for another two and a half. Mainly because I have serious issues when it comes to channeling Buffy and Harry - Dean I could do with my eyes closed. Anyway, Bronwyn (the little girl) is in danger, and our heroes are en route…

Trinity of Saints
Part Two: Stranger Danger

Dawn leaned back against the passenger seat of the car they’d gotten in Cleveland. Buffy had hopped in the driver’s seat and Dawn had been too wrung out to worry overmuch about it. That was probably about six dead animals back. Including the puff of feathers that had flapped through the window after the last one.

“Uh, where are we going again, Buffy?”



“You know another Duluth?”

Dawn jerked her eyes back to the white-knuckled grip her sister had on the wheel. Buffy hadn’t been this tense in a very long time. Like facing-off-the-First-tense. Dawn could feel the powers sparking off of Buffy, and to be quite honest, it was scaring the hell out of her.

“What’s in Duluth?”

“Someone who’s gone into hiding.”

“And you know how to find them -”

“Because I can feel him.”

“Um, what?”


“Dean, even Bobby thinks this is insane -”

“Watch your tone, boy,” Bobby Singer groused, staring at the boys he’d considered his kin as if they’d lost their minds.

“Look, the answer is in Duluth.”

“Minnesota?” Sam frowned.

“God, you sound like Dawnie now,” Dean muttered, shoving more of his clean clothes into the bag.

“Dean?” Sam asked after a long, creepy pause in the middle of the conversation.


“Who’s Dawnie?”

Dean frowned as he turned back to face where Sam and Bobby stood. Sam had that worried-puppy look on his face and Bobby had his arms crossed over his chest as he glowered at Dean.

“She’s - I have no fricken’ idea who she is,” Dean shook his head. “But you remind me of her for some crazy ass reason.”


Luna stood hesitantly at the door of 12 Grimmauld Place. It was odd that over all these long years she should feel so hesitate around him. True, it was the first time they’d be so closely in one another’s pockets. She was being silly, Neville would most decidedly join them. It wasn’t like they’d be alone the entire time.

“Lu, you can come in,” Harry called out to her. “No need to lock me up in the panic room in Bobby’s cellar -”

“Bobby?” Luna frowned. “Is he one of your contacts in the American Ministry?”

“No, he’s a -” Harry’s head jerked up. “I don’t know who he is.”

“But you know he’s got a panic room in his cellar,” Luna said slowly. “Someone’s been tampering with your memory.”

“No -”


“- How else do you explain it?” Dawn growled. “You have visions of being in Duluth, with these guys. You don’t remember ever seeing them before but you remember them. You’re compelled to help them. Why?”

“Nobody is messing with my memory. Wills did that spell -”

“She’s human, Buffy. Her magic isn’t one hundred percent infallible,” Dawn countered.

“No one could pull that kind of magic -”


“ - Without me feeling it,” Dean snapped.

“Witches could,” Sam sighed.

“Demons,” Bobby nodded.

“And throwing me into a vision of allies seems like a logical choice?” Dean snorted. “Yeah, cause the sons of bitches really want to lob an easy on over the base for me.”

“Did you just use a baseball analogy?” Sam shook his head.

“Yeah, I did. No way would some baddie -”

“Baddie?” Sam mouthed at Bobby, who looked as if someone had presented him a very small tutu to wear.

“-Send me a vision of a wizard and a slayer who can help me -”


“Wait, a hunter and a slayer?” Luna leaned forward, trying to wrap her head around what it was that Harry was remembering from the brief vision.

“Yeah, Dean’s a Hunter and Buffy is the Slayer.”

“The man and woman from your vision? The ones helping you to protect the little girl?”

“Lu, I’ve already explained this. I arranged a portkey for Duluth -”

“Where?” Luna shook her head.

“The city we meet them in. We leave immediately.”

“Harry, one portkey can’t take us clear across the ocean.”

“I know. It’ll take five.”

“In one day?”

“Two, and maybe a half. Buffy’ll be the first to arrive.”


“Wait, why will we be the first to arrive?” Dawn demanded.

“Because, we have to fight it off.”

“Fight what off?”

“The Shadowman. He’s tormenting her, Dawnie. She’s so scared.”

Dawn stared at her sister for a long time. Buffy had been so different after Sunnydale had imploded. Freer for a few months and then - just there. She hadn’t had a mission, no real calling anymore. This was the old Buffy, pre-Cookie -whatever the hell that meant - Buffy. Dawn’s skin tingled, tightening as it hadn’t since that night up on Glory’s Crazy-person tower.

“Then we better drive faster.”


“Bronwyn, are you up yet, sweetie?” Bronwyn’s father called up the stairs.

It was odd for the house to be so quiet. Normally she was up watching cartoons and muttering to her dolls. Even after her mother had - NO, he shook away that thought. He would not be thinking about her. Not after what she’d tried to do to their baby girl.

“You up and dressed, Bronwyn? I was thinking we’d hit that new shop with the dollhouses,” he made his way up the steps, ignoring that niggling on the back of his neck. “They were putting up a nice display in the -”

Bronwyn sobbed into the Shadowman’s hand as she watched her Papa fall back down the stairs. She’d tried to run, but she hadn’t been fast enough. It was all starting. Papa was hurting now, and somehow it was all her fault.



Buffy slammed on the accelerator, the girl’s scream flooding her mind. She wasn’t psychic. She was a slayer. She so should not be channeling this girl, unless she -

“Buffy, look out!” Dawn shouted, pulling her out of her thoughts.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Trinity of Saints" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Nov 11.

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