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The Slayer's Curse

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Summary: The newly called Slayers are falling ill and dying. The SWC in desperation go to Dr. House for a cure.

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Television > House, M.D. > General(Past Donor)ArgyleButterflyFR1577,39723110,00419 Nov 1118 Oct 12Yes


House smiled as he ran his fingers through Buffy’s hair. The two of them were just waking up in Mexico having taken a short vacation away from their responsibilities although to be honest both of them had significantly less responsibilities now then they had a year ago.

Over the last year not only had the young Slayers been demoted from Slayers to Potentials but Buffy was no longer the ‘true’ Vampire Slayer. Although she retained her abilities, she could no longer feel the scythe’s power when she held it. There was only one active Hellmouth and Faith, with her partner Robin Wood, kept a close eye on it. Buffy had been called in for an apocalyptic event, but for the most part Buffy was retired and loving it. The SWC even paid her a pension.

Gregory House had quit his job working at Princeton Plainsboro and instead spent most of his time functioning as a Balance Demon working for the Powers that Be. He still consulted on cases that interested him and since the SWC had listed him as one of their Board Members it allowed him to have access to hospitals worldwide and increased the puzzles available for him to solve.

House and Buffy had coupled up as she recuperated in the hospital after they stopped her heart and restarted it. She was shocked to discover he had thought she was involved with Giles romantically and quickly set him straight.

Rupert Giles and Lisa Cuddy had started dating while Rupert had been visiting Buffy in the hospital. The two of them were quick to move in together and were talking about adopting a child.

Eric Foreman had taken over House’s position at Princeton Plainsboro with both Allison Cameron and Robert Chase working on his team. Occasionally they still called in House for tricky diagnostic work but they tried to avoid it if possible not only due to his caustic personality and taunting attitude, but Cuddy wanted to avoid the exorbitant consulting fees he always charged.

Most of the young Slayers who had lost their powers were relieved to be back to normal and able to return to their families. However Kennedy was one of the exceptions to the rule, to the despair of Willow she took her own life unable to live again as a ‘normal’ girl.

Willow although heartbroken took Kennedy’s death as a sign to make some changes to her life and re-enrolled in University courses; her intention was to become a psychiatrist.

Buffy looked over at House and ran her hand over his thigh. “Willow did a great job at healing your leg.”

“Don’t kid yourself. She could never have done it without your strength.” House again smiled at her as he leaned in for a kiss.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Slayer's Curse". This story is complete.

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