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Charmed Bloodlines

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Summary: Xander learns a Family History he never knew about

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Paige MatthewsFreddyfrmelmstFR1835,06614011,10123 Nov 1118 Jul 12No

Bloodlines Chapter 3

Charmed Bloodlines part 3


Disclaimer: I Don’t own Buffy, Charmed or any other crossovers you see here. Just borrowing them to exorcise a plot bunny from skull and to keep me from going any crazier then I already am. I mean after all I’m a Fire Fighter I run into burning buildings how sane can I be.

Rupert Giles sat in his library waiting on Xander he had the council run a check on the history of Abigail Lavelle and her Family. The report made for a most interesting read it seemed that the Lavelle Family often crossed paths with the line of Warren Witches.

As he finished the reading the file he found something that the Council had found in the medical records of Alexander Harris. It seemed he received a blood transfusion from three sisters a little more than three years ago three sisters in the care of a Penny Halliwell of the Warren Line.

“Most interesting it seems Mr. Harris is continuing his family history of involvement with the Warren Line.

Closing the File Giles put it into his desk drawer and locked it.

“Best to keep that under wraps for now.”

Giles walked out of his office and to main library table to wait for Xander.

Xander breezed into the library with a smile. “Afternoon Mr. Giles.”

“Hello Alexander I asked you hear so we could go over the magical spells you’ve learned and I would like to pass on a warning about magical abuse that I had to learn the hard way. “ Giles told him.

Xander nodded he was quite willing to learn to avoid any magical misstep he could make.

That afternoon laid the foundation of Mentor and student. Over the next two months Xander began spending a lot of time in the library. Principal Flutie saw this and asked them what was going on and Xander explained that he had developed an interest in historic study and Dr Giles was a Historian as well as an Archeologist so he was studying under him and helping out in the library as payment for his being tutored.

It was a fiction that keep Flutie happy and out of their business. Xander had also taken to studying more and doing his homework on time. It was a hell of a lot easier to study magic and work on his private work sessions if the teachers weren’t complaining about missing work or assigning him detention.

By the time March rolled around Xander had risen from Jester to Knight in the Royal Court of High School. This meant that while he wasn’t one of the elite he was respected. And if one of the ladies of the elite wanted to date him it would by socially acceptable.

Of course to Xander he was completely oblivious to the change the only thing he noticed was he missed his friends and Harmony seem to always either leaning forward or bending over when he was around and he found it creepy.

He was however in a very good mood. He had heard from Willow her parents were bringing her home in 2 weeks. He had missed her greatly over the past 2 months.

Xander’s lunch time studying was cut short when Principal Flutie sat down across from him.

“Alexander my boy.” Smiled Flutie.

“What can I do for you Principal Flutie?” Xander asked worried about what Flutie wanted.

The Principal smiled. “I have a pair of new students coming to the school next week. One of them Paige Matthews has just had a major tragedy she lost her parents in a car crash that she survived.”

“And after what happened with Jesse you were hoping I could guide her around the school and she would have someone who she could talk to who could understand what she was going thru.” Xander reading Flutie’s mind.

Flutie smiled. “You read my mind Alexander they will be here tomorrow so please stop by my office in the morning before Homeroom.”

Xander rolled his eyes as Flutie walked away. Walking to the library he could help but feel tomorrow was going to bring something huge.

“Ah Xander I’m glad you’re here.” Giles smiled.

“Need something moved again Giles?” Xander laughed.

“No but if you could relocate that detestable troll of a vice-principal to somewhere in the next county I wouldn’t object.”

“I wanted to ask you how your training was coming so I could ask you to assist me in training the Slayer.”

Xander smirked. “You mean you want someone who can take a pounding so you don’t have to take all the lumps.”

“Well put Xander.”

“Flutie just told me we will be having a pair of new students starting here next week I am guessing that she is one of them.

“Did you get there names?” Giles asked.

“Only one of them a Paige Matthews. However Flutie wants me to be their first day guide since I am most of the same classes and their lockers are in the same block as him. If I didn’t know better I’d swear someone was trying to set me up.

High above the earth in the Heaven’s a witch named Patty Halliwell smiled.

Giles just smiled. “You never know my boy many a relationship has begun do to quirks of fate.”

Xander just rolled his eyes as he headed for the door. “I’ve got to swing by the Magic Box to get some more supplies I’ve almost finished warding my place against all the biggies so I want to get that finished soon.”

Paige Matthews shrugged as she walked thru the sleepy little town. Her adopted parents were gone so she her brother and her sister had been sent to this town to live with their aunt and uncle.
It seemed like an ok place but it was boring. Rounding a corner she froze as she saw the hottest guy that she had yet seen in this town.

Xander smiled as he noticed the cute girl with braces as he walked past her on the street.

Paige could help but blush a little as the guy smiled at her maybe this town wouldn’t be so bad after all. “Cute butt.” She whispered as she checked him out.

The Magic Box one stop shopping for the Witches of Sunnydale. Xander grinned as he walked down the selves and collected the ingredients he needed. This spell would allow him to seal the few holes in his magical wards around his apartment allowing the total purge of Dark energy from his home giving him and Giles a pure environment to cast spells.

Buffy Summers was nervous as she and another dark haired girl sat waiting for their student guide.

The door to the principal’s office opened and out step a young man that she hadn’t seen before.

“Hello Ladies I’m Xander and I’m your student guide.”

Paige unconsciously licked her lips as she saw it was the same guy she had been checking out yesterday.

“Hi I’m Paige.” Smiled Paige as she stood up.

“I’m Buffy nice to meet you. Smiled the Slayer as picked up her backpack.

As they toured the school Buffy was overjoyed that no one knew about her history. That was do to Xander and Giles making a short visit to the School office with replacement records.

Paige couldn’t help herself as she repeatedly checked out Xander during the tour.

Xander smiled as he escorted the girls to their homeroom class. This was the beginning of something interesting he just knew it.

Lunch for the new Students of Sunnydale was interesting Buffy had learned from Cordelia Chase that Xander was rich had defended his friend from a gang attack and recently lost his best friend in the same attack.

Paige had heard from the fringe side of the school that Xander was as close to a super hero that you could find in a high school that didn’t exist in the marvel universe.

He fought a gang while injured to save a friend. He had inherited a large sum of money as well as a house in her old stomping ground of San Francisco and he had an apartment where he lived alone here in Sunnydale even though he was just 16 years old.
As their lunch period came along the girls both noticed Xander walking towards them.

“Ladies I hope your first day at Sunnydale High hasn’t been too rough on you?” He smiled.

Paige smiled back. “It’s been easier then I thought it would be.”

Buffy looked at Xander and faked a smile. “It’s not L.A. but I can stand it.” Her nerves twisting her stomach that the one cool guy she had met since Pike wouldn’t discover her history.

Xander nodded. “Believe me I understand. Anyway I have to head to the library for a bit so if ladies need anything I can help you with please feel free to come find me there.”

Xander walked thru the halls he couldn’t help but feel something was off there was a darkness in the school that hadn’t been there yesterday.

“Mr. Rowe I will see to it that your time card is accredited for your orientation today.” Drifted Flutie’s voice thru the halls.
Xander turned and saw a face he had seen from his Grandmother’s book of shadow’s talking with the principal.

“Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.” Xander whispered as he ducked into the library.

“Giles problem we have a Warlock in the School and I don’t think he is here for the tatter tots in the cafeteria.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Charmed Bloodlines" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jul 12.

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