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Summary: Wishlist & Yuletide 2011, 2012, & 2013 fics. Community-sourced inspiration for the holiday that somehow all turned out utterly non-seasonal. Includes: BtVS, Angel, HP, Fringe, SGA, SG-1, WH13, The Dark Is Rising, Star Wars, Firekeeper & Downton Abbey.

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Permanence (Downton Abbey)

Title: Permanence
Fandoms: Downton Abbey
A/N: Just a short bit to end the year. Prompted by nobody - I just really enjoyed the series and can't wait for the new season to hit the U.S.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Downton Abbey belongs to Jullian Fellowes.

Anna has stability in this house – this great manor. Not because she trusts the Misses or the quiet competence through which she does her job. Although there is that of course.

The reason for which she feels so very safe is the secrets she keeps. For Anna keeps so many peoples’ secrets close to her. These bits of them. These parts of their souls they don’t want anyone else to see, she keeps hidden away with nary a hesitance to her manner or a pause in her step. And they trust her to do so. None of them doubt for a second her ability to keep quiet.

And they shouldn’t. Because these secrets that everyone keeps leaving in her care don’t burden Anna, they warm her. They give her a sense of purpose throughout the tedium of her everyday work. A sense of security.

A sense of home.

A/N 2: And that is all. I might do follow ups on a few of these, but that is all of the "Wishlist" and "Yuletide" prompts I received. I greatly enjoyed the process and will most likely do it again next year. Thanks to all of you for reading these little bits and I hope you enjoyed them.
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