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Summary: Wishlist & Yuletide 2011, 2012, & 2013 fics. Community-sourced inspiration for the holiday that somehow all turned out utterly non-seasonal. Includes: BtVS, Angel, HP, Fringe, SGA, SG-1, WH13, The Dark Is Rising, Star Wars, Firekeeper & Downton Abbey.

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That Time A Thing Happened (BtVS/SGA)

Title: That Time A Thing Happened
Fandoms: BtVS/SGA
A/N: For patriciatepes. The prompt was: Willow/Todd (nonShip), “She didn't mean to summon him, as he wasn't quite a demon.”
Disclaimer: I own nothing. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Stargate belongs to Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner.

“So he’s kinda like a vampire?”

“That’s right.”

“A space vampire?”


“But he’s a good space vampire?”


Xander turned in his chair and pointed an accusing finger at Buffy. “You,” he demanded, “are not going to date him.”

“Xander!” she exclaimed. “I don’t want to-“

“No – just, no,” he threw his hands in the air dramatically. “No, no, no. Nadda, no. No more star-crossed – hey, that would even apply for real this time,” his face brightened momentarily as he was derailed by the thought but he shook it off and continued with his rant, “-horribly angsty romances with souled vampires. I don’t think I could take making this whole thing of yours intergalactic, too,” he sighed dropping his arms and seeming to run out of energy.

“Hey - wait, ‘this whole thing’ of mine?” Buffy demanded scrunching up her nose. “What about you! What about – “

“Ahem, “ Giles interrupted cleaning his glasses before putting them back on and continuing, “while I am sure we will go back to discussing your past…supernaturally based romantic encounters at a later date,” he rolled his eyes. “There is still the matter of the creature in question that Willow summoned.”

“By accident,” the redheaded witch that had previously been keeping quiet in the hopes no one would notice her muttered. She hadn’t meant to summon a space vampire. Honest. And at least this one was kinda nice.

But now all eyes were on her and as her nervousness built she blurted, “His name is Todd.”

“What?” Xander asked.

“The space vampire – Wraith,” she corrected herself. “His name is Todd.”

Their stares had become much more incredulous and her babbling kicked in.

“He’s not that bad and he’s actually formed alliances with humans before. Some military people – mainly this guy who gave him his name and I think had a thing for amusement parks.” At Giles’ raised eyebrow she explained, “When I asked if he needed anything, he asked if he could see a picture of a ferries wheel. Apparently this “Sheppard” was always talking about them.”

Xander gave her an exasperated look. “Did you show it to him?”

“It wasn’t that much trouble to look up on my laptop,” she mumbled looking down at the table again.

“Wil-low,” she heard Buffy drag out her name but refused to look up.

“I didn’t mean to summon him,” she muttered kicking her feet under against her chair. “The spell was just supposed to locate that demon you ran into last week.”

“Of course;” Giles said making her look up out of sheer curiosity, “the Rayooth. If you say this creature is called a Wraith..”

“Yup, that sounds awful close to me, G-man,” Xander agreed, ignoring Giles wince at his nickname.

“So what do we do now? Do we kill it?” Buffy asked but she didn’t seem like she liked that idea very much.

“No!” Willow said. “We can’t kill Todd. It’s my fault he’s here in the first place, we – I’ll just have to figure out have to get him home again.

Almost as soon as the words left her mouth a man in military garb walked into the library. Xander immediately stopped slouching in his chair, sat up straight, and seemed to barely stop himself from standing at attention and saluting.

After an awkward pause were the group and the man both seemed to be trying to size the other up and determine what the other was doing, Giles cleared his throat and asked, “Ah, can I help you?”

“Is your name Sheppard?” Willow blurted out excitedly before he could say anything.

The man looked at her and blinked for a moment in surprise before saying, "Ah- no. But I do know the guy. Extremely loyal . Crazy hair. No sense of self preservation. Loves ferris wheels."

And something in Willow relaxed. It was going to be ok. They weren’t going to hurt him. She pushed her chair out and stood up from the table. “Todd’s over here. We locked him in the book cage – he said he didn’t mind,” she assured the man.

“Whoa, whoa, wait a second. You have the um…,” he stumbled over the word before sighing and rolling his eyes. “Crap. Who cares I’m a General now anyway. Alien. You locked the alien in a book cage?” he asked incredulously.

Willow just pulled down the floral patterned fabric sheets they had already had up for Oz anyway that had previously kept Todd from view. Surreptitiously, with a slight nod in the Watchers direction, she also picked up the stones that Giles had put in place to keep him from hearing their conversation. No need to spill those supernatural beans to the government.

“Hi, Todd,” she smiled at the tall figure giving him a little finger wave. “This is…” she paused awkwardly looking over at the other man.

“Jack,” he said appearing to be trying really hard not to laugh at the entire situation. “I’m Jack O’Neil.”


“Well,” Buffy said in a slightly dazed voice, when the alien and the General disappeared in a beam of light a short while later mid his spirited explanation of fishing. “That happened.”

“Yes, I believe it did,” Giles said as they all continued to stare.

“So,” Xander clapped his hands, breaking the tension. “Who wants pizza?”

But as the others started debating toppings Willow gazed at the empty space for a moment longer and whispered, “Goodbye, Todd.”

A/N 2: I will be posting the rest of the fics here throughout December, as they are posted at their respective sites - Wishlist (LJ) and Yuletide (A03). Hope you enjoy them.
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