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When I Wake

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Summary: A short sappy story about Faith and Xander meeting up after her coma.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Faith/XanderbuffaloFR181529021,37418 Nov 1118 Nov 11Yes
I do not own BtVS.
I know this is a little sappy, but hell who cares?
Very special thanks to my new Beta JonnyNapalm.

It‘s been a year since he left on what he called his road-trip. He couldn't tell the others that he couldn't be around them anymore. He considered for a time taking up Angel on his offer to work with him but with Cordy there it would be too complicated.

He stayed on the road always moving from town to town, hunting when he ran across a demon, trying to forget the rest of the time.

He had never told the others. Never told them that night with Faith wasn't a one-night stand. He had always found his way to her place at the end of the day, even when she moved into the apartment the mayor gave her. Their deal was simple, he didn't pump her for information and she paid him the same courtesy. He had almost lost it when he saw her in that hospital bed, it was all he could do not to attack Buffy.
But the mayor's ascension was to important, he kept it together until after the battle. That's when he broke down. Angel had found him, he told him everything, about how he had fallen in love with Faith he knew it was probably one sided but didn't care. That's why when she woke up it wasn't Buffy or Willow who called him; it was Angel. Faith was awake and in LA.

It took Xander twelve hours of continuous driving to reach the City of Angels. He couldn't have slept even if he tried.

He went straight to Angel's place; he had the address from one of the business cards Angel had sent in case he ever needed help some time. He found the office empty so proceeded down to Angel's apartment. The elevator seemed to be working in slow motion, the seconds stretched to hours as he thought on what was to come. He pulls aside the grating and steps off the elevator to find Faith sitting watching the TV, eating popcorn, of all the things that he had imagined this was disarmingly normal.

"Faith?" He asks in a small voice. She turns and stares at him, the bowl of popcorn falling from her lap at the surprise of seeing him.

"Alex?" She had never called him Xander in private, saying that the name didn't fit his real personality.

Faith gets out of the chair but pauses seemingly unsure what to do. Without thought Alex, for that was his name here lunges forward wrapping her in a hug, drawing her as close as he can manage.

"I was afraid I would never see you again,” he says into her shoulder.

"I looked for you. But you left," she says.

"I couldn't stay there. Too many memories of you." Tears spring into his eyes. "I should have stayed, stayed by your side." Faith pulls out of the hug and takes his head between her hands.

"No talk like that." She says with a grin through her own tears, and pulls him into a kiss.

“We’re together now.”

The End

You have reached the end of "When I Wake". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking