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The Fight for Antar

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Antar". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to The End Time: Max, Michael, Tess, Isabel, Ava, Zhan and Wrath prepare to rage war against Ka'var to win back their world.

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Television > Roswell > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR15817,275021,54217 Nov 112 Aug 12Yes

Chapter 1

The Fight for Antar

Author: Razial
Beta: Hawklan

Summary: Sequel to The End Time: Max, Michael, Tess, Isabel, Ava, Zhan and Wrath prepare to rage war against Ka'var to win back their world.

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or any of the characters involved with it, it belongs to Jason Katims.

Chapter 1

Liz and Maria looked into the sky as they heard the loud noise echo around them. They noticed a white light just over the hill. Carlson quickly looked up as well and cursed as he saw the light. "Damn it, get me the base now," he demanded to the nearest marine.

"Yes sir," the man said and swallowed nervously as he handed his commander a radio.

"This is Major Carlson, we need fighter support now. We have a hostile ship just north of Roswell," he all but bellowed into the radio.

"Understood, E.T.A twenty minutes," came the reply.

"Is it too late?" asked Maria.

"Not yet," Carlson hissed.

The ship was just lifting into the atmosphere as the jets came into view, before they could lock their weapons onto the alien ship it took off at an incredible speed leaving the earth jets far behind.

"This is Night Hawk, sorry Major the ship is gone," one of the pilots reported.

"Damn it," Carlson cursed as he led his men in search of a way around the crater the aliens created to stall them.

"We failed, Alex's killer just went free," Liz all most screamed. She had failed her friend and allowed his killer to escape punishment.

"You never know Liz, they may come back and we'll have another chance," Maria said trying to be comforting to her distraught friend.

"I doubt it, their identities have been compromised, they wouldn't risk it," Carlson told them as he walked towards them.

"They may be forced to risk it, their planet is in the hands of a dictator, the person responsible for their deaths the first time around," Liz said as she looked back into the sky hoping she was right.

"Well there's nothing left to do tonight, we might as well leave. I'll be coming to talk to you both tomorrow," Carlson said with a heavy sigh.

"Fine,'" Liz said as she turned and headed away from them, Maria followed close behind, neither noticed Carlson's dark glare as he watched them leave.


Max sat holding his son next to Tess as she slept in the room they had been given. Isabel was in the room next to them with Michael and Wrath and next to them were Zhan and Ava. The entire crew seemed to be a little off balance at seeing two of each member of the royal four except Isabel, but they quickly recovered their senses as they set course for Aral. Max felt a little better that the crew had taken on Human form so they didn't seem to Alien. He wondered what would happen once they reached Aral and then Antar itself. How would he handle seeing thousands of aliens, talking to them and interacting with them? He shook his head as he yawned. He was still trying to stay awake, but he was failing and soon he closed his eyes and sank back into the bed that they were on. He was relieved that these ships had something you could sleep on. The captain had said that because it was such a long journey between Aral and Earth it was necessary for them to be able to sleep for a few hours.

Zhan paced the room they were in somewhat nervously, he had thought about this for so long, but he had never believed it would actually happen. He was going home, however to enjoy that experience he had to help defeat Ka'var and his followers and then there was Lani. His own sister had betrayed him not once but twice. Max was lucky that Isabel had none of Valundra's memories. He swore that he, Ava and Wrath would make Lani pay for what she had done. Another thing that made him nervous was the fact that he could see his mother again, if she was still alive. He wondered how Max felt about that. He wondered if he had any plans on how to defeat Ka'var. This was a huge gamble, but in the end that was what they had been sent to Earth for, so that they could return and free their people one day.

Isabel could only think about two things as she watched Michael and Wrath talk. The first thing was how her human parents and Jessie were. She couldn't stop thinking how he had left them in the alley near the UFO centre. The second thing was what her real mother would be like once they got past Ka'var, Nicholas and Lani. When her thoughts came to Lani she began to feel really angry. She had a score to settle with her double. Thanks to Lani her relationship with Max had almost been destroyed and she wanted her to pay for it. Then there was the fact that she had not only corrupted Wrath, but also murdered her brother's double. Although thanks to Ava both of those problems had been solved, thanks to stealing one of the healing stones she had revived Zhan and then they had managed to make Wrath see his error. 'What would happen when they arrive on Aral? How would the people treat them?' she wondered.

Michael was somewhat surprised that he and his double were so alike. They were discussing how their lives on Earth had been and found out both were full of pain and trouble. He had also asked about what Wrath remembered of their past life as well as their relationship with Valundra. Wrath remembered everything from their world, just like Max did now. He wanted so badly to remember as well that he was thinking about asking Max and Tess or even Wrath to help him begin to remember. He doubted Isabel would want to remember anything from her past life, especially her betrayal of their family. According to Wrath they had a cousin on Aral who most likely was a member of the resistance, as he strongly doubted he would join Ka'var and the skins. Their cousin's name was Fal'car and he had been one of the royal guards just before Ka'var had attacked. Michael had asked how Wrath knew he was still alive and he just shrugged and said he hoped he was still alive.


Major Carlson stormed into his office; his men were all trying to avoid him and his temper. Unfortunately not all of them had been successful and had to bear the full extent of his anger. They had just lost the chance to capture and study eight aliens. Liz and Maria had confirmed four of them as very hostile. The fact that they outsmarted him had really annoyed him. The one who had crashed four nights ago had killed ten of their best scientists and five marines. If Liz had been right and they were forced to return he hoped he would have the chance to capture them again, he vowed he would not fail again.


Liz had decided to sleep over at Maria's so they could talk about what had happened in the last twenty four hours. Their lives had been turned upside down again except this time they had betrayed the aliens instead of helping them. Both knew it had been the right choice from their point of view. By aiding Tess they had betrayed them all and especially Alex's memory. Liz was still having trouble getting over the way Max had told her that their relationship was dead. That he was no longer just Max Evans he was now also Zhan, King of Antar and husband to Ava, as that was Tess's real name. Maria had been having a lot of trouble with Michael so it wasn't having too much of an emotional effect on her yet. But finally she could no longer hold back her emotions and she began to cry as Maria quickly gathered her in a hug.


Jim Valenti slowly pulled the car into a motel car park and shut off the engine. They had been driving for nearly five hours nonstop and Kyle had fallen asleep. He wondered how Max and the others were doing now, somewhere out there on an alien ship. Then he wondered how his father would have coped with this situation. He shook his head with a smile, knowing they would be safe. Max would do everything to ensure it. For him and Kyle now it was over, no more running and hiding from the FBI or the army. They were going to visit a friend of his, who would create them new identities and make it look like Jim and Kyle Valenti were dead. Not even Liz and Maria would know they were still alive.


Max woke to find Tess holding their son and watching him with an intense and loving gaze, he smiled as the memory of the first time they had made love on Earth came back to him. As much as it had been unexpected and the fact that he was under great stress at the time they had both been willing participants.

"Hey," Tess said leaning down and giving him a quick kiss on the lips, but Max instantly reached up and deepened it for a few seconds before letting her go.

"Hey," he finally returned.

"The Captain called a few minutes ago. He told me to tell you we're almost there," Tess told him smiling. Max nodded as he sat up properly and yawned. He realized now that he would have a long day of planning on how to retake Antar with as few casualties as possible. However his memory of Ka'var's uprising left him with little doubt that many would die.

"Max?" Tess asked concerned at Max's silence.

"I'm fine, we'd better get everyone together, we're got a lot of planning to do," Max said with a smile.

"I know, but can we just lay here for a while?" she asked hesitantly.

"Sure," he said, placing a hand around and guiding her to him. She laid her head against his chest as she held their son, Max used his other hand to hold his son's hand.


Zhan was sleeping next to Ava who was now wide awake with fear, she had wanted to go home for so long, but now they faced a hard fight to free their planet and their people and what scared her most was the fact that she could lose Zhan. He would be helping Max leading the fight and she feared his noble and fierce personality would get him killed, especially if he faced Nicholas or Ka'var himself. She would never be able to live without Zhan. She loved him with everything she was and she now knew that Zhan loved her just as much. Since she had revived him he had made her fully aware of just how much he loved her. She was glad Max had finally realized he loved Tess even though it had cost him Liz's friendship. It was after all what was supposed to happen and what was destined to happen. Zhan finally began to stir and she smiled as he subconsciously pulled her closer, his eyes finally opened and focused on her and so she quickly hid her fear before he could see it.
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