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Hero of Byzantia

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Summary: Behold a Legendary Tale filled with heroes, villains and every other sort of creature known to man. Behold The Legend of Willow and her protector The White Knight.

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Truths turn to Legend

Author's Notes: Darn it, I had the best thing written here, but the site ate it. Oh well. 25 Years ago the world was introduced to what would go on to become one of the pre-eminent titles in the Adventure/Puzzle genre of Video Games. It was an epic and brilliant little gem that transformed the face of video games everywhere, and now-a-days people call games of similar type Zelda Clones.

In honor of that great game series, and in keeping with the traditions of the name of this very site, I hearby Twist the Hellmouth into a new shape, one of adventure, excitement and danger the likes of which none have hopefully seen before. I hereby give you... (Cue Opening Music to A Link to The Past)

The Legend of Willow: A Knight to Protect
Xander Harris: The Hero
Willow Rosenberg: The Princess
Buffy Summers: The Guardian/Handmaiden
Rupert Giles: The King
Jesse McNally: The Hero's Friend
Richard Wilkins: The Vile Sorcerer
Glorificus The Beast: The Evil Goddess
Angelus: The Nightmare Prince
And Others as Needed.

Disclaimer: SIGH, I had a great one of those too. Anyway, it doesn't belong to me, nothing truly belongs to me. Joss owns all things Buffy, Shigeru Myamoto the King of Video Games owns all things Zelda, as does Nintendo. I the humble author only claim ownership to the hodgepodge mishmash of events I have crafted in the making of a bold new world, one that hopefully shall achieve truly epic levels of awe inspiring ness in the anals of Fanfiction History... Or you know, at least get three recomendations by different authors and perhaps inspire fellow authors to take a chance and literally Twist this Hellmouth as far as it will go. ;)

A long time ago, in a land of endless sun. Two opposing forces clashed, the armies of light strove to protect an ancient artifact from the encroaching armies of night. In order to protect the beloved item it was necessary to contact seven wise sorcerers.

Using secrets gleaned from arcane texts these mighty wizards conjured up a seal to banish the armies of darkness beneath the Boca Del Inferno, their gateway to gain entry within this realm. The seven wise wizards managed to craft an ancient and powerful seal named the Seal of Danthalzar.

With but a single conjuring the armies of darkness were gathered up, forced from the lands of endless sun. The armies of light however paid a terrible price. Many of their soldiers fell in battle gravely wounded, some were even transformed by foul magics into hideous beasts and dark creatures of a fell nature.

But, as is often the case, the tales of the valiant soon fell way into legend and myth. The histories of the realm were forgotten until one day, none left alive knew the tales or the truth behind why the seal needed to remain locked.

The Wise King Giles and his beloved daughter were entrusted with knowledge, to protect the young Princess Willow a member of the Sineya Cult was charged with the title of bodyguard. None could say why this was needed, some believed that the princess was to be protected for selfish reasons, and others felt it only just and right that the future queen of the realm should be kept free of the darkness of men’s souls.

The truth however was tied to the very nature of the Seal of Danthalzar, should an innocent’s blood be spread across it, it would be destroyed and the Fell Armies would march once again into the land to take back the Valley of the Sun. The Princess, being pure of heart and innocent of soul was a prime candidate for such an evil act.

However she was not the only one…

The Dark Sorcerer Richard Wilkins sought out a soul as pure as the princess’s so that he might breach the seal and summon back his true master from the defeat he had been so soundly handed.

And so Fate chose to intervene, as the legend would begin again, and a source of great power was sent into the land by the forces of light to seek out their pre-destined champion. Descended from the late line of heroic Knights, he was the last of his kind, the lone survivor in a world that had no apparent need of champions.

And thus began our tale, our adventure, our…

Legend of Willow: A Knight to Protect!

Tossing and turning in his bed, the young teenager let out a startled cry and his eyelids closed tighter as he was wracked by dark visions. His sleep was being disturbed and he could not fight against it.

The walls of Castle Sunnydale turned red with blood. A howl from some ungodly creature rang out as it bayed at the newly rising red moon. The sound of pounding hooves could be heard, standing in the middle of the cobblestone road the young teen gasped as a bolt of lightning struck the Earth nearby, revealed in its flickering flash of light was a horse with two riders.

One a barely recognized form, the other a flowing red haired beauty dressed in fine robes well known, and well loved across the Valley of the Sun. Breathing sharply the boy noticed a dark silhouetted figure pursuing them. A cape billowed out from behind a monstrously twisted form, rictus-like grin plastered across the face of the Nightmare Prince, ruler of the City of Angels.

The boy reached out to try and do something, he felt a strong urge to protect his beloved ruler, as he watched the rain lashed at his eyes preventing him from getting a clear look.

“You!” Princess Willow was beside him as the horse raced past for but an instant. “You must find them! You will need their power to help stop the evil one!”

“Huh?” The boy turned to follow the retreating form of the princess.

The horse being driven hard by her pursuer drew up short next to him and let out a startled whinny.

The Nightmare Prince cursed. “Harris!”

How could he know my name? Xander slowly turned to face the monster a sudden rise of determination in his stance. Reaching for a weapon he knew wouldn’t be there, he was stunned to find a radiant looking blade suddenly in his hand.

“Ah, so you wish to play at being a hero!” The Nightmare Prince sneered at him and unleashed a burst of magical energy from his gloved fist.

Xander flinched and closed his eyes.

The energy bounced off the blade and collided with the Nightmare Prince sending him crashing to the ground in a smoking heap. “AHHHHHHHH!”

Xander’s eyes flew open and he tumbled out of bed with a sharp cry of pain as he crashed into his well-polished shield. “Ouch.” Rubbing at his stinging hip he shook himself fully awake. “What was that all about?”

“Xander, wake up!” A familiar voice shouted.

Xander shook his head again and glanced over to the door. It swung open revealing the form of his foster brother, Jesse, who still had his head covered in a mop of unruly looking bed hair.

Xander grinned. “Mom kicked you out of bed two seconds ago, didn’t she?”

Jesse laughed. “Never mind that, bro, she wants us dressed and ready to go. We’re heading into the Market today with her.” Excitement shone in Jesse’s eyes as he raced back out of Xander’s room.

Grinning slightly with nervous excitement of his own, Xander rushed to get dressed, what he found was less than ideal for a trip to the market. His favorite old green tunic and leggings, with the matching cap and boots were the only things not dirty.

Sighing he tugged the green tunic over his head. “I should have remembered to give mom some clothes on wash day.” Smiling a bit he tugged the cap over his head. “At least this hides my messy hair.”

In the distant City of Angels, at the top of one of the tallest towers filled to bursting with unseen mystical energies, the dark sorcerer Richard Wilkins sat impatiently in his throne as the Nightmare Prince approached him.

“My liege, we have scoured throughout the lands and have finally found her.” Grinning as he bowed to one knee he indicated the two soldiers dragging a struggling form into the light of the throne room.

Smiling briefly with a hint of accomplishment at long last, Richard Wilkins waved a hand at the two soldiers. “Show me.”

Thrust into the light, the raven haired warrior woman glared up defiantly at the creature pretending at being a man before her. “You will not succeed!” she shouted, spitting her defiance at the feet of the true dark ruler of this twisted city.

“That is where you are wrong, my dear Faith,” Richard informed coolly. “We already know how to banish the seal, all that remains is a suitable sacrifice to be found. And I believe that you will be able to help us in tracking them down.”

“Like I’d ever help someone as evil as you!” Faith glared, the bruises around her eyes giving her a dangerous edge to her stare.

Chuckling mirthlessly Richard Wilkins indicated the Nightmare Prince. “Young Angelus here dared to defy my will as well, he found that it was better in the end to serve one of my powers willingly than being forced in servitude. However you Daughters of Sineya are all alike, the previous captive lasted fifteen hours before finally perishing. Let us see if this one is made of stronger spirit.” Laughing wickedly the dark sorcerer waved his hand and unleashed a burst of magical energies.

Screaming in sudden pain Faith, Daughter of Sineya, tumbled from her forced kneeling stance and writhed about on the floor of her tormentor’s throne room.

Wizened eyes lit up with sudden pain and an elderly form rose from his meditative pose, he had sensed one of his chosen warriors flicker and be enveloped in darkness. It did not bode well. Reaching out a hand he summoned his staff to his side and began marching through the corridors of his citadel.

Tiny glowing orbs flitted about his head. Some glowing blue, others red and a few even yellow or green, but one bright pink one raced up to him as soon as he appeared within the hallway.

“My lord, what troubles you?”

“I have sensed the growing evil, Navi; we can ill afford to wait. You must seek out the chosen one, he garbed in the very armor of his noble ancestors.” The elder paused mid-step and indicated a stained glass portrait of a group of men all dressed in matching green armor.

“And what should I do once I find him?” the young fairy asked nervously.

“You must bring him to me at once,” he informed with a slight nod. “The Seal will soon be broken, his only hope lies in discovering the ancient Gods tools, only with them at his side will he be capable of driving back the Master.”

Navi gulped. Her fey eyes shone with nervous fear. “Can we really trust someone of so little ability?”

The elder chuckled. “We have little hope of finding one with more ability at this juncture, long has Wilkins gathered his forces, corrupting or enslaving those to his will. You must find the chosen one, only he shall be able to finally end this nightmare and slay all those who remained after the Seal was placed.”

Navi bowed at the elder sage and nodded. “I shan’t fail you, Sahasrala,” she vowed before flittering off through a nearby window.

Sahasrala bowed his head and turned to his other fairy children with sad eyes. Even if the young hero succeeded, life in the Valley of the Sun would never be the same again.

The market place of Sunnydale was filled with hundreds and hundreds of sentients as Joyce led her two sons into the village proper, the three of them had lived a long time on the outskirts of this bustling village near the edges of the Byzantium Forest.

The older woman smiled brightly as she saw the looks of sheer joy in her beloved children’s eyes, Jesse hopped about almost like a humming bird as he continued to glance at every wonderful stall or different native that had come to trade their wares with others.

A group of Fyarl, hard stony skinned miners from the Mountains of Rayne with long tapered horns on their heads, were haggling for some raw materials with a thin spindly looking Serpentine. Not far away a small group of fish-like creatures whose native name for themselves proved unpronounceable in English were setting up a group of instruments.

A tribe of Aurelians, strode purposefully towards a building off the beaten path, the warrior women all wore the same masked face. One of them had a slobbering Hellhound chained up on a leash at her side. Joyce frowned slightly, but didn’t voice her concern at their presence, she noticed that Xander was unusually subdued.

“Is everything alright?” she asked.

Xander smiled up at her nervously. “I’m ok, it’s just… A lot to take in, mom.”

“It is indeed.” Joyce laughed softly. “But I’m sure my brave little knight will be up to any challenge.”

Xander’s cheeks flushed red. “Mom!”

Joyce laughed and ruffled his hair beneath his cap. “There’s nothing here that you should be worried about, King Giles makes sure all of the darker denizens of the Valley of the Sun are kept away from this place. And the Daughters of Sineya are the most feared champions of all time. None would dare attempt to enter this place.”

Xander smiled brightly at those words. “Do you think we can meet one of them, mom? Please, please, I promise I won’t make a fool out of myself.”

Shaking her head with her amusement Joyce simply kept them walking towards the Chase Family Store. “You may indeed meet one of them here, Xander,” she told him encouragingly. Her eyes twinkled. “But be careful, if you look directly into their eyes than you will be betrothed to the woman for the rest of your days.”

Xander gulped and nervously chuckled. “Right, thanks for that.”

“Can we go explore?” Jesse begged suddenly hopping into view.

Joyce gave a tiny put upon sigh and indicated the market. “You can go as far as the Temple of the Seal, but no further. And don’t pester anybody,” she warned.

“We won’t! We promise!” Jesse grabbed Xander’s arm and dragged him off into the bustling crowds.

“Hey, hold up!” Xander shouted in surprise.

Joyce smiled fondly at the childish display, her sons were growing up, but they had not become men just yet. Shaking her head and brushing away the stray tear in the corner of her eye she entered the Chase Family Store prepared to do some world class haggling for the things she needed.

Breathing hard Xander reached down to place his hands on his knees as the pair of brothers finally came to a stop on the outskirts of the marketplace proper. Glaring up at Jesse he wondered what exactly his sibling was playing at to drag him all the way here.

“What are you doing?” Jesse asked.

Xander arched a brow. “Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing.”

Jesse grinned impishly. “Lance told me there was a target practice game around here somewhere, I brought our slingshots along to give it a try.”

Xander shook his head. “Mom wouldn’t be happy if she found us blowing our rupees on something that wasteful.”

Jesse rolled his eyes. “Stop being such a stickler for the rules, bro, we’ve got rupees to spend and fun to be had, when do you think mom will take us here again? I’m not about to waste this opportunity.”

Xander groaned and held up a hand to stop the whining. “Alright, if I agree to at least watch you foolishly blow your allowance, will you at least stop pulling me along by my arm? You could have torn it clear of the socket,” he complained rubbing his shoulder.

Jesse pouted. “Don’t be such a baby, Xan, come on now let’s find that target practice place.” Dashing off once again Jesse headed around a nearby corner.

Xander rolled his eyes, but followed after him, trying his best to pay attention to where he was going. He was also trying to take in everything around him at once. Probably something he shouldn’t have bothered doing.  But he was curious, and eager to learn as much as possible about the Village Marketplace, so it came as no surprise when he collided with someone running the other way.

With a startled yell Xander tumbled backwards toward the ground, he slammed down hard on his butt, and let out a muffled grunt of pain as someone else toppled on top of him. Glancing up he was startled to find a hooded figure lying prone atop him, the only thing visible were stunning green eyes shining from deep beneath the hood.

Xander stared into those pools of green dumbstruck. He couldn’t say anything or even move. The person let out a tiny groan and started to get to her feet, it was definitely a girl, but her age wasn’t easy to determine wrapped up as she was.

“I’m so sorry.”

“No it was all my fault!” Xander was quick to say.

The two of them laughed slightly.

Rubbing at his head where she’d bumped her forehead against him Xander stuck out his other hand. “Xander Harris.”

“Um… My name’s Sineya,” she hesitated in giving out her name and her eyes shifted as she spoke the lie.

Xander’s eyes widened in sudden fear and he slammed his eyes shut quickly, but it was already too late. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Oh Goddess am I ever Sorry!”

Confused the girl tilted her head to one side. “Huh?”

“You’re name is Sineya right? So that makes you a Daughter of Sineya, and I looked into your eyes, that means we’re betrothed right?” Xander nervously babbled.

Sineya laughed out loud at his cute babbling and shook her head. “Who told you that old wives’ tale?”

Xander frowned slightly and slowly dared to pop one eye open. “Uh… My mom. So then, it’s not true?” he asked confused and afraid.

Thinking briefly the green eyed girl slowly shook her head. “Oh it’s true alright, Mister, but it doesn’t work unless you see my face too. Did you see my face?” she demanded placing her hands on her hips.

Xander let out a sigh of relief and quickly shook his head. “Nope, no face seeage here, ma’am.”

Sineya slapped him in the arm. “I am not a ma’am, we’re the same age you doofus,” she teased.

Rubbing his arm he slowly broke into a goofy smile. “Sorry. But then we aren’t betrothed?”

“Nope.” Sineya shook her head.

Xander grinned. “Great, I mean, not that you’re probably not beautiful under that robe thingy, but I’m kind of too young to be betrothed to anybody. Least of all a Daughter of Sineya, I mean, aren’t they… You… Totally super strong and trained since birth to kill a man eighteen ways before sunrise?”

Sineya giggled. “You’re babbling, Xander.”

“He does that a lot.” Jesse approached his brother and slapped him in the back of his head. “Come on, Xan, stop making pretty talk with the girl here and let’s go find that target range already!”

“Alright, alright, geeze, what is it with everybody hitting me today?” Xander muttered under his breath. “Again, sorry about running into you, Sineya, I’ve got to get going before my brother makes trouble. I hope we see each other again, uh, but not see each other if you know what I mean. Bye now!” And with that Xander raced off to once again chase after his brother.

Giggling to herself ‘Sineya’ turned back and resumed her private journey to the wise woman’s nearby home. She needed to know what that dream she’d been having of late meant for her, and for her people.

Shadows danced across the trees, flitting between them a glowing pink orb suddenly appeared as a young fairy raced as fast as her tiny wings would allow towards the nearest settlement beyond the Byzantium Forest. She was practically out of breath as she made her journey, she needed to find the chosen hero before it was too late. There was no telling what the dreaded Wilkins was doing even as she raced though the sky.

Navi had been raised since birth to believe that she would play a pivotal role in defeating the dark sorcerer and his followers. The wise sage Sahasrala had created the fey race long ago for just such a time as this, to counteract the dark magics of the evil Wilkins and his Shadowborn.

Pausing briefly on a tree branch to get her bearings, and her wind, she rested her wings as long as she dared before continuing her journey. There was no time to delay, already the cloying hand of the shadowy sorcerer could be felt reaching into the surrounding lands of the Valley of the Sun, it was only a matter of time before something happened.

Faith screamed in agony as her body twisted about the floor of her tormentor’s throne room. She had been trained to withstand torture of all kinds, but even one of her abilities could be broken if given enough time.

The Nightmare Prince had slowly become bored with the proceedings and chose to leave rather than witness her end, but Faith knew that he would be there in a moment if called for.

With a quiet sigh Richard ceased his assault on the young Sineyan Warrior. “This begins to grow tiresome.”

“Gee, ya think.” Faith managed to utter through gritted teeth.

Smiling disarmingly Richard turned from his task and approached a shadowed corner of the room. “I think it’s time I called upon an old friend.”

Faith watched with narrowed eyes as she fought to catch her breath.

Richard crossed the room and approached a carefully concealed altar, resting upon it was a simple looking ornate mask of carved wood. Brushing his hand almost lovingly over it he snapped his fingers.

“Must I?” a beaten voice asked pitifully.

Richard glared into the shadows.

Faith watched as a young dark haired man with a chain attached to a collar around his neck approached the mask, with a shudder he quickly picked it up and donned the thing. Faith could now see that it was carved in the likeness of a beautiful woman.

Screaming out in pain the young man hollered until he had no voice left as his body was twisted and transformed into that of a stunning red haired temptress, with a long flowing gown of midnight blue, and a certain bust that would drive men wild.

“Ah, how good of you to join me, Glory.” Richard smiled a charming smile and reached down to kiss the woman on the back of the hand.

“Filthy bastard!” Glory shouted tugging at the collar around her neck. “It isn’t enough that I am cursed to possess the wearer of this mask, banished from my own home, but you have the gall to make me assume the body of this… This… Disgusting human beast!” She curled her hands allowing her long tapered nails to dig into the flesh of her palms and drawn a dark blue substance that could have been blood. “I, the great Glorificus, who am so much more than this sack of bones and water can hope to mimic!”

Richard quirked a brow and his eyes shone with a dangerous edge. “Tut, tut, my dear, not in front of the guests.”

Glory glanced over at Faith and broke into a hungry looking smile. “For me? Am I to believe that you’ll let me keep this one! You’ve tempted me so often with others of her kind, why should now be any different?”

Richard chuckled. “You’ll just have to try and see how magnanimous I’ll be once the Master has been released.”

Glory closed her eyes briefly in thought and frowned. “Fine, bring her to me!” she snapped.

“Like hell am I letting her use my body.” Faith struggled to her feet prepared to end her own life if need be.

Richard smirked and raked his hand across the air in a pulling gesture.

Faith was dragged bodily towards the chained woman possessed man, kicking futilely at the magic grip she glared eyes hardened at the creature. When she was close enough she spat at the thing.

Glory blocked the projectile of spittle with a mystical shield of shimmering red energy. “Do you have any idea who you taunt?” Her eyes shone with fire and she raised a hand as if to strike Faith.

“Now, now,” Richard broke in. “Don’t damage her, after all she’s no good to you as a new vassal if you kill her,” he reminded smugly.

“Of course.” Glory bit down on the words she really wanted to say. “Look. Look into my eyes, wretch.” Opening her eyes wider she put some magic into them and they began to glow a dark red.

Faith shut her eyes tight.

“None of that!” Glory snapped squeezing Faith’s face in her grip.

Unable to keep her eyes closed in the pain, Faith glanced up into the shimmering red orbs.

“That’s right. Just relax, you’re not going to be harmed, in fact you’re going to go to sleep now. And then you’ll tell us everything we want to know.” Glory’s whispered words slipped past Faith’s defenses. The young woman began to shake and tremble under the force of the spell.

“At last.” Richard brushed Glory aside quickly. “Faith, my dear, Faith, I only have one question for you. And I’d love it dearly if you answered it truthfully. Who is the one that can open the Seal of Danthalzar? Is there another? Or is it as foretold that only the blood of the pure, the innocent, can break it?”

Faith tried to resist, but she felt so tired. So warm, she just wanted to end this harsh suffering, slowly her lips turned up into a happy smile. “The Princess is the one you seek no other can hope to accomplish the task, with her blood and her pure soul you can break the Seal of Danthalzar, but… The best of my Order protects her, you’ll never defeat Buffy.”

Richard laughed harshly. “Buffy, that foolish little slip of a girl won’t be able to stop my secret weapon.”

Faith blinked as tears started leaking out of her eyes, but the same blank expression remained on her face. “Princess Willow and Buffy will not be alone. The Hero will stop you.”

Richard froze. “Hero? What Hero?” he demanded his tone turning harsh with irate fury.

Faith fought with all of her soul.

Glory shoved Richard aside and forced her to glance into her eyes once again. “Answer the question, and all the pain will go away. I promise you.”

Faith bit her tongue, but she couldn’t stop the words from escaping her lips. “The Hero of Byzantia.”

Growling in fury Richard lashed out and tossed Faith across the room, causing her to slam into one of the ornate candle laden pedestals. With a raw scream of frustrated rage he spun around and stalked out of the room, forgetting in his rage to remove Glory’s Mask from the hapless young male.

Smirking playfully Glory slowly drew Faith towards her. “It won’t do for you to die, my dear. At least, not until you’ve done me a small service for such good behavior.”

Faith was in pain, her ribs had been broken when she collided with the pedestal and one of her lungs had been pierced. She knew she was going to die, and part of her was glad for it, because it meant she wouldn’t be able to betray the secrets of her Sisters any longer.

Glory brushed her hand through Faith’s blood soaked hair and gently laid her on the floor. “There, there, don’t be afraid. I promise you, it won’t hurt… Much.” Shoving her hand into the girl’s head, without drawing blood, she began to absorb her power into herself.

Faith screamed in renewed agony as her very essence was striped away, her vision began to flicker and fade, hidden behind a growing shadow of darkness. As the light of reason faded from her eyes, a last stray tear began to trickle down her cheek, it was the last act of the poor girl known as Faith before her soul left her body and was absorbed by the Beast known as Glorificus.

And within the very heavens themselves the stars seemed to tremble as Glory shimmered briefly and shone with a glowing blue light.

The Legend of Willow! To Be Continued…
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