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Hero of Byzantia

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Summary: Behold a Legendary Tale filled with heroes, villains and every other sort of creature known to man. Behold The Legend of Willow and her protector The White Knight.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Legend of ZeldaSithicusFR1528,086181,92521 Nov 1123 Nov 11No

Fate's Beginning

Author's Notes: Was I being too ambitious with this thing again? I mean seriously, I'm doing some epic world building here to blend two universes into one, making what I would consider a sort of Supreme Crossover Attempt, that's kind of like an Alternate Megaverse or something and not a single review at all telling me if I'm on the right track or something.

This update may wind up being my last, even though I am really loving this project right now because without someone telling me if I'm hitting the mark or not and enjoying my hard work then really it's pointless to carry it on.

Sunnydale Castle sat on a high bluff, overlooking the town of the Valley of the Sun, also called Sunnydale. It was surrounded by high walls and a moat to protect its citizenry from the growing evils of the world, only those granted permission could even enter the village proper, therefore in theory it should have been safe.

That being said, in order to reach her destination the Princess Willow had need of a disguise, and so had dressed in a long dark cloak of midnight blue to conceal her features. Her destination was a little out of the way building, not found normally on the beaten path, carefully she made her way through the shadowed alleyway and up to the small building resting next to the Temple of the Seal.

Inside she hoped to find the answers to mysteries that had plagued her dreams for a fortnight. The young green clad boy she’d briefly run into forgotten from her mind as she nervously rapped at the door.

Swinging open to reveal a haze filled room within of smoke and the pleasant scent of burning candles, a woman’s voice beckoned from the darkness. “Enter, your highness.”

Willow swiftly stepped in and removed her cloak in one swift move, hanging it up near the door on a small wooden peg. “You always know when I am coming,” she observed.

The woman seated at the table with a deck of cards at her side let out a tiny laugh. “It is not difficult to surprise a fortune teller, your majesty, now then shall we get down to the reading?”

Willow moved to sit across from her with a nod. “As always your counsel is needed.”

“As always I shall require a price, Princess.” The woman held out one gloved hand, she wore many trappings to cover her skin. Claiming she had aversion to light, Willow had never questioned it. Reaching into the folds of her gown she removed a small purse. With a flip of her wrist the rupees landed in the outstretched hand. “Excellent, shall we see what it is that troubles you so?”

Willow nodded, already deciding that she could not spare time to waste on foolish questions. “My dreams of late have been filled with darkness, cries of despair and many strange things. They all become a jumbled mess; I see myself, a shrouded warrior and even Buffy. We’re fleeing from any number of dangers, but mostly it revolves around the Nightmare Prince or that vile sorcerer Wilkins.”

The woman offered an imperceptive nod and grasped the deck of cards firmly in her hands. “Of course, let us see what the future holds for thee.” Shuffling the cards briefly she removed the first one from the top and placed it face up.

Willow’s eyes widened when she saw the unmistakable face of the Master staring up at her.

“You face a dark time indeed, my lady, the signs are beginning to point to a terrible fate. Let us see if it can not be averted?” The woman plucked the second card from the top of the deck and placed it face down.

Willow gasped in shock. “The Knights of Byzantium!”

The woman frowned. “It would appear that their bloodline did not perish as we were led to believe,” she observed. Plucking a third card from the deck she placed it down.

“No!” Willow’s denial was filled with pain and sadness. “This isn’t right, it can’t come to that!”

The seer shook her head. “The cards do not lie! Your father is in mortal peril; your people are doomed, unless you prevent this catastrophe.” Reaching out she clasped Willow’s hand and forced her palm up, tracing a finger down it she nodded and began to incant in an ancient tongue.

Willow trembled with fear, but steeled herself to hear the full meaning of her dark dreams. “What must I do?”

Closing her eyes briefly she swayed in her seat, the fortune teller hummed and murmured and then her eyes snapped open, the light of power flickering in her eyes. Her voice spoke, but not in the same familiar tones, this was one speaking through her. Providing the answers she sought. “You must seek out the Hero of Byzantia, only he can help thwart this evil vision. He must journey far, but he will succeed if he finds the Tools of the Gods. With them, he will have the power to slay all who would stand against the kingdom of Sunnydale.”

Willow jerked back in her seat. “How will I find this hero? And how long do I have before these dark visions come to pass?”

“Not long, sooner than you would imagine, but still there is hope. The Hero of Byzantia can be recognized with this symbol, and he will be garbed in the ancient armors of his people.” The fortune teller raised her hands and a fiery symbol flickered in the air between her hands.

Willow’s eyes widened in shock, the symbol was familiar to her, she’d seen it every day since she was born. It looked identical to the crest on the jeweled necklace hanging around her neck, a pendant from her late mother. But she’d seen the familiar triangle like shape even more recently than that, on the breast of the young teen that’d collided with her in the marketplace just moments ago. “I must find him!”

Climbing quickly to her feet and grabbing her cloak she moved to open the door. Standing in front of it with a disapproving look on her face and hands on her hips was the young blond woman her father had charged with protecting her. “We need to discuss your ditching me, again! Your majesty.”

Willow sighed. “Of course, Buffy.”

Together the pair left and the fortune teller grinned impishly as she pulled back her hood revealing a raven haired woman of indeterminate age. “It is done.”

Well done, Drusilla, you shall be rewarded for aiding us in this endeavor.

Drusilla, the Aurelian warrior woman turned fortune teller smiled rapturously. “I live to serve, my Goddesses.” Bowing to the air in the room she closed her eyes and waited for her next customer. Forgotten on the table were the three cards, the last, representing the Seal of Danthalzar broken and shattered giving rise to the armies of darkness returning to the land.

Xander had lost track of time while he watched Jesse waste his allowance at the shooting gallery, although he also had a slingshot he didn’t feel like blowing anything for such a pitiful prize. Being a teenager meant you never got any of the good stuff, like the free bombs, or the spare quiver of arrows for your bow. You had to settle for more rupees, or worse, some chintzy trinket from tourist traps across the Valley of the Sun.

So it didn’t come to any surprise to him when he suddenly heard his mother’s raised voice calling for them in a stern manner. Jesse was quick to scamper off, Xander strode along calmly, he wasn’t in trouble.

Joyce beckoned towards them. “We’re going to be late to pay our respects at the Temple,” she said.

“You mean we actually get to go inside the temple?” Jesse asked excitedly.

“Not for very long now that you’ve dawdled so,” Joyce reprimanded.

“Sorry, mom, I really thought I could win that necklace for you.”

Xander snorted at Jesse’s excuse, but wisely kept his thoughts to himself. A large crowd had gathered outside the temple by the time they reached it, many trying to get in before the doors were closed.

Jostled and bumped along by the packed bodies Xander found himself being separated from his family. He tried to stay close by, but somehow he found himself pushed all the way down to the front of the room. The Temple of the Seal was a gathering place, it had been built over the sunken shrine where the real Seal of Danthalzar had been placed to seal the Boca Del Inferno.

Inside, the citizens of Sunnydale gave praise and tribute to the legendary three who it was said had created their world. The Goddesses of the Triad, Anyanka, Janna and Tara, they who it was said had come down from the heavens to create the sky, the land and the people now living in it. And they who had also crafted the special Tools of the Gods, nobody living today even knew what the tools were, only that they had been left behind when they ascended again to instill hope into the land. And to provide some legendary hero with the power to drive back the forces of darkness.

Whatever that meant. Xander was jostled up to the front of the temple, where he got a pretty good view of the large ornately crafted silver and gold altar with the statues of the three Goddesses sitting behind, arms outstretched in a benevolent gesture. Smiling at the sight Xander found himself not caring at the moment that he’d been separated from Joyce and Jesse.

“Praise be to the Goddesses!” the priest cried out raising his arms to the heavens.

“Praise be!” the crowd shouted behind him.

“Janna, Mother of the Sky, Crafter of the Winds, the Clouds, the Stars and the very Heavens themselves!”

“Praise to Janna!”

“Tara, Mother of the Earth, the Fields, the Rivers, the Bounty of the Harvest and all that dwell upon her fertile soils!”

“Praise to Tara!”

“Anyanka! Mother of the Races of Byzantia, the Fyarl, the Serpentine, the Fey, and all other creatures of the realm!”

“Praise to Anyanka!”

Xander felt something wrong, something dark, he couldn’t place where the feeling was coming from or why. But he knew something bad was about to happen and he didn’t understand what exactly it was, but something in his gut told him there was trouble. Tuning out the adulations of the crowd his eyes darted about, trying in vain to find his mother or brother, or some sign that he was being foolish.

The skies outside began to darken, the Hellhound that the Aurelians possessed began to whimper and pull at his leash in nervous fear, the Serpentine shop keep hissed as she too sensed the danger.

Without warning the very Earth itself began to tremble, crying out in panic the groups of people began to flee towards the exits. Xander tried to follow, but something prevented him, and then he was bowled over by a couple of women who’d been standing in front of him.

“By the Goddesses!” the priest blurted as the very floor of the temple erupted and a massive looking beast appeared.

She made a clacking sound with her mandibles and pincers and her head turned around, somehow a She-Mantis had broken into the most sacred of holy places.

Xander’s eyes widened in shock. “Shit!” The dazed teen reached for his only means of defense, knowing it would be a futile gesture as the She-Mantis turned to face him. Probably picking up his terrified scent. “How does something like this happen?” Xander asked himself even as he readied a stone and pulled back the sling.

The She-Mantis let out a shrieking cry and scuttled forward, her wings spreading out behind her as she prepared to pounce on her first victim.

Xander let fly.

The stone flew straight and true, it collided with the She-Mantis’ nearest antenna and snapped it clean off.

Xander blinked in surprise as the beast crashed to the ground in pain mere inches from his prone form, her large pincers reaching up to cradle her head. “Did I do that?”

“Get up and run you stupid boy!” a voice shouted in his ear.

“Huh?” Xander glanced around trying to find the source, but he was distracted again by the She-Mantis as she reared up to strike a killing blow. Another stone struck her in the head and Xander glanced behind him to find Jesse standing near the entrance to the temple waving frantically.

“Xander, you idiot! Run!”

Taking the sound advice of his brother he climbed back to his feet and charged down the center aisle intending to get the hell out of there before anything worse could happen, something zipped across his field of vision and he felt his hat jerk slightly, forcing him to reach up to prevent it from flying off.

“Left! Go left!”

“Who keeps saying that?” Xander turned left with Jesse hot on his heels, their mother was nearby a worried expression on her face.

The She-Mantis however had the scent now and it would not let the little boy who had injured her escape to brag to all his friends, with a shrieking battle cry she leapt into the sky and burst through a stained glass window depicting the work of the Goddesses.

“I think you made her mad, bro,” Jesse noted glancing back in fear.

“How do the guards let a thing like that get inside the village walls?” Joyce demanded as she ran alongside her sons.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to aim so good,” Xander muttered with a nervous laugh as the creature unfurled her great gossamer wings and began to beat them rapidly through the air.

“You think!” Jesse stumbled slightly and nearly tripped over a fallen pot in the middle of the road, the thing broke spilling rupees and other valuables out into the street. A large sack spilled out several nuts.

Xander wobbled slightly as he nearly lost his footing on the stupid things. “Mom, if we get out of this alive remind me to never again want to do anything this exciting in my life,” he quipped.

“My brave boy, you saved lives back there.” Joyce smiled proudly.

“By being stupid.”

“Never say anything like that again, you did what you knew was right to try and stop that thing, I will always be proud of you for that.”

At that moment Xander heard a high pitched whistling sound and everything seemed to come to a screeching halt as the She-Mantis let out a gurgled cry of pain. Spinning around with his slingshot at the ready he was surprised to find the beast lying dazed in the middle of the road, a rather large knife sticking out of her thorax.

Turning his head Xander was quick to notice a lithe looking blonde woman standing on a nearby roof, her arms crossed and the wind whipping her hair about.

“Such vile things are not aloud on city grounds, ordnance number five one three, all pets must be kept on a leash… Something tells me though you’re nobody’s pet, lady,” the woman said with a feral smirk playing across her lips. Pulling out an impressive looking sword the woman leapt clear across the distance separating her and the She-Mantis and swiftly severed her head from her shoulders.

“Oh cool.” Jesse’s eyes shone with new hope and he grinned.

Joyce let out a sigh of relief. “Praise the Goddess.”

“Which one?” Xander couldn’t help himself, the question slipped out before his brain had the chance to stop it.

Joyce shot him a stern look.

Xander gulped. “Sorry, adrenaline and all that.”

“Is that who I think it is?” Jesse asked as the woman kept hacking the beast to pieces.

Joyce nodded. “The Lady Buffy, Daughter of Sineya and Handmaiden to the Princess.”

“The other one was cuter,” Xander muttered under his breath as he watched Buffy finish off the beast and turn to face them.

Joyce walked forward and gave a half-bow to the gore spattered warrior woman. “I owe you my life, and that of my sons as well, thank you.”

Buffy inclined her head briefly. “I’ll have a long talk with the city guard, such a thing should not have gotten in here.” Wiping the blood soaked blade off on her hip, Buffy sheathed the weapon and retrieved her errant dagger before heading back to wherever it was she’d been moments before.

Xander couldn’t be sure why he said it, but he felt it might be important. “It came from under the temple, I think it might have slipped in through the tunnels.”

Buffy glanced at him briefly and noted with a smirk how he avoided making eye contact with her directly. “Thank you, now go home and learn how to use a proper weapon. Next time I might not be around to bail you out, little elf.” Laughing slightly the Sineyan walked off.

Xander stood there for several seconds afterward processing what she’d said. “Did she call me an elf?” he demanded irately.

Joyce and Jesse both laughed in relief, both for their narrow escape, and to ease the tensions brought on by the chase.

Hidden still under Xander’s cap a little fairy named Navi smirked privately at something only she could know, Sahasrala had been right, it was actually quite easy to locate her destined target. Now she just had to wait for a proper moment to introduce herself and convince him to follow her into the forest.

The Legend of Willow! To Be Continued…

Post-Notes: It occurs to me that I may be indulging myself and my ambitions a bit more than usual with this tale. That being said, I am truly proud of it and would hope that some readers are enjoying it, even if it has yet to garner any real reviews at the moment. This chapter is slightly shorter, and more action packed than the last, perhaps it happens too suddenly, but then again it is based on what you might encounter at the beginning of a Zelda game after all.

Now I have a few very important questions to address. And hopefully the readers can help out.

1)How many dungeons should Xander have to go through? I have a vague idea of how many are in a typical Zelda game, however with titles such as Wind Waker, Majora’s Mask and Phantom Hourglass there are less dungeons to go through than is typical for your average Zelda game. The bosses of course will be based around Buffy villains and enemies, I’m thinking mostly stuff like the Bezoar and the Hellmouth Beast from the Zeppo episode. Larger scale dungeon masters as it were.

2)What names should I give to the Tools of the Gods? Basing them on your typical Zelda items is a no-brainer, in fact I’ve already settled on one of the tools being called the Troll Hammer, or possibly Olaf’s Hammer, and it will indeed be a useful item. But I’m having a harder time figuring out what to call the Bow, something like Vampire’s Bane sounds cool and all, but since the vampires of this story aren’t your typical Sunnydale vamps… Well you can see where that might not be fully suitable.

3)What should I do with the lesser beasts found in the dungeons and surrounding areas of the Zelda games? I know in this chapter I used the She-Mantis as your lesser known enemy and I’d like to keep that in mind, but I’m not too sure on which demons from the Buffyverse Cannon to use in place of such mainstays as Stalfos, Gibdos and Moblins. Should I stick with just using ordinary Zelda beasts? And I’ve already omitted the Fyarl from the list as the Fyarl in this reality are already the equivalent of the Goron. The Zora however are more like Swim team beasts, only with a bit more Zora thrown in to make them less evil cat fish looking and more good. I’m not sure what a Serpentine is, I just pulled that one out of my arse, but the Aurelians as you are no doubt well aware if you’re uber familiar with Zelda have taken over the role of the Gerudo, with Darla and other known female vamps going to actually be desert nomadic warrior women. (A certain blonde poofter might also make a guest appearance as their King.)

Guess that’s everything I wanted to ask, I do hope that someone is reading this and enjoying it. I’m really quite proud of it as I said before, especially the whole twisting of typical Buffy things into Zelda things, and I’m really proud of what I did with Din, Farore and Nayru… or Tara, Janna and Anyanka.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hero of Byzantia" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Nov 11.

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