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Lets go to Cleveland!

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Summary: Sam and Dean are led to Cleveland on a hunt for a monster known as The Black Dog where Sam meets Dawn at the library and there is chemistry between them. DS/SW

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterSacrowhunterFR1535,441022,25030 Nov 114 Mar 12Yes

Chapter One

Ch. 1

Authors note: so my first try at this didn’t go so well so I took my old story and made it better with less errors and it’s more fluid so please leave reviews tell me where I can improve and I will have the next chapter up tomorrow thank you.

Disclaimer: BTVS and Supernatural both do not belong to me. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke.

The tires of the old Chevy Impala rolled as two brothers made their way through another town in search of their next “job” as they would call them. They stopped at another motel for the night something the younger brother Sam disliked doing but it was better than sleeping in the impala.
“Here we are Sammy -- home sweet home,” Dean opened the door and headed for the trunk which concealed all their weapons among other things. “Come on Sammy, out of the car time to get your crap out of the trunk.” Dean yelled as he opened the trunk with a quirky smile.

Sam got out of the car and headed towards the back to meet his brother, he wasn’t nearly as happy as Dean. He hated these random motels they all reminded him of the fact that they didn’t have a real home.
Dean saw the expression on Sam’s face and felt concern but knew only one way to show it “Come on Sam, why so glum? Did you forget your wallet at the last motel we were at, I mean it’s not like we have real ID's in them anyways.” Dean kept his smile on even though he knew his brother was not feeling the happy.

“Sorry Dean I am fine you just know how I feel about places like this.” Sam stared at the motel where they would be for the next week hunting.

“Hey look at this way it’s much better than the last one we were in,” he threw his brother a hopeful smile and leaned against the back of the car alongside him. “I just hope this place has a bed that vibrates.” Dean smiled patted Sam’s shoulder and walked towards the motel.

He knew Sam didn’t like the job but he at least he got a break when he went to college leaving their dad and him to hunt and worry about him.

“Dean I hope for your sake they don’t have one of those beds I would hate to fuel your sick habit.” Sam laughed as he walked up beside his brother enter their temporary home for the next week maybe longer. “But I guess it is better than your sick obsession with Busty Asian”

“Hey those women were very classy and worth my attention” Dean pointed at his brother who had settled on one of the beds, the one closest to the back wall. Dean liked the bed closest to the door anyway that way nothing could sneak up on him in the middle of the night.

Sam laughed at Dean’s comments but he knew he wasn’t that funny and Dean always acted this way when he was worried about him. Sam pulled out his laptop and began the research on what they were hunting this week, a ghost that occupies an abandoned house in Cleveland.

“So what’s the word on the job this week?” Dean asked while lying on his bed with a bag of candy in his hand.
“Well in some reports I read from the locals once a month a ghost can be seen at the house and he terrorizes anyone that tries to go near the place.” Sam pulled a list of people who had seen the ghost out of his bag and handed it to Dean who got up and began reading it.

“So just a typical vengeful spirit then Sammy? Has anyone been mauled by this thing?” Dean asked reading over the names on the list very carefully, trying to find any matches with the missing peoples list they had gotten earlier from the police records. It was actually kind of difficult for them to get this time because this town seemed to be very on guard.

“Yeah seems like it but the sighting wasn’t just of a man but also a black dog that would never leave the man’s side unless he sent the dog after them on command.” Sam said still shuffling through his big pile of reports and news articles. “But few names on the list actually mention a black dog, well except for a few of the ones that were also on the missing persons list.”

“So what the ones that saw the dog went missing shortly after because they were attacked by Cujo?” Dean put down his papers and stared at Sam. “But why would the dog haunt with the vengeful spirit? I mean I thought in order to become a vengeful spirit you have to have a specific situation at your time of death?” Dean asked rhetorically.

“Well this story kind of fits for another legend about the black dog.” Sam was now looking directly at his brother who was now looking at their dad’s journal. “According to the legend black dogs only stick around where violent crimes have taken place or near bodies of water.”

Dean thought for a moment “the house that is haunted is right next to a lake but we should look into the houses history and I will leave that to you, I need some pie dude.” Dean got up and grabbed his keys.

“Okay Dean I will go to the town library and see if they have records of the house and its history.” Sam said grabbing his jacket and laptop ready to head into town.

Sam and Dean headed towards downtown and Dean was determined to get his pie this time while Sam looked for what he could dig up about that house.

“So if it is a black dog couldn’t that also mean it’s an omen?” Dean asked keeping his eyes on the road while he smiled at all the cute girls that walked by.

“I thought about that possibility too but wait Dean how did you know that?” Sam’s expression shocked.

“I read it in dad’s journal dude and apparently he saw one too but it didn’t kill anyone so he thought it was maybe an omen or something” Dean smiled but kept on looking at the road occasionally making eye contact with Sam.

The light went from yellow to red so they stopped just in time for Dean to see two girls in the car next to him, they were cute so of course Dean looked over and gave a flirty smile. The blonde smiled back but the brunette who was driving looked over saw him and kept on driving. Dean was a little Sad it didn’t work but she looked a little young anyway.

“Hey Dawnie did you see those two guys in the car over? One of them gave me a flirty look but the other looked busy staring out the window.” Buffy smiled pleased with what had just gone down.

“I saw them Buffy the guy staring out the window was kind of cute but I only side of his face because I am driving” Dawn looked a little upset.

“I’m sorry Dawn but you know how vehicles and I do not mix at all,” Buffy said as she waved her arms in front of her face. “Besides you were already headed out of the house.”

“Yeah I am headed into town to research while you go out and shop how is that fair? Why couldn’t one of your mini slayers taken you shopping?” Dawn complained fitting the look with her pouty lip. She kept her eyes on the road though trying not to hit anyone.

“They are all training right now Dawn and plus you wanted to be a watcher remember? Well this is what watchers do they watch.” Buffy said almost fumbling over her own words.

“Yeah if I had known it would be like this maybe I should have stayed in Sunnydale when it imploded it would make things a whole lot easier.” Dawn hid her stern look well while driving but she was just trying to annoy her sister as much as she possibly could because that is what little sisters are for.

“I am going to ignore that last comment and hey tunes.” Buffy flipped on the radio ending their discussion. She had bested Dawn with her tolerance to little sisters and won this round Buffy thought to herself.

Dawn dropped Buffy off at the mall and drove over to the public library to find a book that they didn’t have at their house well technically the new watchers council base. She knew the public library would have since she had used it last time. The drive wasn’t so long but she wanted to be home in time for the family dinner with Giles and the rest of the Scoobies, tonight is spaghetti night.

Dawn walked in and headed for the section to find the book missing and looked for the librarian to ask where it was “umm excuse me where is the book on the history of Cleveland?”

The women Rosa smiled at Dawn “oh that book is quite popular today umm a young man came in earlier and I think he is using it?” she pointed to one of the tables where a young man sat with shaggy brown hair. He was taking notes on another piece of paper and it looked like he was looking through the book intently.

Dawn walked towards him trying to look as cute as possible to see if he would give her the book because she didn’t have time to wait. She rounded a bookcase and saw the side of his face and recognized it from somewhere. She continued towards him and sat down across the table from him.

He didn’t even notice her but kept on shuffling through the pages. Dawn sat up “excuse me,” she said but he still didn’t notice and kept to his work. She put her hands on the table to try and get his attention but to no avail, she finally just tapped him on the arm and he looked up. She immediately was lost in his eyes. They seemed so deep but caring at the same time and that was when she knew she liked him.

Sam looked up from his book and smiled shyly “umm hi,” he muttered noticing how cute she was and how she was looking at him. “Can I help you?” he asked trying to keep his friendly expression even though he knew he needed to do wok right now while Dean was on his pie run. That guy and pie.

“Sorry to disturb you but I need to use that book when you’re done of course.” she got very shy sounding and not so confident like she thought she would be, Damn why did he have to be cute.

“Yeah I will be done with it in a moment unless you want to share the book because that would be fine with me.” Sam shot her a smile that showed only some of his teeth and she lost her mind.

“Umm yea- yeah that would be fine,” she stammered a little feeling very nervous. Sam got up and pulled a chair out for her to sit next to him. “No it’s okay I can work from here.” she said regretting it as soon as she said it.

Sam sat back down and moved the book over where she could look through it. Sam wondered why she would want to go through this town’s history and if she would ask why he had written down all the information that would seem not important.

“So do you just have an interest in this town or what?” she asked trying to rebuild her confidence but also she was curious what he would say.

“Umm I am writing a paper on this town for a class.” Sam said not as confident as he could have.

She could tell he wasn’t telling the whole truth “Hmm a report on Cleveland for what class exactly?”

Sam smiled trying to think fast which he normally could do but right now he felt extra pressured “it’s uh a history class we all had to pick somewhere and I chose here,” he smiled a wry smile. “Let me ask you why you want to read this book?” Sam asked her trying to steer the conversation.

“Well I live here for one thing and well I am kind of a history buff.” She smiled at Sam suggestively.

Sam decided to introduce himself “Sam Winchester.” He said reaching out his hand to shake hers.

“Dawn Summers," she said shooting him another smile and taking his hand “pleased to meet you Sam Winchester.”

End Note: Dawn is going through the towns history for similar reasons but not because of the house that Sam is investigating, she is looking for a prophecy that might be part of the history of the town.
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