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The Slayer's Curse

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Summary: The newly called Slayers are falling ill and dying. The SWC in desperation go to Dr. House for a cure.

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Television > House, M.D. > General(Past Donor)ArgyleButterflyFR1577,39723110,00419 Nov 1118 Oct 12Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions and is licensed by 20th Century Fox. House, M.D. was created by David Shore and is distributed by the Fox Network. Only the ideas contained within this story are mine. No profit has been, or will be, made by writing this story.

Time line: Post Buffy the Vampire Slayer and during Season 2 of House. This story refers specifically to John Henry Giles Season 1 Episode 9 – DNR.

I am not a doctor nor do I work in the health care industry. If you are sick please do not look to free advice offered in fanfiction instead see a medical professional. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

As the middle-aged man limped to the hospital exit, he smiled feeling the warm spring sunshine on his face. He was eagerly anticipating hitting the open road on his motorcycle. “Almost there,” he muttered, “Freedom!” His shuffling pace quickened as he spied the exit. The hospital’s automatic doors silently slid open as though participating in his escape.

His departure was brought to an abrupt end when he heard one of his residents rush over, “Dr House, Dr Cuddy sent me to get you, another girl has been admitted.”

“Foreman, would you please be a little more specific? I am sure there are many girls admitted to this hospital on a daily basis.”

Ignoring the snarky comment Dr. Foreman replied, “Dr. House, this girl shows similar symptoms to the three girls that were admitted earlier this month, each of them, as you are already aware, are dead.”

“Well, if she’s dead too then you don’t need me now, do you?” he gave his resident a smiling grimace as he tried to escape again.

His patience wearing thin Foreman persisted, “This one is not dead yet and your presence has been personally requested. She was rushed to the Emergency having convulsions and she is experiencing hypersensitivity. She has a rash over forty percent of her body, she has been stabilized and is lying comatose in a clean room.”

“What do you need me for than? It seems obvious that the girl has either been poisoned or has suffered head trauma which resulted in her having a seizure and in turn caused her immune system to shut down. If that will be all Foreman, I will be off.”

Before the young doctor could respond to House’s hurried diagnosis they were interrupted by an English accent. “You are needed because your insights into this case will not only save this young girl’s life but potentially hundreds of other young women who are sharing her fate.” At Dr. House’s skeptical look the man continued, “Or perhaps because our corporation is in the process of making a substantial donation to this hospital on the condition that you personally oversee the medical treatment of not only this young woman but all of the other women suffering from similar symptoms who are being brought here.”

Dr. Cuddy seeing Dr. House speaking to the hospital’s newest potential donor rushed over before the caustic doctor caused another donation loss. “Oh good, I see the two of you have already met. Have you been properly introduced?” She began to babble attempting to diffuse the building tension. House, Giles and Foreman stared at her as she continued, “Dr. Giles, I would like to introduce to you Dr. Gregory House, Head of Diagnostic Medicine here at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Dr. House you came highly recommended by one of your former patients, John Henry Giles. This is Dr. Rupert Giles CEO of SWC Incorporated.”

“How do you do,” Giles acknowledged the introduction. Although anyone listening could tell this remark was made more out of politeness than any sense of concern for the rude doctor.

Dr. House, always on the lookout for a puzzle to be solved took a more active interest, “Dr. Giles, are you a medical doctor?”

“No, I have two PhDs one in Ancient Languages and another in Ancient History.”

“Are you and John Henry Giles directly related?”

Giles was prepared for Dr. House’s abrupt rudeness and intrusion into his personal life having been prepped by John before he traveled to Trenton. “He is my cousin.”

“What is SWC Incorporated?”

“I’m sorry but I cannot release privileged information nor is it relevant to this case. Are you going to save this girl’s life or not?” Giles was getting impatient with this rude doctor.

House stared intently at Giles seeing a middle-aged man with visible scars presenting puzzles that begged to be solved. “Give me the file”.

As Foreman handed the file over to House, Cuddy breathed a sigh of relief and went back to her office, “I’ll leave you to the case while I get the paperwork for the donation ready,” she called over her shoulder smiling at Giles as she scurried away.

“Foreman, book an MRI for Miss Smyth and meet me in the diagnostic room.” As Foreman left House turned to Giles and remarked, “Your accent is different from your cousin’s. And I’m sorry but I fail to see the family resemblance – well maybe around the eyes.” House’s eyes narrowed, “When John Henry Giles was here he mentioned he had no family nor did we see you when he died on us and was resuscitated. Furthermore your skin tone is a bit off to be assuming a kinship with that particular patient. You really should do your homework first.”

“Not that it is any of your business, but John was adopted by my Father’s sister. When she emigrated to the United States my Father cut off all ties to her. My Aunt never married; however, wanting to create a family she adopted a young boy – John Henry. Recently I have had reason to re-connect with family and searched for my missing relative. John and I have hit it off rather well and when he found out we needed a diagnostician he told me that we needed you. He claims you saved his life.”

House looked Giles in the eyes and replied, “I merely corrected a misdiagnosis.”

“Interesting, John implied you were surprising but he never warned me to expect humility from you.”

House looked to each side to ensure they were alone before affixing Giles with a beady glare, “The girl, what’s really wrong with her? How is she related to the others who have fallen ill? I will be able to give you a faster and more accurate diagnosis if you are honest with me.”

Giles took a breath and paused for a moment forcing his impatience and anger to back down from House’s challenging glare and replied, “I’m not sure why they are falling ill but more girls are being shipped to this location.”

“Do they all have the same symptoms?”

“As far as I know, yes.”

“How many?”

“My colleagues have found fifteen so far.”

“All of these patients have been underage teenage girls. Am I to expect this hospital to be filled with teary eyed meddling family members?”

“No, the SWC has POA for all of these girls."

"Your corporation can make health related decisions for a bunch of teenagers?"

"One of our organization's foundations is a boarding school/teaching facility. The SWC and the girl's families only want the best for these girls. Their families have provided us with the authority to make this type of decision to avoid any delay in care. We have set it up so that two senior members must sign off on any consent forms. Buffy Summers will be here to join me and together we will sign any paperwork for our organization.”

“Buffy Summers? That sounds like the name of a stripper rather than someone with the authority to sign off on a teenager’s life. I look forward to meeting her.” House gave Giles a lecherous wink and started to hobble away.

“I hope I meet your expectations,” a strong female voice announced behind him.

Giles’ face brightened when he saw Buffy standing before him. She was dressed in a light grey pantsuit and calf high leather boots with stiletto heels. Her hair was held back in a chignon giving the impression of a mature young professional.

As House started to turn around he remarked, “So you must be the hooker?”

Giles’ anger at the man’s abrupt hostility to Buffy and his rude greeting just about set him over the edge in the already charged atmosphere.

Sensing an outburst Buffy placed her hand gently on Giles’ arm as she stated, “I assume you have determined the cause of Maryse’s illness if you are wasting your time socializing here in the front lobby?” After years of trading insults with vampires she was not about to let a cripple with a grudge get in the way of her target. In the past year since Sunnydale’s collapse their group needed leaders and Buffy and Giles had learned to combine their strengths and work together for the cause.

House gave her a long admiring look before walking away. As he walked by his best friend who was watching from a distance House called to him, “Watch out Wilson! There’s a new Ice Queen in the hospital.”
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