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Trinity of Saints

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Summary: What happens when three heroes, each slated for an early death, miss their final bows? They’re charged with handling the fallout from their resurrections.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered
Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Action
JmariaFR1833,0250154,36617 Nov 1119 Nov 11No

Prologue: Ye Though I Walk Through the Shadow

Title: Trinity of Saints
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18 (for disturbing imagery involving juveniles)
Disclaimer: Whedon owns BtVS, Rowling owns HP, Kripke owns SPN, Jmaria owns the girl (and a couple of Bratz dolls, but no Barbies)
Summary: What happens when three heroes, each slated for an early death, miss their final bows? They’re charged with handling the fallout from their resurrections.
A/N: So, I was watching The Return, oh forever ago, and I decided to make a Buffy vid. Well, somehow it morphed into this huge crossover video with Supernatural and Harry Potter. Don’t ask me how, but it did. I posted that vid like three years ago, and this is me just now getting to it. *headdesk*

Trinity of Saints
Prologue: Ye Though I Walk Through the Shadow

The little girl was tucked up into her bed, her Disney princess nightgown pooled in her lap as she brushed the shiny blonde hair back from her Barbie doll’s face. Red marker stained her fingers and the cheek of the doll. Two Ken dolls lay in her lap, one with drawn on black glasses and the other with a twine necklace around his neck. Red marker stains were on their left cheeks, just like on the Barbie doll’s cheek. There was one other doll, a Bratz Kidz doll - Yasmin to be specific - but it didn’t have the same red stain on it’s cheek. No. There were two matching marks on the doll’s wrists, and two darker red stains coming from the corners of the doll’s plastic smile.

“Bronwyn? Are you in bed yet?” Her papa’s voice came from the hallway, making her jump a bit.

“Almost, papa!”

The markers were shoved quickly back into her open schoolbag, the extra doll clothes pushed under the bed. The dolls themselves stayed on the bed, stuffed underneath the flowery little pillow Gran had made for her second birthday. Papa wouldn’t understand if he saw them, he’d think about bad things. Like Mommy. Bronwyn pulled her blankets up to her chin and smiled brightly as Papa pushed open the door.

Her Papa was big and strong. Not the right kind of strong, though. He would get too hurt if he tried -

“Did you brush your teeth?” Papa smiled down at her as he sat on the edge of her bed


“Yes, not yup.”

“Yes, Papa.”

“Did you wash your hands and face?”


“Scoot,” Papa laughed, pulling the sheet back for her.

Bronwyn scampered down the hallway and into the bathroom. Standing on her tippy-toes to grab the facet handle, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Before her small hand could hit the pump on the soap, images flashed across the mirror. The dark-haired boy with glasses was pushing people out of the way, the boy without glasses was pulling another boy out of the way, and the pretty blonde girl was standing in front of a group of girls younger than her. And then came the Shadowman. He smiled that scary smile of his and lunged out for her. Bronwyn screamed, stumbling back against the door, her head hitting it hard. She slipped to the floor, rocking herself as Papa ran to her.

“Bronwyn, baby? What happened?” Papa was scooping her up off the floor into his arms.

She couldn’t tell him. He wouldn’t believe her, like he hadn’t believed her about Mommy. Like Mommy hadn’t believe her, before the Shadowman took her over and made her do all those bad things. Bronwyn nestled her head against Papa’s shoulder and told a lie, like she always did these days.

“Just a spider, Papa. It scared me.”
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