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The Fight for Antar

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Antar". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to The End Time: Max, Michael, Tess, Isabel, Ava, Zhan and Wrath prepare to rage war against Ka'var to win back their world.

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Television > Roswell > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR15817,275021,54217 Nov 112 Aug 12Yes

Chapter 8

Laric looked around the hall as the army prepared itself for war, Wrath and Michael were walking around talking to various warriors. Learning their names and how good they were in battle, it was clear that these two possessed a good mind on how to get the most out of their troops. Michael had gone through the machine regaining all of his lost memories, Isabel however had been too afraid. The best scientists were working on a way to give her back only a certain part of her memories leaving anything to do with Ka'var lost.

"Sir, the time is almost approaching, his highness requests you to join him," one of his best men told him

Laric looked at him and nodded walking towards the armory and suiting himself up for the coming battle before heading to the planning room. He knew the battle would be a long one, but he had little doubt they would win.

"Hey Laric, good luck," he turned as Michael and Wrath approached him.

"Luck has nothing to do with it, the royal family is back and that ensures our victory," Laric replied confidently.

Wrath and Michael looked at each other and just nodded before turning and walking back to the rest of the army. Laric took one more look around before turning around again and then leaving the hall. It was almost time.


Max sat alone in his and Tess's chambers trying to once again bring Zhan to the fore, he couldn't afford any mistakes. He looked up as Tess entered already outfitted in body armor, as were the rest of the troops. To him she still looked stunning in it.

"Max, it's time, we have to go," Tess told him.

"Ok," Max said as he stood up and suddenly his fears about the battle were gone as he stared into his wife's eyes, her trust in him was endless and it gave him strength.

"This is it, full circle," Max said as he headed for the meeting point.

"I know, but this time we will be reclaiming what is ours and freeing our people," Tess told him grabbing his arm. "We may be the ones causing the uprising, but it's for the right reasons," she added.

"I know. Everything we've been through was for this one event. We won't fail," Max said confidently as he suddenly felt the part of him that was Zhan begin to take control, smiling he knew he could do what must be done.


Wrath smiled as he prepared to lead the main assault with Michael. Their time had come and now the war could be ended. He looked around to see Michael talking to a group of warriors which had been following them around since they had begun their preparations. Curious he walked over to see what was going on, he actually laughed as he noticed they were asking Michael about his time on Earth and what he had done to battle the skins there. Michael of course was making up some of what he told them but he didn't want to scare his men before a battle.

"Ten minutes sir," SalTak told him as he passed.

"Razor, ok form up," Wrath shouted.


"Max led his group straight to the spot where they planned to hide until the assault had begun and most of the troops near the base had left to halt it. He crouched low so he couldn't be seen. Laric was next to him as his second for the attack. Isabel, Ava and Tess were behind them and the rest of the group surrounded them. Zhan's memories had completely fused with his own now, giving him complete control over his powers including things he hadn't known he could do.

"Five minutes Max," Isabel whispered as two of Ka'var's men passed close to their hiding spot.

"Remember we head straight into the palace after taking out the guards, then we split, objective one?" Max asked.

"Rescue our mother," Isabel said fiercely.

"Objective two?" he continued.

"Capture Lani," Ava hissed, her anger and hatred at her sister in law even worse now that she had seen what Lani had done since returning to Antar with Nicholas.

"And objective three?" Max asked, rising to his knees.

"Kill Nicholas and Ka'var," Tess answered with a grim smile.

"Ok, remember Ka'var and Nicholas are more powerful than any one of us alone, we take them on together and the same goes for Lani," Max ordered "Understood?" he said facing the entire team.

"Understood," they all replied.

A huge explosion soon ripped through the area followed by screaming and shouting. Guards began to run back and forth until one of them came running towards the first base screaming the word rebellion. Alarms soon began ringing as the size of the assault began to be known, hundreds of guards emptied the bases and headed for the battle areas, not even thinking it could be a diversion. Max stiffened as he noticed Nicholas run past surrounded by a large unit of guards, he was heading for the middle battle zone. He knew Michael and Wrath could handle him together, he just hoped they survived the encounter.

"Now," Max shouted while he jumped to his feet and charged towards the palace main entrance and the seven guards who were watching it.


Wrath jumped out of the way of the blast of power the enemy shot at him before he turned and returned the shot. With a smile he shouted to his own men to push forwards. He noticed Michael charge into a rather large group of enemy warriors followed by a small unit of guards. He went to help when he spotted Nicholas arriving with a large unit of guards, halting his advance. He remembered Max's warning about taking either him, Lani or Ka'var on alone so he quickly headed towards Michael to warn him of the danger that had arrived.

Nicholas surveyed the battle ground with disgust. He hated the rebels, he hated the course they fought for and most of all he hated their leader the exiled King Zhan/Max. A movement to his left caught his eye and he turned to see the duplicate of Wrath/Michael running towards one of the fights only to see the other one already there fighting his men. Stunned by their presence on Antar he barely saw one of the rebel jumps at him with a long blade, luckily his guard reacted fast and killed him. How did they get here? They were stranded on Earth. Suddenly he had a bad feeling about this battle, and he wondered where the rest of the royal four were.

"Michael, Nicholas is here," Wrath shouted as he finally reached his double.

"Where?" Michael asked.

"Over there," Wrath pointed to where Nicholas was now making his way towards them with his guards.

"Shit, we need some more men, they outnumber us two to one," Michael cursed. "Ulnar, quickly go and get some backup now, that's an order," he ordered the warrior next to him.

"Yes sir," Ulnar bowed and quickly ran back to where the main force was fighting.


"Max look out," Laric cried, pushing his friend out of the way of a deadly blast of energy before jumping back to his feet and charging the warrior who had attack them.

"Thanks," Max shouted as he turned and shot a blast of energy which took down two of Ka'var's guards before another jumped at him.

Max quickly jumped out of the way of the wild swing from the guard's blade. He quickly drew his own and he faced the enemy ready for a fight. The guard lunged at him madly, but Max was faster and quickly side stepped the attack before he swung the blade down in an arc cutting the guard's armor in half and his skin along with it. The guard cried out in pain before he crumpled to the ground unconscious.

"Glad to see Zhan's skill with a blade is in you," Laric said with a smirk.

"Which way to the throne room?" Max asked.

"Up these stairs Max, but we better wait for the others, remember your plan," Laric cautioned him.

"Ok we hold this area for now," Max said and nodded, trying to stay in control over his own hatred for Ka'var and all the bloodshed he had caused.


"Well what do we have here?" Lani asked mockingly as Tess, Ava and Isabel ran into the room followed by a handful of rebels.

"Lani," Ava hissed.

"What… don't you love me no more?" Lani asked with a sneer.

Isabel started forward only to stop when she noticed two guards step forward holding her and Max's real mother in their grasp.

"Surrender now or I'll order them to gut dear old mom," Lani shouted.

Suddenly the door crashed open revealing Zhan, he walked slowly into the room his eyes pinned on Lani, who began to falter in her confidence at seeing her dead brother alive.

"It's be… he's dead," Lani hissed.

"I brought him back using one of the healing stones," Ava told her proudly.

"You betrayed our family not once but twice Lani, and now you're going to pay for that betrayal," Zhan told her coldly.

"I don't think so as long as I have our mother Zhan," Lani said, regaining her confidence.

"Wrong. Tess, do it," Zhan countered.

Tess quickly closed her eyes and used her mind warp to its fullest, making Lani and the rest of her group believe they were not actually facing them and that her mother in law wasn't even in the palace. Isabel and Ava quickly ran forward and released her and quickly exited the room. Zhan blasted the guards with his own powers killing them instantly. He had no time to waist on them; he placed his hands on Tess's shoulder letting her know she could stop.

"Go," he said. "Find Max and take the others with you. Lani is mine," Zhan told her.

"But Max told us not to face her alone," Tess protested.

"I know, but I have to do this Tess, go," he replied.

Tess hesitated for a few minutes before nodding and following the others out of the room, leaving Zhan to confront his sister.


Wrath fell to the ground painfully as he took the brunt of one of Nicholas's energy blasts. Shaking his head he forced himself back to his feet as Michael stepped up with a raised blade. Nicholas just smiled coldly at them before drawing his own blade. He stepped forward with one of his guards following.

"I'm really going to enjoy killing you again, just like last time," Nicholas taunted them.

"I don't think so," Michael sneered before launching a quick attack, which Nicholas went to counter before he was knocked of his feet by Wrath. The guard who was with Nicholas jumped into the way of Michael's swing and the blade cut deep into his chest. The warrior cried out in pain as the blade dug deeper before Michael pulled it out and just barely deflected a blow from Nicholas's blade. Wrath drew his own blade and quickly charged at Nicholas as well, ignoring the guard who just slumped to his knees and then passed out. Michael swung for Nicholas's head but it was easily deflected as was Wrath's blade which had been heading for Nicholas's legs.

"You can't beat me, you're not up to. You never were," Nicholas hissed coldly as he noticed the rest of his men were caught up fighting the rebels.

"We'll see you little punk," Wrath shot back before stepping back and moving to the side of Nicholas as Michael moved to the other.

"You're history," Michael told him.

They both attacked at the same time as if they shared the same mind. Nicholas went to deflect Wrath's blade, while trying to use his powers to take care of Michael, but he suddenly found his couldn't use them. Michael's blade easily cut through the armor he was wearing and it cut his chest open. He fell to the floor gasping for air as the sword was pulled out.

"Funny thing those amplifier things, they stop not just us from using our powers, but you too," Michael said smiling.

"Ka'var will cut you all to pieces starting with Max," Nicholas shouted as he coughed up some blood.

"I don't' think so Punk," Wrath said as he raised his blade and brought it down, severing Nicholas's head from his shoulders.

"We did it, we killed Nicholas, Ka'var's right hand," Michael said a bit shocked.

"We still have a lot to do, come on," Wrath shouted as he headed towards the rebels who were fighting what was left of Nicholas's guards.


Zhan slumped to the ground, the pain racking his body from the assault from his sister, but he had no intention of letting her win. She would pay for what she had done.

"Give it up Zhan, I've won," Lani said, looking bored.

"Not yet," a new voice spoke.

They both looked up to see Max enter the room, looking very annoyed. His eyes swept the room before landing on Lani.

"Max, so good to see you," Lani taunted. "Where's Wrath and Michael?" she asked.

"They're taking care of Nicholas," Max replied as he suddenly felt Zhan completely zone out his human side altogether.

Before Lani could say another thing she was wrenched from her feet by the power of Max's attack. Zhan quickly got to his feet and walked over to his double and placed his hand on Max's shoulder and allowed his own power to mix with his. Lani was flung about the room from wall to wall nonstop until finally she landed in a heap through a table.

"You bastards," she hissed as she tried to stand.

"Shut up Lani," Zhan hissed as he summoned a large amount of his power and struck Lani again knocking her out cold. Once the war was over Lani would pay for her crimes not only to the family, but to the people as well. Four rebels entered the room to see the defeated traitor lying at their king's feet. They gave a silent cheer knowing things were going well.

"Make sure you activate the amplifier so she can't use her powers, then find something to tie her up with," Max ordered before turning and leaving the room, followed by Zhan.


Tess, Isabel and Ava met up with Laric near the throne room, each was feeling pretty worn out but they knew they couldn't rest yet, Ka'var was still alive. The door to their left opened causing them all to spin around, although they relaxed when they noticed it was just Max and Zhan.

"Lani?" Ava asked.

"We got her, she'll stand trial later," Max answered and headed straight for the stairs that led to the throne room and the real enemy, Ka'var.

"Let’s go," Zhan said as he followed his double.


Ka'var looked up unsurprised as Max and the others entered the throne room. He smiled coldly as Laric and his guard began securing the place.

"So Zhan you finally returned," Ka'var spoke rising from his throne.

"We all have returned, to take you down," Max answered his eyes narrowed. "Lani has already been captured, Nicholas is most likely dead, it's just you now," he added.

"Do you really think you can defeat me? You couldn't before," Ka'var mocked him.

"That was then, this is now. It's over Ka'var," Max replied stepping closer.

"Very well, if you're so anxious to die again, I'll be happy to help," Ka'var said coldly. "But this time you won't be brought back, I'll make sure of it," he added as he raised his hand to attack.

However before he could unleash any of his powers a wave of blue energy knocked them all of their feet. He looked to see Laric smiling coldly at him with one of the amplifiers in his hand.

"You'll fight with nothing but you're blades," Laric shouted.

He knew Max wasn't up to matching Ka'var's power none of them were, so he had taken extra precaution to have one of these with them when they arrived here.

"Fine, all the more fun to gut the bastard," Ka'var spat annoyed as he drew not one but two blades as Max jumped to his feet with his own blade ready. The others all moved back to give them room, just then one of Ka'var's men rushed into the room not realizing it had been captured.

"My lord, the rebels have routed us, the army is in retreat," he cried out as he finally noticed his lord facing off against the exiled king.

"No matter, once I've killed this idiot they'll surrender," Ka'var laughed evilly.

Laric and two of his men quickly tired the guard's arms behind his back and forced him away from the fight about to take place.

Ka'var jumped forward catching Max by surprise, but he managed to deflect one of the swords however the second cut into his left arm drawing blood. Hissing in pain he stepped backward as Ka'var attacked again, shoving both of his swords forward straight for Max's chest. Max quickly side stepped the assault and brought his own sword down knocking one of Ka'var's blade out of his hands. Both jumped back as the door to the throne room opened again and Michael and Wrath entered, followed by Max's, Isabel's and their doubles real mother flanked by at least ten guards.

Ka'var just smiled coldly at Max as he fainted an attack which Max went to deflect before he showed his true aim and cut deep into Max's leg. Max almost went down to one knee before forcing himself back up and thrusting his sword upward as Ka'var was raising his sword up for a killing blow. Max's blade cut right through Ka'var's armor and straight into this heart. Ka'var's eyes opened wide as he realized he was as good as death. Zhan stepped forward and took hold of Max's sword as well and together they thrust the sword straight through Ka'var's body, killing him.

"It's over," Max whispered before falling to the ground in pain.

Zhan just smiled and after the amplifier was turned off he quickly healed the wounds Ka'var had managed to cause. They had done it, the war was over and they were home. He couldn't believe it.

"Long live the royal family," one of the guards suddenly shouted before the throne room was full of cheering and shouting.

Max slowly got to his feet with the help of Tess and Zhan. They quickly joined Isabel and Ava as Laric walked over with their mother. She looked close to tears as she looked at her children.

"My son?" she cried as she engulfed him and Zhan in a hug, surprising them both before turning to Isabel with love and confusion. "My daughter?" she asked, looking to Max.

"She's ok mom, Lani was the betrayer, not Isabel," Max told her.

"She has no memory of her past expect the good parts," Ava added, knowing Laric had managed to give Isabel back some of her past.

Their mother stared at them for a few minutes making Isabel even more nervous before she was engulfed in a huge hug as well.

"Welcome home my children," their mother wept.


The throne room was packed with guests as they waited to watch Max/Zhan retake his throne. Laric stood smiling as he watched the other ruling families of the five planets take their places, followed by the rest of the royal family bar Tess. It had been nearly two months since the battle and the clearing up of their planet and the final defeat of Ka'var's followers had taken time, but now peace would once again rule their world. Suddenly the whole room went quite as the royal procession arrived. Max and Tess were in the middle dressed in ceremonial robes. Max's mother was with them holding her grandson smiling proudly.

"Behold, Zhan once again King of Antar and our people," one of the men shouted.

The whole room bowed in obedience and joy as Max stepped forward and sat down on the throne, while Tess sat on the throne next to it.

"Behold Ava, Queen of Antar and wife to our rightful king," the man shouted again. "And the heir to the throne Zhan future king to us all," he added as their mother stepped forwards and handed baby Zhan to Tess.

The room bowed again and then watched as Max and Tess were crowned as they had been before the uprising. Suddenly the whole room erupted into cheering and shouting as finally their King was returned to them fully.


Max sat stiffly as he waited for Lani to be brought before them, she was the last piece of the war to be dealt with. Tess was by his side holding their son. Zhan was to his left with Ava close to him. Isabel was in the middle and their mother and Michael as well as Wrath was to their right, both of their faces were very tense. Finally the door to the throne room opened and Laric walked in, followed by Lani who was flanked by two guards. The room was full of not just noble houses, but the rest of their people as well who had suffered during the war. They halted in the middle of the room.

"Lani, you are charged with treason," Max spoke loudly so all could hear him as he stood up. "What do you have to say in your defense?" he asked.

"I did only what I remembered Valundra doing, if the scientists who did the DNA mixing had done a better job then maybe I wouldn't have betrayed you like she did," Lani hissed. "I only did what I thought was necessary," she added.

"Many suffered because of your actions," Max said with a shake of his head. "The people have demanded you death and so I must grant them their request," Max added. "Take her away," he ordered somewhat sadly.


Max sat in his and Tess's bedroom still feeling somewhat sad after watching Lani having been executed publicly as the people had demanded. Tess was just putting their son to bed, while the rest of their family was already asleep.

"I can't believe it Max, we did it," Tess said as she climbed into bed.

"I know, sometimes I can't believe it as well, but we did," Max answered.

"I love you Max, always," Tess said before kissing her husband.

"I love you too," he answered returning the kiss as he used his powers to switch the lights off.

The End

Note: Pheww another of Razial’s fic gone over and reposted here completely, even if it seems nobody liked this fic besides Raz and myself. Goodbye on this one Hawklan.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Fight for Antar". This story is complete.

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