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Hallie's Kids

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Summary: Wishes. Disappearances. Returns. New allies. Whoever said veng...err...justice didn't have a sense of humor? The wizarding world is about to learn it's not smart to mess with Hallie's kids.SLASH

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Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
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Wesley Ramsey

For VillageOrchid, who needed a visual reference for Dave/Wyatt.

A/N: The image is NOT mine. Taken from the web.

3. Justice

What are you doing?” Wyatt asked Xander with an amused smile.

I'm locking those two little monsters in this room until they sort out their crap,” Xander huffed. “I can't take it anymore. Three months, Wy! Whiny, emotional teenage girls, no problem! Give them some ice cream, watch some soppy movies...all good. Whiny, emotional, bitchy teenage boys...I've been held hostage by demons that have subjected me to less torture!” Xander nearly yelled while slamming a drawer closed.

And the reason for the lube?” Wyatt asked with a chuckle.

What did you do when you were a whiny, emotional, bitchy teenage boy?” Xander asked seriously, eyebrow raised. A triumphant smirk appeared along with the blush staining Wyatt's cheeks. “Besides, don't tell me you haven't noticed.”

You'd have to be blind and deaf not to notice,” Wyatt agreed, wrapping his arms around Xander's waist.

Xander gratefully relaxed into the embrace, allowing the stress, from the constant bickering of their charges, to flow out of him. “Gods, tell me about it. I swear, it's like watching a love spell gone wrong.” Feeling the arms around his waist stiffen, Xander turned to face his mate. “What?”

Do you think?” Wyatt started. Xander shrugged in response. “Well, lucky for us, I have a love expert just a call away. Uncle Coop!”

Within a few seconds a man appeared in the middle of the room. “Wyatt? Xander? Is there a problem?” Coop asked, concern lacing his words.

We're fine Uncle Coop,” Wyatt quickly reassured. “You know how Xan and I got tagged to help two young magic users?” Wyatt waited for a nod of confirmation before continuing. “Well, we think they may possibly be suffering from a love spell gone bad.”

Coop suddenly turned very serious. He was a Cupid, love was not something to be meddled with...unless, of course, you were a Cupid. “Are you sure? Love spells are dangerous things.”

Oh, you don't have to tell me,” Xander interjected. “I still have nightmares from the botched spell I had a witch do for me back in high school. It's not even like they just hate each other, that we could work with. This is a totally irrational whiny, emotional, bitchy....”

I think I get the idea,” Coop chuckled. “Well, let me take a look at them. Sorry I haven't been able to meet them before now, may have been able to save you some of the stress I'm sure you've had if it is a bad spell.”

No big, Coop,” Xander waived off the apology. “We understand how chaotic life can be. I mean, we've only been together for a year and we now have teenagers. I am so thankful I was so busy with slaying that most of that teenage angsting passed me by. Trying to save the world involves an entirely different type of angst. Come on, they're in the other room.”

The three men left the bedroom and entered the apartment's living area. Two boys sat glaring at each other, both with arms crossed and matching looks of fury. “Draco, Harry, I'd like for you to meet my Uncle Coop.”

Hey guys. It's nice to meet you. Sorry it's taken so long, but well, I'm sure you know how crazy things in this family can be,” Coop offered as the two boys turned to face him. He stared at the boys intently, looking for anything that may account for the behavior that had his nephew concerned. Suddenly, the very laid back man went ridged, eyes narrowing in fury. “Who would dare block one of ours?” he growled. The hard eyes softened, taking in the startled look from the two young men. “Don't worry guys, we'll get you all taken care of. You'll be so much happier once we have this all sorted,” he reassured the wary boys.

Xander and Wyatt stood back watching the Cupid do his job. They almost felt sorry for the two teenage boys...almost. The constant fighting for the last three months trumped what pity they did have for the boys. Wyatt leaned back into the arms surrounding him. “Still going to lock them in that room?”

Oh yeah,” Xander nodded. “Think you can get a silencing spell up while I run out and get another bottle of lube for them?”

Wyatt laughed happily turning to face his mate. “Hmm...why don't you make it two bottles, we were running low,” he whispered, leaning in to capture the naughty smirk with an intense, loving kiss.

Draco, Harry, Wyatt, and Xander found themselves back in the Headmaster's office the next morning. The reactions to Draco's announcement the night before had been a sight to see. Professor McGonagall looked as if she were about to pass out, or possibly have kittens...she is an animagus after all. Professor Snape went from gray to green, and the new arrivals actually feared the man would be sick. He had made a strange gurgling sound and rushed from the room. The ever present twinkle in the Headmaster's eye had completely disappeared, being momentarily replaced with an angry glint, which had not gone unnoticed by the young men sitting across the desk.

The Headmaster was again sitting behind his desk, the twinkle still not having returned to his blue eyes. He stared at the young men for several moments before speaking. “Now that we've all had a good night's sleep, and have had a chance to ponder over the information you provided yesterday, Harry, why don't you tell us how you came to be bonded to Mr. Malfoy.”

Draco smirked at his bonded, having won the bet they'd made that morning as to what the old man's first question would be. Harry merely rolled his eyes at the blond. “Sir, I really don't think you want the details of our bonding...”

“I assure you, Potter, if the Headmaster did not want to know, he would not have asked,” Snape sneered. He and McGonagall were again stationed on either side of the Headmaster.

“If the teachers want details of your sex lives, I don't think I'm comfortable with you staying here,” Xander stated seriously. “There are some lines a teacher should never cross. Details of an intimate nature being at the top of that list.”

“Please,” Dumbledore deftly interrupted, “I assure you I was not requesting information of an intimate nature. It is however, most amazing that a bonding would have occurred between you boys, given the level of animosity being displayed before you disappeared.”

“Wonder who had a hand in that animosity?” Draco mumbled.

“Obviously, we got over it, and for right now that is all we will say on the subject. At this point, Draco's and my relationship has no baring beyond our living quarters. We are bonded, married, that is all you need to know,” Harry stated with finality.

“Mr. Malfoy, you may not be aware, but your parents disappeared shortly after you and Harry. What will they say when they discover you have bonded?” Dumbledore asked, not yet ready to give up the subject.

A truly devious smirk graced the young Slytherin's face. “I do believe Father would swear quite colorfully until he realized that things would not be changing, at which point he would then begin to tutor Harry on how a Malfoy carries themselves. Mother would be ecstatic and immediately begin to coach Harry on how to be a “proper” Malfoy spouse, and begin to demand grandchildren.” This was delivered with such total confidence the adults were left speechless for several seconds. However, they did not miss the blush Harry gave at the mention of grandchildren.

“Are you saying you know where your parents are?” McGonagall asked, slightly shocked.

Wyatt spoke up quickly, before Draco said too much in his rising anger. “Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy's safety were part of Draco's wish. They are safe. As part of a sanctuary agreement, they will not be returning to England until this war is over. Where they are will not be disclosed to ensure their continued safety. I'm sure you understand.”

As quickly as the hard look crossed the Headmaster's expression it was gone. If the four men had not been expecting something along those lines, it would have been missed. “Of course,” Dumbledore replied.

“Honestly Professors, our personal lives are none of your concern. I wished to find a way to end this war and I've done that. That is why we have returned and is truly the only thing that is remotely open for discussion,” Harry said.

“Others, far greater than you, have been searching for decades for a way to end this war! You expect us to believe you found the answer in only a year, Potter?”

“We didn't find a way to end this war in a year,” Harry began and Snape sneered triumphantly. “We had a way to end this war within a day of Xander and Wyatt knowing what was happening.”

“A day, Mr. Potter! Really?” McGonagall asked, completely flabbergasted.

“Then I must ask what you were doing for the remainder of the time you were missing,” Dumbledore insisted.

“I...we wanted more than to just survive this war, Headmaster. We spent the remainder of our time away learning just that. We learned everything we could. There are more forms of magic in this world than most could imagine. Many of those, we..wizards are able to access. Draco and I have spent all of our time learning and training. Neither of us have any intention of dieing in this war,” Harry finished vehemently.

“And you learned all of these new forms of magic in just a year?” Snape's voice had dropped to an entirely new level of condescension.

“We spent the time we had learning Professors,” Draco answered bluntly. “Yes, we did learn more forms of magic during the time we had available to us.”

“What have you discovered to win this war, my boy?” Dumbledore asked, leaning towards Harry.

“With all due respect,” Xander cut in, bringing the attention to himself, “I do not think sharing the way to destroy your enemy, while one of their spies is in the room, is a very wise move. Besides, the secret to that, is not Harry's to tell.”

“I see,” Dumbledore sat back in his seat, fingers steepled under his chin in thought.

A fuming Snape bit out, “Then why don't you end this war, since you seem to have all of the answers?”

“Oh, I would gladly end this now, Snape,” Harry snapped, at the end of his patience. “However, everyone who wears his mark would die as well. While that may solve most of the problems in our world, I do not wish to become a mass murderer. That is why we've come back now. We've all the training and information, but for severing his connection to all of the Death Eaters at once. Obviously, one by one is not an option. And we couldn't exactly work out a spell without a mark to work with, either.”

“Well, Mr. Halliwell, Mr. Harris...I must thank you for returning our students safe and sound. We will work with them from here on how to break the magic of the Dark Mark. I am sure the two of you have your own lives to be getting on,” Dumbledore, none-to-subtely, tried to dismiss the two newcomers.

“Xan and Wyatt will not be going anywhere, sir,” Draco asserted.

“As they are neither students nor staff, I am afraid they simply cannot remain at the castle, Mr. Malfoy. I am sure they will have some way for you to remain in contact. But, I am afraid they must be leaving soon.”

“You can't do that, sir!” Harry objected.

“I am sorry Harry, but I cannot.....”

“Oh no you don't, you meddlesome old man!” an irate female voice cut in. A woman with curly brown hair, and a grotesquely disfigured face appeared in the middle of the room. “You will find it is quiet impossible to remove Xan and Wyatt from this school, unless Harry and Draco are with them.”

“Hallie!” Harry and Draco said happily.

“Oh, my boys! I am so happy for you! You are going to be one of my greatest ever!” she gushed, coming behind the boys and giving each a strong hug. “Now, put those puny little wands away, they wouldn't do you any good anyway.”

“Who are you madam?” Dumbledore demanded. “How did you get inside Hogwarts, let alone this office?”

“I am the reason both of these boys are not just going to survive this war, but thrive after. And Xan and Wyatt are going to make sure everyone gets what they deserve for the lives these poor children have had until now.”

“That still doesn't tell us who you are,” Snape barked.

“I won't turn you into a slug, only because you should have been one of mine, if you weren't so damn proud,” Hallie said chillingly. “I am Halfrek, Justice Demon for Lost Childhoods. I have been waiting years for these boys to ask for my help, and I'll be making sure justice is given for my boys!”
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