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Council's Rules

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Summary: The Council has many rules, all of them for very good reasons.

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Lord of the Rings > GeneralGartabroFR711,3022102,89521 Nov 1121 Nov 11Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy: the Vampire Slayer or Lord of the Rings.

A/N: Aaaannnd… this is what happens when I decide to take a look at the challenge section.

Council’s Rules

There were two lists of rules in the Council. One was the official one, the list that every member of the organization had to know by heart, the other list varied from place to place. For example, the rule about keeping an eye on Dawn on Tuesdays only existed in England, while the one that informs that Connor shouldn’t be called “one of the girls” only appears in the list from Los Angeles.

The list of England tends to get a new rule at least once a month, much to Rupert Giles annoyance. Between all the rules in this list, the man made sure that it was recorded the prohibition to use magic while drunk after certain incident. The watcher still couldn’t believe that he had to add that rule, wasn’t it obvious that it was a bad idea?

The results of that spell were both interesting and disastrous. Giles still had problems believing that the children had managed to get themselves lost in a fantasy story. Well, a fantasy story from the point of view of their world, because the experiences that the kids had lived in that world were quite real.

In any case, Giles still didn’t know how the spell had worked, but he suspected that the Powers had decided to mess with yet another world. What happened? Well, dear reader, it all started when Kennedy broke up with Willow…


Xander observed with a worried face how Willow finished her second beer of the night and glared at the television. The Red Witch and Kennedy had broken up five days ago, just before the slayer had left for Cleveland to help Faith with some demons that were trying to awake the Hellmouth there.

They had been trying to cheer her up since then, but it would take a while to get Willow back to normal. Xander and Buffy understood their best friend pain, but no one had expected that relationship to last for too long; just like the brief one between Faith and Robin, Willow’s and Kennedy’s relationship had been made in the middle of a “we’re going to die!” situation.

So, they had tried to cheer the witch up. Buffy had tried shopping, Dawn had tried to cook Willow’s favourite food (the Unofficial List banned Dawn from the kitchen after that) and Xander had gifted her with one of those magic books she loved so much. None of that had worked, and the witch had spent her time hidden in her room since then.

Until today, that’s it.

If you asked Xander, he didn’t know who the one that proposed the movie marathon was. Probably Andrew, as the young man had been itching to make one with the Lord of the Rings movies.

But none of that mattered. What mattered was that Buffy and Dawn had managed to drag Willow out of her room to see the movies. Unfortunately, the Red Witch had also managed to arm herself with six bottles of beer and wouldn’t let anyone close to them.

While Willow was now clearly drunk, the other four people in the room didn’t thought for a second that things would get out of hand rather quickly. Looking back at it, perhaps the glaring that Willow kept directing towards the Ringwraiths should have been a clue.

“Are they going to kill the cute one?” asked Dawn to Andrew while pointing at one of the characters. With all the things that used to happen in Sunnydale, Dawn had decided that there was enough fantasy in her life to last her several lifetimes and she had never read Lord of the Rings or watched any of the movies.

“Frodo, his name is Frodo, and they’re not going to kill him. He’s the protagonist!” explained Andrew.

“Right, one movie down, two to go.”

“Technically, this is still the beginning of the first one,” commented the Slayer. “By the way, who are the bad guys?”

“The Ringwraiths,” said Xander, taking over the explanation. “The one in the center is their leader, the-”

“Witch-king,” finished Willow with a look that could kill; fortunately for the television, Willow still had to learn that particular trick.

As soon as Willow gave the Summers sisters the title of the bad guy in charge, the witch left the living room, only to reappear moments later with a book on one hand and a notebook on the other. Ignoring the movie, Willow started to write in her notebook, taking quick looks at the book and some papers that she kept inside of it. From time to time, she drank from her beer. Finally, she took the remote control and played again the scene where the Ringwraiths attacked Frodo.

This should have been their second clue. Willow getting some candles from the cupboard and lighting them was also a good clue, especially when she started to chant.

Actually, the chant was what finally drew their attention, as it caused bolts of energy to come out of the television and hit the furniture in the room. It didn’t take long to one of the bolts to hit Willow, making her disappear in the television.

Xander, Buffy, Dawn and Andrew stared at the still working television, gaping at what was happening now in the movie. Something that Xander and Andrew could assure you wasn’t supposed to happen.

Actually, Buffy and Dawn could also tell that Willow wasn’t supposed to be screaming at the bad guys.


Frodo watched as the five Black Riders walked out of the shadows. He barely managed to move with the fear that this creatures transmitted. Around him, the other three hobbits gripped their swords. The Black Riders raised their swords and then…then a red haired woman appeared out of thin air.

"By what right do you call yourself my king?" demanded the red haired female to the Nazgûl in the center. Judging by her speech, she was drunk.

Frodo didn’t know who this female was, but she couldn’t be from the race of Men, they didn’t have the ability to appear out of thin air! An Elf, then? He didn’t know, but what he knew was that she should get away from here the same way as she had arrived, preferably with the four of them.


Buffy stared at the television and knocked at its screen. Nothing, it was as solid as ever. The Slayer watched with worried eyes how the Black Riders approached Willow with their swords. Generally, she wouldn’t be worried about Willow (if she couldn’t fight them, she would get out of there), but the witch was currently drunk and not exactly thinking too much.

“We have to get her out of there,” said Buffy to the others. Andrew and Dawn where working on the spell that Willow had used, trying to find a way to bring the witch back. “If possible, before Giles comes back.”

“Don’t worry,” said Xander, coming back from Willow’s room with a book that Andrew had requested. “Look, Aragorn is already doing his crazy dance.”

As Xander had said, Aragorn had finally reached the Hobbits and was attacking the Ringwraiths.

“AHA!” exclaimed Dawn. “Solved it!”

“Really?” asked Andrew, looking over her shoulder.

“No. Perhaps she will come out after the movie ends?”

“What movie?” asked Xander with a nervous voice, in his hands, there was the DVD of the movie.

“Why did you take it out?!”

"Well, I hit this button by accident..."

“That’s it. I’m going in.”

“Buffy, you can’t-”

“She’s my best friend, Dawn! I can and I will!”

Dawn looked at her sister.

“Of course, Buffy. But you’ll write the note to Giles.”

It’s unnecessary to say that the Council of Elrond was rather… interesting. That all of them had seen Matrix didn’t help matters.

The End

You have reached the end of "Council's Rules". This story is complete.

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