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Finding Family

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Summary: Loki fell from the Bifrost. Lily Potter had a dark-haired son with piercing green eyes and a mischievous streak a mile wide.

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Chapter 2

“I’m sorry sir, you must have the wrong person,” said Harry, looking up at the large Muggle, “I’m not your brother.”

The Muggle flinched at the last few words, as if Harry had physically struck him.

“Loki, Brother, please.” He said, “I thought you had died when you fell off the Bifrost. I do not care what our Father said to you, or who your blood-father is; we are brothers.”

Harry started to back away from the crazy guy. He wasn’t sure whether it was just him, or that most Muggles were weird, but he wasn’t willing to find out.

He sighed in relief as he felt the presence of his parents behind him. They had finally caught up, and were worried about this strange man who claimed to know their son.

Lily put a hand on Harry’s shoulder, and started to gently steer him away from the large man.

“I’m sorry sir, but if my son says he doesn’t know you, then he doesn’t know you” said James firmly, discreetly fingering his wand behind his back.

“You do not understand!” roared Thor. “Brother! Tell them!” he ordered, reaching out to grab Harry’s bare arm.

There was a flash of green light, and Harry fell down to his knees, clutching his head and screaming.


An agonizing pain battered Harry’s-no, Loki’s head as Thor’s touch woke a side of him that had been hidden for a lifetime. Words and thoughts and feelings span around his mind.





“No Loki,”



Centuries of memories fought for dominance, as all his mental shields came down. Memories of the second of Asgard, the sorcerer, the outcast, and the unknown traitor. Of the few times of joy, when he was young, and was being sung to sleep, safe with his big brother. Of the agony of his last few moments as a god (apart from he wasn’t one, was he? He was jotun, the monster mothers warned their children about at night) and the disappointed look in his father’s eyes as he let go of his father’s spear and fell into the abyss below.

But then his new memories rose to the fore.


Mum and dad.

Ron, Hermione and Draco. His friends.



Unconditional love.

His uncle Padfoot teaching a charm to turn his uncle Moony’s hair pink.

Uncle Sev showing him and Draco how to brew a Shrinking Solution, movements calm and voice patient.

Professor Flitwick praising his wand movements and his magic.

And Harry Potter rose back into the land of the living.


He awoke to a splitting headache, and his furious parents standing in front of him, holding their wands on a struggling immobilised Thor.

Feelings rose up at the sight of his brother, but he ruthlessly squashed them. He wasn’t that person anymore, he wasn’t a monster. He was Harry Potter of Godric’s Hollow, England, Earth (Midgard whispered a voice in his head. He ignored it.)

“Mum?” he asked.

Lily was immediately on the ground beside her son, wand abandoned, trusting James to keep Thor immobilised.

“Harry, my poor, poor boy,” she whispered comfortingly, “What did he do to you? What did that monster do to you?”

At the word monster, the whole of Harry’s body tensed, and he flinched backwards.

A hard steely look appeared in Lily’s eyes. She hugged Harry for a long minute, taking care not to touch the livid bruise that was starting to develop where the Muggle had grabbed him, then rose from the pavement and strode over to her husband.

“Let him go,” she said quietly.

James glanced at his wife, a concerned look in his eyes.

“Lils, I don’t really think that’s the-“

“Let. Him. Go,” repeated Lily. There was a look on his face that made James obey immediately. He lifted the spell on the Muggle, and slowly stood back and let Lily approach him.

“What did you do to my son?” she asked calmly.

“I did nothing.” Said Thor. “But this is the way with my brother. He always enjoys his tricks...”

There was a sharp snap, and Lily slapped the God of Thunder.

“Let me tell you this. My son is not your brother. You are delusional man who thinks that it’s alright to go around hurting other people’s children. In fact, if you treated your brother like this, then it’s no wonder he left.” Lily said.

“Now, I advise you to get out of here before I start to get seriously angry. I have a child I need to comfort.”

Harry stared at his mum in shock. He had never heard the tone of voice she had used before. It was as if she was radiating fury, a tangible barrier of it surrounding her like a heat wave.

“She cares about you Harry. We both do. You are the best think that has ever happened to us, and are a gift that we can never repay.” Said James, helping him to his feet, and forcing him to lean on him until he could stand.

“In fact, if I wasn’t afraid of your mother hexing m if I stole her prey, I would be cursing him right now.” He continued.

“I’m afraid you wouldn’t be.” Said a voice behind them. “Put your hands up, and turn around slowly.”

Several men in black suits were pointing pieces of metal at him, Harry and Lily. He felt a spike of rage running through him.

‘When this was over,’ he swore silently, ‘he was never setting foot in America ever again.’

“Please put your weapon on the ground, and join the others ma’am. I’m sure this is just a minor misunderstanding, and you didn’t mean to assault one of the Avengers.”

James winced.

“You’re telling me that one of Earth’s superheroes attacked my child!”


Thank you so much for all of your kind reviews! Unfortunately the plot bunny came and bit me again, (as well as the fact my best friend threatened to kill me and hide the body if I left the story at one chapter and a cliffhanger) so here is a short chapter. I’ve got exams all this week, and I’m a write-when-inspired sort of person, so I have no idea when or if I’ll get another chapter up. I’ll try though!!

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