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We can be heroes.

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Summary: After the deaths of the rest of the Scoobies Xander has wandered the world. now he has decided to fight once more, his battleground, New Gotham

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Television > Birds of PreybuffaloFR181921091,79324 Nov 1124 Nov 11No
I do not own BtVS, or Birds of Prey. this was an idea I had while marathon watching the complete series of Birds of Prey. hope you like it.
please review, I like reviews.

Xander sits looking out over New Gotham. It had been over three years since he had been in America, and longer still since he had stayed anywhere for longer then a few weeks. But now he was considering staying.

The battle with the mayor had gone badly and Xander was one of the few survivors. He had taken to the road, Angel had offered him a job in LA but with Cordy working there it would have been awkward to say the least.

He traveled, learning from whoever he could get to train him, finally leaving the states all together.

He found his master in a small village, he was an odd man, an American. He trained him how to fight how to be a hero. His name was Ra's Algoul. He stayed with him for several years learning what he could from him.

But all things come to an end. He left feeling it was time to find a place for himself, he had heard the stories about New Gotham, it seemed the right place for him. Snapping back to the present he hears a struggle in the streets below. Standing up he looks down and steps off the edge of the building.

Chapter one.

A new hero in town.

Helena Kyle watches as the man walks through the crowded club. Something about the way he walks implying an almost bestial danger. She felt drawn to this man.

He is wearing what looks like a black silk shirt with a pair of leather pants. Silver rings glint on several of his fingers. Helena walks through the press of people up to the man. She grasps his hand and pulls him out onto the dance floor. Without a word between them they begin moving to the pounding music, letting it take them. That's when her transceiver goes off, signaling that Barbra needs her. She sees that his phone rings at the same time. He pulls out the phone and looks at it for a moment.

"Hell" he says.

"And I was havin' a good time too."

"I need to go too."

"You got a pen?"

"Yeah" she says pulling out a pen from her pocket. The man takes it and holds her hand scrawling something on it.

"Call me?"

"Sure" she says watching as he leaves.


Xander walks along the narrow wall like it's a three lane highway. He hadn't expected to meet a girl. He had gone to the bar to meet a contact, the phone call was to tell him the new location.He walks deeper into the industrial district, his instincts are telling him that this is a trap. He grins, a trap is always fun. The meeting place is an abandoned factory, the peeling sign proclaims the branding of a forgotten company. He walks into the building his senses afire waiting for the fight to start. His contact is standing in the middle of the room, even from this distance Xander can tell how twitchy he is. He walks softly across the dusty floor, coming up behind the informant. Xander is less then five feet from him, the informant none the wiser, when he's had enough and announces his presence.

"Hey Sammy." The snitch nearly jumps out of his skin at the unexpected voice.

"Jesus Knight, you tryin' ta give me a heart attack?"

"Jus' keeping you on your toes. What you have for me?"

"Well here's the thing."

"You don't really have dirt on falcon."


"You lured me here so some of his men can jump me."


"You sold me out to save your own skin."

"It's nothing personal Knight. I like you as a person, I just like me a bit better, and going after Falcon is a good way to cut a life short."

"How long I got?"

"A minute tops."


"You gonna take this personal?"


"Thanks man." Sammy the snitch at this time runs for the nearest door.

"You live the drinks are on me." Xander can't help but grin at the man. He centers himself letting his jacket slip to the floor.
From his belt he draws twin blades, they are knives that his master forged himself, twelve inch blades which look like across between a bowie and a kucri.
He is now hearing the boots of the men who seek his death. He stands there for a moment then like a shadow he seems to disappear.
The men burst into the room to find it empty. They sweep through it with their military grade weapons ready to fire at the slightest sign of movement.
They reach the center of the room, that's when all hell breaks lose. One of the men cries out and falls to his knees, a fountain of blood poring from his neck, then another, and another.
The men start firring wildly into the increasing darkness around them but they keep falling.
Finally only one remains, he pans his rifle around in a blind panic. He finally sees Xander, he doesn't have a mark on him, but his blades are stained red. The man brings his gun to bear and pulls the trigger, it click empty. Xander walks forward batting aside the rifle with contempt. He slides his blade into the man, and continues walking. He stops and grabs his jacket.

The End?

You have reached the end of "We can be heroes." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Nov 11.

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