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Deck of Many Slayers

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Summary: Buffy Summers had drawn three cards from the Deck of Many Things. How did it affect her life?

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Games > Dungeons and Dragons > Baldur's Gate(Past Donor)betascudFR1331,4350114,18226 Nov 1127 Mar 14No

First Draw

Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS or Baldur’s Gate 2: Throne of Baal. I do not make any profit out of this.

Note: Needed to vent a little. My regular programming will return to you after the commercial break with Real Life advertisements.

First Draw

It was a beautiful, clear night and Buffy Summer, the young, but undisputed queen of Hemery High, was making her way home. She had left her friends at the mall and was already running a bit late, but she simply refused to be driven back by the jerk that took her there. She had decided that she was over him and that starting tomorrow, she would look for her next boyfriend among the long list of her current admirers. But this night, she was on her own, simply walking home. And even for a moment it didn’t occur to her how strange a notion that was in this area. Walking… Later, if she even remembered that night, she would have reflected on the obvious supernatural aspect of the whole thing… And in a few more steps the supernatural would make its first impression on her life.

“Miss,” a quiet male voice called her from a side alley. Then a hooded figure emerged slowly.

“Y- yes?” Buffy asked quietly, afraid that something could happen to her and reflecting that maybe walking alone at night was not such a great idea.

“Do not be afraid,” the figure said quietly and Buffy could almost see a smile on his hidden face. “I just need a small favor of you.”

As the figure stepped closer, Buffy started shaking and quickly looked around for someone. Even witnesses would temper the strange man in her opinion and would probably help her if they could. Still, there was no one there.

“It is not what you may think,” the hooded figure continued. “I just need your help for this little card game. See?” He revealed a small deck of cards in his hand. A hand that looked slightly wrong to Buffy, but she was not sure what exactly was wrong. It just didn’t fit somehow.

“O- OK,” Buffy finally said and stopped looking around. A simple card game wouldn’t hurt her, would it?

“Recently I have made a kind of a bet on my plane,” the man said and Buffy’s ears perked at that – did this hooded person indeed own a plane? “I just need to play three draws with someone around here. Whoever draws a higher card, wins the round. Simple enough, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Buffy said, finally without any stutter on her part. It looked simple enough. Just – why here? Why her?

“All right, you draw first if you’re ready. Then I’ll go and we’ll see what happens.” With that he extended his hand and put the deck in front of Buffy. The girl simply took one from the top, without much thinking. She reversed the card to reveal…

“Destiny,” the man stated, “fascinating. I wonder what this card does?”

“What do you mean “does”? It’s just a card, right?” Buffy asked, confused.

“Of course, girl,” the hooded figure reassured her. “It is just a card. Or maybe more.” He paused, as if waiting for something. As nothing happened, he simply nodded and continued. “Yes, just a card. My turn now, then.”

The man looked at the deck, seemingly contemplating his next action. Then, he simply took the card from the top. He reversed it for Buffy to see…

“Donjon,” he stated, “not a good card, not at all…” he started, but then had to pause.

The ground started shaking and Buffy moved back from the buildings, just as in the earthquake drills. The man just stood his place, looking around.

Then, something blurred in front of Buffy’s eyes. Something which seemed a lot like a silver cage. When she looked back at the man, he was gone. And the tremors were over. She looked around, not seeing anyone and then decided to continue home. It was just a crazy incident and she wanted to forget it as fast as she could. The city was full of crazy people and she did not intend to walk around here on foot ever again. Ever…

Still, she might have remembered the little incident, if not for the craziness of the following day. She felt different somehow and she could swear she was able to see every split hair on her head. In the car mirror two hundred feet away. Something was wrong with her and she didn’t know why…

And on the sidewalk somewhere in L.A., a plain deck of cards awaited the next person to pick it up and to draw a card…
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