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Hallie's Kids

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Summary: Wishes. Disappearances. Returns. New allies. Whoever said veng...err...justice didn't have a sense of humor? The wizarding world is about to learn it's not smart to mess with Hallie's kids.SLASH

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, BtVS, Charmed, or any other recognizable fandom that may appear in this fiction. All known characters belong to their respective creators/writes/producers..etc....No profit is being made from this work of fiction.

Summary:Wishes. Disappearances. Returns. New allies. Whoever said veng...err...justice didn't have a sense of humor? The wizarding world is about to learn it's not smart to mess with Haley's kids.

Rating: Teen, for now. Rating will most likely go up. Warning/rating change will occur if needed.

Warning/Spoilers: All of HP buy goes AU at the end of HPOotP, although events of HBP did not 'happen' in this fic, they will be mentioned and possible spoilers for DH; all of BtVS and Charmed; more spoilers if/when they happen. This story WILL contain SLASH, and lots of it. At least the two main couples will be boi love! Maybe more...

A/N: I am taking liberties with the time lines for Charmed and BtVS...possibly other least one other that will be worked into the story...which will be pretty obvious fairy early on. Forgive me for starting yet another story without finishing/updating my previous works. Hopefully, this will get me back in the “writing groove”.

Hallie's Kids
1. Homecoming

“I'm telling you Hermione, he's gone dark and abandoned us,” Ron Weasley scowled at his girlfriend.

“Honestly Ronald,” Hermione huffed. “You can't know that. You don't know what has happened anymore than the rest of us do.”

“I know that he disappeared at the same time as the Malfoys and no one has heard from them since. That's all I need to know to know that he's gone to their side.”

“That doesn't prove anything, Ron. No one has heard from any of them since the end of fifth year. According to Professor Snape, Volde..,” she paused at the visible flinch and continued with an eye roll. “He doesn't know where they are either. Professor Snape's reports say that he has been sending out search parties looking for the Malfoys. That's why there haven't been any attacks since they disappeared. That doesn't seem like Harry has gone to their side if even they don't know where Harry and the Malfoys are.”

“Yeah, like Snape can be trusted,” Ron snorted. He put his hands up in defense at the glare sent his way. “Fine, maybe it doesn't prove Potter has gone dark. But, I'm telling you 'Mione, he's abandoned us! Why else hasn't anyone heard from him?”

The two continued to bicker on their way into the Great Hall for the start of their seventh year. Nearly all of the students entering the school were having conversations along the same topic. The two most well known students in the school had disappeared from the train ride home at the end of their fifth year. A few days later is was discovered that Narcissa Malfoy had disappeared as well. When officials had gone to question her husband in Azkaban, they found Lucius Malfoy had disappeared from the high security prison without a trace.

Speculation had run wild for the last year. Harry had gone dark and joined with Voldemort; Harry and Draco were secret lovers and had run away to be with each other, taking Lucius and Narcissa with them for their safety; Lucius had made a deal with the Ministry and he and his family were training Harry to defeat the Dark Lord; and every imaginable theory in between.

Once the students were seated, and the sorting completed, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore stood to address the young people. “Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts. I know the rumors going around are very confusing, and things seem to be rather bleak at this time. With the events happening the way they have, it is more imperative than ever that we come together. We cannot allow uncertainty to divide us. If we do not work together, then the dark has already won. Now, with that said, the Forbidden Forest is....” the yearly announcements continued.

With the announcements complete, and the feast on the tables, the chatter again erupted around the room. Despite the Headmaster's words, the students were still uneasy. It had been over a year since the Boy Who Lived had vanished without a trace, along with the Prince of Slytherin. Too many questions were left unanswered, not the least of which was why He Who Must Not Be Named was not taking advantage of the Golden Boy not being present to stand in his way.

Just before the students were to leave the Great Hall for their common rooms, four glowing lights appeared before the head table. Small lights danced like will-o-the-wisp, while bodies began to form in their center. Many of the students screamed in panic, some actually passing out from the obvious breach to the strongest wards in the wizarding world.

“I told you we would make it before the end of the feast,” the blond said smugly.

“No thanks to you,” the other boy scoffed.


“I had to make sure our return was perfect, it's not everyday....”

Our return, my arse. You were the one primping in front of the mirror for three hours...”


“I was not 'primping',” the blond denied. “I was making sure everything was in its correct place. Just because I take pride in my appearance, when you so obliviously...”

“You were primping!”


“What?” the two asked in unison, turning to the two men that had appeared with them.

The first man let out a long suffering sigh. He stood taller than his three companions; he had shoulder length dirty-blond hair that was tied back, and golden skin, alluding to many hours spent in the sun. “Enough. You've been having this same argument for the last four hours! Have you forgotten we have more important reasons for being here?”

“A Malfoy must always....” Draco began, but was cut off by the other man that appeared with he and Harry Potter.

This man was only a few inches shorter than the other. He had shaggy dark brown hair and a very dark tan. The most noticeable thing about his appearance, however, was the black eye patch over his left eye, and the scars that could be seen behind what the patch did not cover.

“Boys. Priorities. Wands,” he said with a point to the teacher's table.

Draco and Harry turned to the staff, as if only just remembering where they truly there. The staff were all on their feet, wands pointed at the two men who had appeared with the wayward students. A quick look around the hall showed most of the older students were also standing with their wands out. However, even though so many had wands pointed at them, the majority were wearing completely dumb-founded expressions; clearly, they had no idea how they should proceed.

“Oh, right. Sorry about that,” Harry said, rubbing the back of his head. “Headmaster, professors.”

“We're back,” Draco said, with a cocky grin.

“As we can see, Mr. Malfoy,” Dumbledore smiled benignly, a calculating twinkle in his eyes. “Perhaps you and your...companions...would accompany myself and your heads of house to my office, so that we may discuss what has happened?”

“Of course, Headmaster. We would expect nothing else,” Harry responded graciously.

Before the odd group could leave the hall, Harry was accosted by his two best friends. Hermione threw herself at Harry, clinging to him as if he would vanish if she lost her grip. Ron stood slightly back, his face devoid of expression, but his eyes were like chips of ice.

Draco was just about to make a snide comment when he found a simpering limpet attached to his side. Pansy Parkison, arms coiled around Draco's bicep, had her face turned up to Draco, batting suspiciously bright eyes. Unfortunately for Draco, the angle gave him a view right up her pug-shaped nose. He was forced not to betray the extreme distaste he was feeling.

“Oh Drakie, I've been so worried about you. I knew those nasty rumors weren't true. I always knew you would be back. Oh, we have so many plans to put together for our wedding,” was the nasally declaration. She pressed her chest tight to his arm when Draco tried to pull away, only to jerk back a few seconds later when a growl was heard.

“Release him now, Parkison,” Harry snarled.

The blonde girl turned to face the returned Boy Who Lived, sneer already in place. Pansy opened her mouth to begin a cutting remark, when she suddenly paled and snapped her mouth closed with an audible click. Potter's already intense jade eyes had just flashed with an even more eerie shade of green. A loud gasp escaped her, while she clung tighter to Draco's arm in reflex.

The one-eyed man slapped a restraining hand on Harry's shoulder. “I would really suggest you remove yourself for Draco, uhm...Parkison, right? I can't guarantee we will be able to restrain him for very long.”

The comment seemed to snap the girl out of her fright. Pressing herself impossibly tighter to Malfoy, the Slytherin girl sneered, “What is the goody-goody little Gryf going to do? And who do you think you are to speak to me? You're just a lowly Muggle! There's not a bit of magic in you.”

“Having magic has nothing to do with this, little girl. Now, I'm telling you for the last time, for your own good, get your hands off Draco. Before I am no longer able to hold Harry back,” the man all but growled, his own eyes having a quick flash of the same eerie green.

“I would listen to him, if I were you, young lady,” the dirty-blond spoke up, as Harry began to struggle against the hold on him.

“Leave off Parkison!” Draco snapped. “We will discuss this ridiculously false belief of yours at a later date. Now. Let. Go!”

Pansy quickly scanned the faces of the four men that had appeared. Deciding on self-preservation Pansy rapidly made her way back to the Slytherin table, with as much dignity as possible.

“I would suggest you let go as well, Granger,” Draco said coolly.

Having watched the interaction with Pansy and the other men, and noticing that strange green flash through all of their eyes, Hermione did not have to be told again to detach herself from Harry. “We'll talk later, right Harry?”

Before Harry could answer, Dumbledore interrupted. “Well now, shall we move along to my office?” he asked jovially.

There was a quick exchange of glances before Harry answered, “Of course sir,” and the party began to follow the wizened wizard to his office.

As the group began to follow the old man out of the Hall, the one-eyed man paused to stare at a girl that was staring intently at him. “MillieMill?”

“Xander!” the girl squealed, rushing to the out-streached arms awaiting her.

The entire hall watched in stunned silence while the normally stoic Slytherin turned into...a teenage girl. Millicent Bulstrode was giggling and tears could be seen glimmering from the over-head candlelight. Her arms were thrown around the strange man's neck as he lifted the stout girl off the floor and spun her around.

“How?” the girl asked softly when she was back on her feet, staring at the dark patch covering the man's eye.

“It's a long story,” Xander began. “Which I will tell you as soon as I can,” he hurried to continued when the girl began to glare at him. “First, we have to get this sorted, though,” he said with a nod to the waiting arrivals and staff.

Millicent gave an understanding nod and stepped back from the one-eyed man. She then turned to those waiting to depart to the Headmaster's office. After a long moment, the seventh year girl approached Draco. With her wand turned tip-down, she approached the blond and bowed deeply. “I pledge my wand to you; with the Knight and the Twice-Blessed, this war is already ended. If you have any need of my assistance, you have but to call on me.” Millicent rose and faced the waiting Malfoy.

Draco couldn't stop the smirk emerging in reaction to the stunned expressions on more than half of the student body. To pledge one's wand was nearly unheard of since the fall of the Wizarding Monarchy. Yet, here was a notable SLYTHERIN pledging their wand to a young wizard that had been missing for more than a year, to return in the company of two unknowns, one of which being a muggle, that the girl clearly knew.

“Your pledge is acknowledged and returned. If you have need of the House of Malfoy you have but to ask. Our protection is your protection; our strength, your strength; our magic, your magic,” Draco intoned formally. A silver thread began to wind its way around Millicent's wand.

“The House of Potter honors the pledge.” A red thread joined the other.

Speaking low enough so only Millicent would hear, “Camelot honors the pledge.” A brilliant gold thread was added.

“The Pack honors the pledge.”

The entire hall gasped as a ghastly green thread joined the others. The four threads twined around Millicent's wand, seemingly being absorbed into the wood. The wand pulsed brilliantly then the threads returned to their originators, completing the oath.

The Hall immediately broke into loud whispers. “...thought he was Muggle...” “...hasn't been done in over two hundred years...” “...pack? Is he a werewolf?” Were only a few of the exclamations rolling through the room.

After a few seconds of stunned silence, Dumbledore cleared his throat, “Yes, well, shall we move this along to my office?”

“We shall talk about this later, Bulstrode,” Draco said with a commanding tone.

“Of course,” she replied, with a slight inclination of her head. Before she could return to her house table she was swept up into a rib-cracking hug.

“We've all looked for you over the years, Millie,” Xander whispered into the sandy blonde hair. “Please believe that we never forgot about you.”

“I've never doubted it.” After returning the hug in-kind Millicent strode back to the Slytherin table and returned to her meal as if nothing had happened; completely ignoring the incredulous/shocked/disgusted looks of her housemates.

“All done then?” the still unnamed man asked those he had arrived with, getting three affirmative nods in return. “Alright then, let's get this show on the road. Headmaster?”

“Of course. Of course. Follow me please.” The Headmaster turned and shambled out of the Hall, Professors Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape following close behind.

The missing students and their companions shared a devious smirk before following the teachers from the room. Just as they were exiting, the one known as Xander could be heard whispering, “Do you think Tolkien ever met him?” The others in the group snickered, along with many of the muggle-born students.
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