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Charmed Bloodlines

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Summary: Xander learns a Family History he never knew about

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Paige MatthewsFreddyfrmelmstFR1835,06614011,10123 Nov 1118 Jul 12No

Chapter One

Charmed Bloodline
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Charmed just borrowing them for fun. I’d really like to keep Paige but you can’t have everything.

In the Higher Realm of the Elders.
Ramus stood and looked over the Earth. “The Charmed Line is in danger but as long as they are ignorant of their Powers they can not be protected.

As he scanned the Earth looking for a way to help the Charmed Ones. His sensed moved beyond the present and looked over the past and the future.

In the Year 1990 the Halliwell Family is traveling thru California on Vacation when a flat tire stops the family in Sunnydale while changing a tire Grams cuts her hand requiring stitches.

Ramus smiled as he watched the Future Charmed Ones sitting in a waiting room. He saw a pair of EMTs bring young Alexander Harris into the Hospital after a car accident. The Doctors panicking when they find the blood they need to save Xander’s life was missing.

Ramus’ smile grew as a Doctor asks for blood donations to save Xander’s life.
The Charmed Ones donating blood to Xander. This was enough to allow him to ensure the future. The infusion of the Warren Bloodline into Xander’s body was enough to awaken the magic within him and to allow him to be a very powerful Witch and even able to replace a Charmed One in the Power of Three.

He had a plan.

Xander Harris sat with tears in his eyes as he looked at the calendar December 23 1996 two days before Christmas. Christmas in the Harris household often was a bad time but the death of Xander’s Grandmother didn’t help. Now his family sat in a lawyer’s office for a Will reading.

“To my Grandson I leave the following. I leave our family Manor House in San Francisco and all it’s contents, my apartment in Sunnydale and all it’s contents and a trust fund of 3 million dollars that he will not be able to touch until his 19 birthday. And finally an addition a trust of 2 million dollars shall be held to maintain the up keep and utilities on the Manor and the apartment.” The Lawyer read.

Xander’s eyes bulged out of their sockets as he heard this.

Anthony Harris Snarled. “Ok so the little is taken care of what did the old bat leave us.” Demanded the drunk.

Xander watched as his Mother cried her eyes out.

“To my daughter Jessica I leave a trust fund of 9 millions payable to you as a monthly stipends of 5 thousand dollars. The money will be paid into a private account that can only be accessed by Jessica. Jessica I know we greatly to disagreed on your choice to marry Anthony I cut you out of my life and I thought out of my heart after the troubles after your accident. but as my time grew to an end my greatest regret was not being a part of your life or getting to know my grandson Alexander. Take this money and make yourself happy however you can. Know I love you and will always be watching out for you.” Lawyer stopped to wipe his eye before continuing.

“To Anthony Harris I leave nothing for that is what I feel he is worth,” Lawyer and Xander barely able to contain their smirks.

Anthony Harris turned red with rage.

“You’re gonna give me that money bitch. And the worthless piece of shit.” He yelled as he slapped Jessica.

Moving to hit her again he was stopped by a right cross from the Lawyer sending the drunk crashing to floor.

“Traci call the cops.” The lawyer yelled to his secretary.

Xander smiled his life was looking up.

The door to the apartment creaked open as Xander stepped into his new apartment. He looked around as he stepped in followed by Willow and Jesse and his Uncle Rory.

Willow was sticking as close to Xander as possible his life had taken a dramatic turn in the past month. Xander’s father was in jail for assaulting his mother. His mom was in de-tox and rehab program and he was now in the care of his Uncle Rory. Since Rory only had a one bedroom apartment and he had an apartment in the same building as Rory the Judge that sent him to live with Rory allowed him to live in his apartment.

Jesse could not believe Xander’s luck he had to be the only guy in Sunnydale High with his own apartment. He was going to be able to bring a girl home without any sneaking around.

Rory smiled as he set Xander’s bags down. His nephew was a good boy who would be a good man given the chance. He had that chance now.

Xander smiled as he looked around the apartment. He had a new start here. It was a new life one he would be proud of.

Xander walked around the apartment after the others had helped him move his stuff in. He looked at the walls most of them covered with books and movies. Seemed his grandmother was a bit of a movie buff.

She was also into the occult judging by some of the titles.

Xander smiled as he saw a picture on one of the bookshelves. It was a picture of him and his mother when he was a baby.

“Get better soon mom.” Xander whispered before heading into the bathroom.

Unknown to Xander on a higher plain an Elder smiled at Xander.

And with a gesture of his hand a small catch on one of the book case was unlocked and the door was free to move which it did just enough to notice.

As Xander stepped back from the bathroom he noticed the book had moved.

“Please don’t let this mean I have rats.” Xander grumbled as he walked over to the bookcase.

It his shock he found that it wasn’t rats but rather a secret room.

“If I find a severed head or body parts in there Rory get read to have a roommate.”

Pulling the hidden door open Xander found not a chamber of horrors but a room that held jars of herbs and spices and a book on a pedestal.

“Wow.” Walking over to the book Xander found it to be a leather bound book the look very old.

Opening the book he found a flowing script that named the book. The Lavelle Family Book of Shadows.

Turning the page Xander found a letter with his name on it. Pulling the envelope from the book Xander opened it gently.

Xander’s breath hitched as he read the letter.

My Dearest Grandson

I am sorry I was never apart of your life it will always be one of my deepest regrets. I left our family manor and my apartment to you Alexander because there are a great number of things you need to know. First Alexander our family comes from a long line of Witches.

Our Family can trace our lineage back to Salem and to one of the few true witches to escape from the Witch Trial our family escaped with the help of a Witch named Melina Warren and our family have often been Allies against evil Witches Warlocks and Demons. As crazy as it sounds this is all true on the shelf behind the book stand you will find an orb that contains a spell that will allow you to see anyone you wish just speak their name. It will prove I am speaking the truth. You did not know this as your mother and I bound your powers when you were still a baby after a car accident your powers seemed to be jump started and your abilities were too strong for us to control.

On the First page of our Book of Shadows is a spell that will remove the bindings from your abilities. If you speak the Spell aloud on the Night of a Full Moon at Midnight your abilities will return. You have the Power to move things with your mind it was incredible strong for a baby you once sent Tony flying when he tried to pick you up after the accident.

I must warn you if you unbind your powers you will be in danger from Demons and Warlocks. You are already in danger from them my grandson but you will be a more attractive target with you powers unbound. If you choice to release your magic I have left you all my books on demons and magic to aid you in protecting you and those you love.

I want you to think long and hard before you decide remember this is not a choice to be made lightly or on a whim.

I leave you with all my love and hope that you will grow into the good man I know you will be

Blessed Be your Loving Grandmother.

Xander folded the letter and walked over to the orb and spoke Willow’s name. In the orb he saw an image of Willow sitting on her computer typing.

His eyes widened in shock it was all true he was a Witch and Magic was real. Folding the letter up carefully Xander put it back into the Book of Shadows and took the book and walked into the living room and began reading if he was going to do something as monumental as this he was damn sure going to make sure he knew what the hell he was getting himself into.
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