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Summary: YaHF - Xander Dresses up as a Rider, only He isn't the only one...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweenTjinFR1511,3783155,26518 Nov 1118 Nov 11Yes
Xander’s family had a long history with the supernatural, a history that he didn’t know about when he purchased his costume that fateful Halloween, his father Tony Harris had changed his name years ago when the family finally moved out west, away from the madness, the whispered tales and the history.

As the last of the family Bones Tony had fled from the Hollow, away from the cursed land that had haunted his family for generations, to the safe little town of Sunnydale.

It was fortunate that Xander’s father was once again locked in his room for the Halloween night, a tradition the man always maintained since the rider had taken his father so many years earlier, had he seen the headless costume his son had chosen to wear the night would have ended with a trip to Sunnydale general for a heart attack.

Walking out into the night Xander stopped to admire his reflection in the mirror before heading out, for one more night the Headless Horseman would ride, how could it be anymore Halloween than that.


Waking up the next morning Xander shuddered at the memory of the night before, the rider had been… scary, hunting the streets of Sunnydale as he sought his head, the demons had fled from his approach as even the greatest hellspawn had heard the tales of the Rider of Sleepy Hollow.

“So, are you to awake yet?”

Blinking at the rasping voice Xander forced himself to sit up and look around carefully, the room he was in was, while nice, a bit dated. The entire place had a very late seventies feel to it, the other two occupants drew his attention though, the first was his arch-nemesis Larry Bliasdale, the Jock had mocked him the night before as his costume leather outfit had been considerably more intimidating than Xander own, and the flaming skull mask had been a nice touch as well.

For a moment a memory of a skull headed rider attacking him filtered through the jumbled memories of the night before Xander shook it off and focused at the other man.

He was, old, powerful, scary as hell and had a look to his eyes that reminded Xander of the snakes locked up at the zoo, in all honesty this man scared Xander more than any demon ever had before.

“Well boys, it looks like you have some explaining to do, imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning and find two of my personal herd missing” The man said with a self indulgent smile as he leaned back in the red leather chair that the hotel room had provided, “Now I must say I do know a thing or two about horse thieves and so after picking you two up today I must say that neither of you fit the bill, well I was ready to call the whole thing off as a misunderstanding and let you go when a… friend… of mine asked me to look a bit closer, now will you to like to explain to me how two of my Riders, that I have never met before and that still maintain their primary bargaining chip managed to sneak into my home, steal from me and then escape again with me none the wiser?”

The words were spoken with absolute calm yet still managed to convey a level of threat that both boys managed to pick up on.

“Y-Your Riders?” Larry managed to stutter out as he tried not to wet himself from the presence of the man.

“Yes, D’Hoffryn has his vengeance demons, the powers have their champions, the black thorn have their little legal thugs I have my riders while we are bound from directly interfering we are allowed to have certain ‘Assets’ in play to keep the entire game from being won or lost due to a bad joke on the part of those lesser things.” The man said before leaning forward “and while the history and makeup of my employees is of considerable interest I am still waiting for an answer.”

“I-it” Swallowing past the lump in his throat Xander tried to respond again “It wasn’t our fault, we were out trick or treating and then we were waking up here.” Xander explained as he began to get a feeling for just exactly who and what this man was.

Leaning back in his chair the man simply nodded before rubbing the side of his head as if to ward off a headache “Yes I figured as much, Chaos on a Chaos portal and you two infants dressed as my riders, perfect” he growled before taking a deep breath to center himself before looking back at the boys “Well this complicates things nicely, about the only real advantage is the chaos effect, a creation of free will and thus well within my purview to work with.” He muttered before looking back at the duo “I must admit it would be far easier to simply hire the two of you, but somehow I doubt you will accept the offer” he said before nodding at the near frantic shaking of the two’s heads. “I thought as much,”

After a moments consideration he finally came to a decision “Well rather than go through the hassle of taking back what is mine I suppose I could just let the two of you go, free power and all that will likely lead you right back to me hmmm… yes I suppose that will do nice, still well within the rules and it puts me in a very nice position to outflank that windbag D’Hoffryn and it should let me finally get my hands on that insect claiming to be the first,” Smiling at the potential for great things that the two free riders could bring Lucifer finally clapped his hands together and enjoyed the near epic jump the action provoked out of the two, looking into their future the devil truly enjoyed what he saw.

While Larry would not become gay without the influence of the rather ‘open’ pirate costume he would still serve well as a Spirit of Vengeance, another Ghost Rider ready to walk the land, in time he would leave the Hellmouth with his fiancé Amy to Hunt down the lower breeds that laughingly called themselves Demons, clearing some very annoying competitors from the field before reaching his final fate many years from now as he faced down the last remnants of the ‘Darkness’

In all the boy would serve him well, and while he couldn’t tell which way he would go at the end, the Devil made a mental note to put extra attention on both him and the Madison girl for the near future.

After all, if he could get one the odds were good he would get them both.

As for Xander, the Spirit of Revenge trapped within the boy would turn him into a true monster, while he would lose the Headless aspect of his rider everything else would remain, the skills, powers and near invulnerability, he would bring about the final passing of hundreds if not thousands of the traitors, cowards and deserters from hells army, the burning need for revenge the boy had from destroying his best friends form was a near perfect match for the headless spirit, his families relation to the first rider made it all the more perfect, his destiny was bound to a dark skinned slayer that would soon fall and return, a crow bound once more to revenge. The two would be magnificent as they opposed him and his minions.

Blinking to stop the search Lucifer smiled as he sent the two back to the world of the mortal to continue, while it was dangerous to not look for the final end of the two the devil decided to just let it all play out without his interference, after all, what was the fun of a game where you already knew the ending.


(A/N) I don't own BtVS, Ghost Rider, Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, the Hotel California or the Darkness

This was written to show that i am still alive while working on NanoWrimo and a MAJOR Update for Big Brother, i hope you all enjoy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Riders". This story is complete.

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