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The Rescue

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This story is No. 3 in the series "To Find A Mate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow and Kit go to rescue their loved ones on a dying world.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherCaliadragonFR1511,584011,99820 Nov 1120 Nov 11Yes
Title: The Rescue

Author: Caliadragon

Series: To Find a Mate

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Archive: Anyone with prior permission, any list I send it too, BC, TtH, WWoMB, Imaginings.

Disclaimer: None of the characters or their associated shows belong to me.

Part: 1/1

Fandoms: BtVS, AtS, SPN, SG, SGA

Pairings: Multiple

Category: Crossover, Relationship

Warnings: Angst, AU, Unbeta’d, Slash, Femmeslash, Het, Violence

Summary: Willow and Kit go to rescue their loved ones on a dying world.


Willow Rosenberg and Kit Holburn were worlds apart when it came to how they were raised.  Willow came from a wealthy background.  Her parents were well known psychologists that were rarely home.  While they were not physically abusive they were always neglectful.  Willow learned to take care of herself at a very young age.  Willow didn’t particularly care as she grew older.  Her parents being neglectful meant that her two best friends, Xander Harris and Jesse McNally had a place to hide from their parents. 


Jesse and Xander had been the only stability that young Willow had.  The three children had raised each other.  Willow taught the boys from her parents books, Xander taught her to cook, while Jesse taught her how do laundry.  None of the three children thought it strange that the chores they did were not usually done by children of their young ages.  Willow doctored the injuries the boys got when they were with their parents, while the boys made her feel worthy of love.


As they grew their friendships only strengthened, and then the darkness came to the three.  Xander was forced to stake Jesse to save Cordelia, while Willow found magick.  Willow and Xander grew apart for a while, but at the fall of Sunnydale their bond was once again strengthened and with Buffy added to the mix the three continued to take care of each other and to raise the slayers and children that came with them.


In contrast Kit was raised by her mother, her father having abandoned them when Kit was still a baby.  They were poor, but Kit never really felt neglected or wanting for anything.  Her mother adored her and guarded her safety zealously.  Then her mother was killed and Kit was forced into foster care where she learned to defend herself. 


Kit and Dawn became friends after Buffy saved Kit and Carlos in the school.  Dawn was abandoned by her friend Janice when Janice could no longer handle the weird things happening in town and her family moved away from Sunnydale.  Kit and Carlos were best friends and that brought Carlos closer into the lives of the Scoobies, who despite the stress and battles in their lives took the two kids in and made them apart of the group.  Willow knew though that it was Xander that the kids trusted the most as he was the one who stood up to Social Services and made it clear that Kit and Carlos were his and no one was taking them away.


It was Xander that Kit turned to when Graham was killed.  It was Xander that held Carlos when his first lover ended up being a demon out to use Carlos to take his powers.


Now Willow and Kit were in the alt-realm of their reality to rescue those they lost.  The minute they arrived they were under attack.  The demons never stood a chance.  Willow’s power rushed through the decaying remains of this realm’s Sunnydale.  All around them were burned out buildings and dead bodies, some demonic, but mostly human.  Kit’s power followed Willow’s closely as she sought out those that they had come for. 


As they converged on the place where the survivors were fighting, Kit and Willow continued to kill demons, most of which neither witch recognized.  When they reached the group Cordelia let out a cry of shock as the demon in front of her disintegrated.  “Willow?” Tara asked stunned and hoping this was the rescue Doyle had seen during his last vision.


“Tara, Everyone, Kit and I are here to rescue you.  We are from an alt-realm.”  Willow said gently as she held out her hand to Tara, who took it before anyone could stop her.  Tara gasped and began to cry in joy as the memory download played through her conciousness.  Tara pulled Willow into her arms and kissed her softly. 


“Graham take Kit’s hand.”  Tara said joyously, looking back at the man who was working so hard to protect them.


Graham did so immediately and pulled a shacking Kit into her arms, where the young witch started to cry in relief at finally having him with her.  “What happened here?” Kit asked as she whipped her cheeks and killed another set of demons.


“Willow, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, and Xander were captured by the remaining members of Glory’s followers.  The sacrifice caused every hellmouth on the planet to open.  Demons spread across the planet killing anyone without knowledge of the Supernatural.  Angel and Spike died trying to get to the five of you.  Jesse and Angel had gotten Joyce, Anya, and Hallie to safety and called the rest of us.  The demons killed Lorne, Fred, and Gunn the second day.”  Cordelia said weakly as she was helped to her feet by Doyle.


Willow and Kit noticed that everyone was either ill or injured, the group was also just shy of starvation.  D’Hoffryn appeared then, blasting a demon that was about to attack the group.  “Time to go children.” D’Hoffryn said shocking Hallie and Anya with his arrival as this realm’s D’Hoffryn had been killed by Glory’s father.


As D’Hoffryn moved everyone to Xander’s realm, he made sure they group was aware of what their friends and family had been through in the years since the deaths of this groups alternates.  Also, as a kindness he removed the memories of how their friends suffered before they were killed and some of the worst of the things they had witnessed as their realm began to die.


When they reappeared in they were in the cafeteria on Atlantis.  Xander, Dawn, and Faith rushed forward, followed quickly by their mates along with Jennifer and Carson.  The two doctors quickly began to call for gurneys and medical back up.  As they were transported to the infirmary, Xander and the others followed them to the infirmary with D’Hoffryn trailing behind them. 


When the survivors were placed on beds, Gabriel and Castiel moved forward healing the group, much to the shock of the Atlantis personnel.  Castiel cleared his throat, “We are Arch Angels it is one of our gifts to heal, though it should only be in critical situations.” 


“Agreed.”  Carson said after clearing his throat.  “Though I believe this group could use a shower, a meal and some fresh clothes.”


“That would be lovely.”  Joyce said, before holding her arms out to her daughter, who burst into tears and rushed forward.  That seemed to get Faith, Xander, Kit, and Willow out of their shock as the group went to those they knew and loved and hugged them. 


After hugging Cordelia and Jesse, Xander stepped back and created clothes for the group along with toiletries.  “Since when do I wear anything but the best dork?” Cordelia asked, noticing that Xander and the others were overwhelmed by their return.  From what she had seen with the memory dump, they had all been dead for over fifty years, while the survivors had only gone two weeks with their friends and family dead.


“It’s silk.”  Xander said from where Anya had once again claimed him for a hug.  While they had not been lovers in the realm that Anya had come from, they had been best friends.  The Scoobies had helped Anya and Hallie get used to being mortal in their realm. 


“That’s good then.”  Cordy agreed with a bright smile, that Xander returned. 


“Ethan your mate is coming later with Spike and Miss Addams.”  D’Hoffryn said to the mage who had nearly died to save the group on more than one occasion.  “Mr. McNally your mate is Jon O’Neill.”  Jon blinked in astonishment as D’Hoffryn pushed Jesse gently into Jon’s arms.  “Mr. Singer, you are the mate of Mrs. Joyce Summers.”  He added as he maneuvered things so that it was Bobby who helped Joyce off the bed.


“Thank you, D’Hoffryn.”  Ethan told him with a nod of respect.


“Yeah, thanks.”  Xander said shaking the elder demon’s hand before D’Hoffryn disappeared.


“So which way to the showers?”  Kendra asked, holding hands with her husband Jonathon.  Riley nodded his agreement, while hugging his wife Jenny. 


Amy and Wes were staring in wonder at how different Faith, Xander, Dawn, and Willow were, while Doyle was relieved that the last vision the Powers were able to send him came true.  He was looking forward to seeing Angel, Fred, and Gunn, while mourning that Lorne was also gone in the four Scoobies realm.


“Follow me and I’ll take you to the showers.”  Jennifer said gently. 


“Thank you.”  Hallie said after hugging Xander one last time.  Once the group of survivors was gone Xander sank down the wall, Dawn turned and pressed her face into Gabriel’s chest, while Faith allowed Sam to pull her into a hug.  John sank down and pulled Xander up and into his arms, hugging his shaken mate.  Willow and Kit clasped hands and thanked the Powers for the groups return.  Bobby and Jon just shared a look and waited for their mates to return to them.


The End

The End

You have reached the end of "The Rescue". This story is complete.

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