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Summary: Wishlist & Yuletide 2011, 2012, & 2013 fics. Community-sourced inspiration for the holiday that somehow all turned out utterly non-seasonal. Includes: BtVS, Angel, HP, Fringe, SGA, SG-1, WH13, The Dark Is Rising, Star Wars, Firekeeper & Downton Abbey.

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Breathless (Fringe/HP)

Title: Breathless
Fandoms: Fringe/HP
A/N: For bloodied_saint. The prompt was: Harry/Olivia, Having the weight of the world on your shoulders. I'm happy with shippy or gen.
Disclaimer: Post Book 7 HP. Post Season 3 Fringe. I own nothing. I own neither fandom. Harry Potter universe was created by J.K. Rowling. Fringe belongs to J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Olivia broke away from the kiss with a smile; she held herself overtop him for a moment before dipping down. Playfully letting her forehead instead of her lips drag lightly along the middle of his chest towards his stomach – she chuckled slightly as her long loose hair tickling along his sides made him let out a strangled word.

“What?” Harry asked somewhere between breathless and nervous.

She tilted her head to look up at him. “You said Merlin,” she explained. “It’s still really weird to me that you even have different variations to your curses.”

He tried to laugh slightly but Olivia could tell that he was tense. She knew why of course – this was a new step for them but part of her didn’t fully understand it.

Because this – this was the easy part to Olivia.

She was good at her job, yes – but Olivia had always been bad in social situations. Cold and distant, she had often been called. She felt instantly suspicious of any interest paid to her and had trouble reaching out to people even when she wanted to.

So friendship. Dating. That was hard fought for, scary, and difficult.

But once she got here, Olivia felt utterly comfortable. She wasn’t sure if that said something about her, but she had long since thrown away attempting to psychoanalyze herself (in this area of her life at least). It really wasn’t worth it and she didn’t want to taint the fact that almost all of her best memories with John were in bed.

This sort of intimacy she could do though. Just following her instincts, skin against skin, warmth and pleasure. Being playful, she supposed it could be called (although she had never been accused of that in any other part of her life). Exploring reactions both in herself and her partner – seeing when their breath caught, when their eyes went wide, or they stuttered out her name. There just weren’t really all of the missteps here that seemed to litter every other social interaction she found herself in.

Here she could be at ease with herself.

Harry didn’t seem to share her feelings. He was tense and jittery. Awkward and almost scared at times. He seemed constantly frightened that she would find a flaw in him. Something that would cause her to leave him. To simply get up out of bed and walk away. Walk out the door and out of his life.

What he didn’t seem to understand was that Olivia was with Harry right now because she wanted him. She felt connected to him, through this sense of understanding. Not many knew what it was like having to live with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Most never had to go through the moment of having your heart stop as you see a prophesy that was written about you (a face drawn on parchment long long long before you were born; eyes closed, supernaturally serene and unmistakably you).

Harry knew. He had lived through it and came out the other side – different but whole. Dying would do that she supposed.

When they found that her world had been tied to not one alternate reality but many, Harry had been among those sent to broker an agreement in the ‘Neutral Zone’ for his reality.

She never thought of herself as extremely empathetic but it was odd how much she could tell simply by the set of his shoulders, the tiredness in his face. The burden of expectation weighing down on him even though he had already done all that he had been foretold to do. A universe that continued to take (take, take, take), not seeming to understand when you had nothing left. Had already given all you had to give.

Olivia wondered if he saw something in her as well across the almost sterile, scientific looking room. There had been two Olivia’s there after all, so it couldn’t be simply looks.

Or else perhaps he preferred blondes.

Whatever it was they talked and something about him filled this big gaping hole within her. Soothed her.

But to be the one with more experience was completely new to her - although she now began to understand the appeal many men seemed to find in it. It warmed her, the obvious trust he was handing her here.

She curled her body back up rubbing their chests together (savoring his sharply indrawn breath) as she went until her head was level with his again. Her hair made a curtain around them and she took note of the way his eyes darted to it before connecting with hers.

Olivia placed a hand gently on his face and kissed him, deepening it for only a moment before pulling away. “Are we alright?” she whispered.

Harry stared at her for a long moment and she wondered how he would react. If he would bluster and deny anything was bothering him, if he would look away and admit to something from his past that was troubling him now in the present, if he would simply kiss her again and try to ignore her question.

Instead of any of those things he reached up and curled a bit of her hair around his finger, smiling fondly as he released it again – watching it spin, before meeting her eyes and whispering back, “Yeah. I think we’re alright.”

Looking at him, feeling their bodies pressed completely together, Olivia did too.

A/N 2: I will be posting the rest of the fics here throughout December, as they are posted at their respective sites - Wishlist (LJ) and Yuletide (A03). Hope you enjoy them.
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