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For hearts long lost

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Summary: Cordelia's darkest secret is brought to light one Halloween, shining brighter than anyone expected.

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DC Universe > Green LanternDearestDrusillaFR1511,593062,18227 Nov 1127 Nov 11No
I do not own anything in this story. Green Lantern belongs to the DC Universe and Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy.


Cordelia Chase sighed as she followed the trio of idiot's into Ethan's. She hadn't even had anything to do with whatever the hell they'd gotten in trouble for, she just happened to be walking out of the girls room. With her hall pass no less! Stupid little troll...he needed to have his head eaten off or something equally unpleasant.

“Why don't we do something fun, like pac-man?” Willow suggested. “I could dress up as a ghost and-”

“No ghosts Willow,” Buffy affirmed. “How about something like this?” She pulled out a massive red dress.

“I don't want to wear heels,” Xander complained as he dug through boxes.

Cordelia only rolled her eyes as she handed over the credit card. It hadn't taken her long at all to find her costume. And she'd been planning to dress as this character for a good two months. Sleek pink, sparkly spandex and even if it did look a bit silly, the headdress was kind of cute.

“Will that be all?” the clerk asked with a slight leer. Like she would ever entertain the kinds of thoughts in his greasy head. Just ew. Now if Angel turned eyes like that onto her...Well, she might change her tune just a bit.

The three losers turned to her with a look of indignation when they heard the clerk speak up. Why didn't she tell them she'd picked? What if they didn't like what she picked? Buffy and Willow seemed the most upset, Xander was trying to see what she'd picked out.

“Oh get over yourselves,” Cordelia scowled. “I'm going as Star Sapphire and if anyone says anything at school, I will destroy you. So hurry up and pick something out.” As she left the dingy store and it's creeptastic owner, she could hear Xander spluttering before squealing with joy over his new found information. Yes, Cordelia chase read comics. But only Green Lantern!

Sometimes Deadpool.


Cordelia stood in the Summer's front hall, wondering why Buffy didn't have her mother's taste. It was clean and comfortable looking in the house, with plenty of pictures on the walls and a tiny princess asking Cordelia if she liked her dress. Buffy's little sister had some potential to her. Both in attitude and looks, she might take Cordelia's crown one day. And if Cordelia could get to her before Buffy ruined her any further, she wouldn't mind handing it off.

“Aurora was a real princess,” Dawn was chatting away happily. “She wasn't like Cinderella. I still don't think she should have gone to the ball.”

“I don't think so either,” Cordelia smiled. “But Beast was pretty alright.”

Dawn nodded as she chewed on her sandwich. Joyce had given Cordelia one as well, peanut butter and honey with bananas to keep them alert while they escorted the kids around. “He was, but Belle was crazy. Who talks to furniture?”

Xander entered the living room as they finished, stopping dead when he saw Cordelia. Dressed all in black from head to foot with a cheesy yellow bat on his chest.

“Why are you dressed like a ninja?” Dawn asked. She'd moved on to her second apple -having finished two sandwiches and some ramen- and just watching the girl eat was making Cordelia a bit sick.

“I'm Batman.” Xander spoke in a gravelly voice before he broke out into a smile. “And I should probably thank you for making it okay to dress as a superhero.” The girls had been resisting it seemed.

“So what are they dressed as?” Cordelia asked, tilting her head slightly. Dawn was walking around Xander, crunching as she appraised his costume choice. She raised a brow slightly before coming back to sit by Cordelia and whispering that he looked like a ninja.

“Buffy chose Wonder Girl. Well, I chose for her. She was going to choose Power Girl.” At Cordelia's snort Xander pursed his lips. “She doesn't really have the...well....oh shut up.”

“Sorry,” Cordelia smirked. “And your not girlfriend?”

“Willow?” Xander asked in confusion.

“They aren't dating?” Dawn asked around a mouthful of chips. Did she have a hollow leg?

“No! Why would we... I mean...Willow is going as Robin...kind of. Buffy came up with this girly version and it's okay I guess.”

“She-Robin sucked,” Cordelia scoffed before turning narrowed eyes onto Xander. “I didn't say that.”


Carol looked around at the utter chaos and hatred in this world. She'd been patrolling, thinking about rather normal things, like paying bills and making sure to have someone fired...and then she was thrust into a body not her own. An evil, chaotic magic had pulled her from her own galaxy into this new one. Not that the body was all bad. It was fit, female, and it's occupant was somewhat silent as carol floated above the crowds of monsters and screaming human beings.

But the entity within was still aware. It was a girl who was rather worried and looking through the crowds for the people she cared for. Friends, family...and one rather handsome male who had yet to appear. A man who was similarly not paying a lick of attention to the young teen.

The familiar sound of cloth drew her attention to the building beside her.

“Batman, what a lovely surprise.”

“You look different.”

“I knew you were a ninja!” A tiny princess was pointing at Bruce with a triumphant grin and a large bag of candy. The little girl, Dawn had been holding onto Carol's hand when she woke up in this world. Crying and cringing away from the monsters that were coming towards them as she begged Cordelia -presumably Carol's host- to keep the monsters away. Dawn, it was a fitting name for someone so full of light. She would make an amazing lantern, green yes, but still amazing.

“So far as I can tell something dragged us here. Possibly to stop all of this.” The body Bruce was inhabiting was also teenaged, lanky, and his hair was shaggier than any member of the Bat family's had ever been. He didn't seem to mind so much as Dawn tugged on his cape and offered him a piece of candy, taking it with a smile and thanking her majesty for sharing.

Very faintly, Carol could hear her host's voice. She was worried about Dawn being so close to the ledge. She was worried that Dawn was going to get cold and end up getting sick from eating too much. But that more of a feeling, an emotion her host gave off.


Carol scowled as she held the vampire against the wall. Concerned for the unconscious host of Wonder Girl and hardly even asking to the well being anyone else. In fact, Batman was still carrying the tiny princess Dawn. And her bag of candy. In between the house they were hiding in and the rooftop they'd left behind, Dawn had thrown up twice before bursting into tears of exhaustion.

“I'm rather certain she can take care of herself.” Turning her attention back to the ginger ghost of a female Robin -what was going on there?- she asked her to repeat once more what had happened. Still holding the Angel against the wall.

“Someone turned everyone into their costumes.” The ghost girl, Willow was far too shy and full of fear's yellow light. Cordelia, the previously unnamed owner of Carol's body, hated her. Hated the love she'd been given by friends and family and the love she gave to everyone except for Cordelia herself.

"You didn't get your costume with the others," Batman grumbled as he shifted Dawn to lay beside Wonder Girl.

"Well, no, nto really. Most of it came from home or Buffy's closet. I'm guessing Joyce got Dawn's somewhere else too."But, Giles said he's on his way to take care of it."

“And you're just going to stand here?” Batman asked. “Wait while innocents are being destroyed?”

“It seems we don't' have much of a choice,” the brooding vampire sighed from his wall. He was all sorts of twisted and mixed up inside. Carol could feel the strange love inside of him and the bizarre hatred and just...

“No,” she shook her head. “We go out and do something. Separate the big fights and subdue what demons we can.” Nodding at Batman, she darted out the window to start doing something.


Cordelia stared at the violet ring on her hand. She still knew the oath, every word reverberating in her mind and almost all of the memories. Like a movie she'd watched not too long ago. She could feel the warm, loving energy in her being and she was thankful that her portable battery still worked. Thankful that it hadn't turned back into a chunk of plastic. But both her ring and battery were slowly depowering. She'd have to find something or someone to make a new battery and continue spreading the violet light of love.

To her side she could hear the others chatting about what they'd retained form their costumes. Xander was a bit more brooding and fit, a bit smarter and he'd confided to Cordelia about his investment in stocks. Buffy knew a lot about Greek culture and something she blushed before saying and Willow...was Willow.

“What about you?” Buffy asked when Willow started to talk about classes. “You got anything left?”

“I me.”


This is open to anyone who might like to continue Cordelia's adventures as a Star Sapphire ^_^

The End?

You have reached the end of "For hearts long lost" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Nov 11.

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