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She Was Not The Only One - Alternative Ending

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Summary: Answering challenge 1378 - Alternative Ending (search for Last Day) - Xander has a new job. It’s quite interesting, but being a child of the Hellmouth he learns that some things can only be contained if they want to be.

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Literature > Horror > Author: Stephen KingLilNezumiFR18111,148251,3361 Dec 111 Dec 11Yes
MY Inspiration:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all media forms), Angel the Series (all media forms), Christine (the movie, based on a Stephan King novel or novella)

Disclaimer:  This is my standard disclaimer; I don’t own anything in regards to the sources of MY Inspiration.  All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All the characters, worlds, base concepts or general ideas are just a bit food for the writing bug.  This story is pure fiction and is in no way meant to copy or reflect real life, events or people, should this happen then obviously it is pure coincidence.

Main pairing:  Xander/Spike (pre-slash)

Warning:  Yaoi, Shounen-ai, etc… may be present, either detailed or merely mentioned.  If you’re reading this and it’s not you’re thing then you’ve obviously searched for the wrong thing.  Hit the back button and leave, no comments/reviews or flames needed regarding this story, unless you honestly like it and have valid criticism.  Chat language not accepted and will be ignored.

Author’s Note:  I first fell in love with this type of story by accident in 2004 and have felt that it is more fun to read and write slashy-type stories rather than boy-girl type because I read too much of that kind when I was in High-School (blame Daniel Steele or Harlequin Romances for the negativity against het stuff).


Summary: Hugging donor and answering challenge 1378 (doesn’t quite answer it in a conventional sense of ownership, but it definitely inspired this tale and must be mentioned) - Xander has a new job.  It’s quite interesting, but being a child of the Hellmouth he learns that some things can only be contained... if they want to be.  This story has an alternate ending from the original story.  To just get there, search for “Last Day”.


 SHE WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE - Alternative Ending



“So where are you off to now,” Tony Harris said to his son, watching him gather his things as he stumbled into the house from a night at the local ‘adult’ bar.  “Nothing is open at this hour.”

“I have a nightshift job,” Xander said looking at the wall clock in the kitchen.  He had come up to grab a bit of milk in order to eat the sugary cereal that he just had to eat before going to work.  It was something that perked him up every time.

“Where,” his father asked with the bleary eyed rapid blinky-ness of a drunken man.

“Lucifer’s Lot & Junkyard,” Xander replied gulping down the remainder of his poor breakfast, a leftover from his high school years and a habit that he couldn’t give up just yet.

His father closed his eyes and shuddered.  He actually paled at the thought of his son working there.  He knew people, mostly the men that ‘used’ to work there during the nightshift.  They were haunted by things that cannot be explained.  There were some songs that they could no longer listen to without needing a good stiff drink to keep their minds together... and those were the few that had chosen ‘not’ to be committed to an asylum or sanatorium.

“You didn’t sign an employment contract,” he asked his son with a sobering gaze.  “Did you?”

“Two-week trial basis only and pay under the table,” Xander said with a sigh, shaking his head.  “It’s a verbal agreement for now.”

“You finish off those two weeks and then you get away from there,” his father told him.  “Don’t you dare sign anything do you hear me.  No matter how good the deal seems, you... sign... nothing while you’re working there, no work orders, anything being delivered, nothing... You hear me?”

This was perhaps the first time that his father ever said anything about a place he intended to work at.  It made him curious, but he couldn’t promise him anything at the moment.  The pay was too good to give up right away.  It was only for five hours, from eleven to four.  It was at a good time of night to work because for some reason it worked around the times that the gang needed him for Slayage time or Scooby research parties.

“But Dad,” Xander started to say.

“No,” his father said slamming his fist down onto the kitchen table.  “I will not let you commit yourself to ‘that place’,” he said this pointing his finger at his son.  “You sign something there, you’ll lose something of yourself and that means I forbid you to sign for anything there.  Do ‘not’ sign anything!”

“Yah, Dad,” he said seriously confused by the sudden concern.  “I hear you.  Two-weeks, paid under the table and no signing of any contract... or anything else there.”

“You do not even think about buying a piece of junk from that place either,” his father said.  “You want to know why not?  Go visit the Sunnydale loony bin and ask to see Harland Gronnig, Mitchell Williams and Thrush Potts, if they’re still alive.  You visit them and learn from ‘em.  Their history is your future unless you’re careful about what you do at that junkyard.”

“Okay dad,” he said gathering his small lunch cooler.  His backpack was full of emergency gear needed to take out the demons that may come after him, but there was something in his father’s manner that made him take notice of the strange concern.  He took a quick look back at his father and noticed how pale the man was. 

I’ll do my best,’ he thought, nodding to his father as a sign of saying good-night.  ‘No signing contracts of any kind at that lot.’ 

Signing contracts or not, said a lot about that particular junkyard.  However the name alone should have told him everything he needed to know about that place.  He knew better than to take a job there, but he was running out of options.  He wanted to work construction, but for right now until they chose to hire him full-time, he needed something to occupy him during the part-time lulls.


Four Days Later

Xander knew more than he ever thought he would about that junkyard and junk, especially those located on the Hellmouth.  The owner, a Daemon Lucifer, had tried to get him to buy a car from the lot.  He was tempted, but he declined.

Daemon had tried to get him to sign for things too, like parcels and stuff.  Unfortunately the boy knew how to protect himself from those contracts and wouldn’t sign because as a non-contracted part-time employee, without benefits, he wasn’t authorized to do so.  That was how the owner had been able to tangle others into his contracts, they had been full-time employees.


The owner still had ten days to convince the kid to take ownership of one of the cars in the lot, but the boy was uncannily aware of the consequences.  The owner looked in on the boy through a viewing device, while trying to figure out another option to getting his current night-shift employee to sign something.  The device just happened to be the rear view mirror from one of the first Rolls Royce cars ever produced to have one.


Xander was sitting in the small office shack waiting for the night to end.  Inside the shack were the radios of four very different cars.  However for each night that he had been working only one radio would play and it would only play one song over and over and over...  until he memorized the song.  Only then would the radio flip to another song, but it would continue again and again until he had that one memorized too.

“You’re trying to drive me batty,” he said to the radio that was currently playing Johnny B. Good for the 61st time.  He had done everything that first night to change the channels or play music on the laptop that he was currently in the process of paying for through very low monthly fees.

He had a couple payments left to go, but his part-time job here would finish that off.  In fact his part-time job here would pretty much set him up with the ability to rent an apartment on his own.  It was something which would help him move out of that awful basement and something that would allow him to move on into the land of proper adulthood responsibilities. 

His current roommate at the moment, one chipped vampire named Spike was trying his hardest not to let that happen because he didn’t want to return to living in a crypt.  He had it made by living with Harris and didn’t want to lose that.  So he basically had taken all of Xander’s loose change and even took some money from the boy’s wallet in order to prevent the kid from being able to move out.

Xander didn’t tell Spike that the money around his place was for him to use because he deliberately left it lying around in order to supplement the vampire’s needs.  He certainly didn’t want to be handing money over to Spike and it wasn’t like the vampire would accept the money either, unless he had successfully extorted, stolen or blackmailed someone for it.  The vampire didn’t think it was any fun if it was just handed over.

“Please change the channel,” Xander said to the radio.  “I don’t care if it’s another ‘50s or ‘60s hit, but play another song.”

To his surprise the channel changed and it began to play another song.  This time it was a more recent hit called ‘Bad to the Bone’.  Not one to offend the supernatural, no matter what it was, he said with a soft sigh, “Thank you.”

That’s when he heard the rumble of cars starting outside.  He knew better than to go look and he certainly wouldn’t move out of the office until it was time.  He only had to make two rounds a night outside.  They had to be done once in the hour he arrived and had taken over the shift.  The second had to be done at one in the morning which was considered the middle of his shift.

It wasn’t too bad, although he definitely had the feeling that he was being watched.  He had that feeling often enough on the slaying nights, but this time he felt that it wasn’t human, humanoid or demonic.  This time it felt metallic, if that was even possible.

“My round doesn’t start for another half hour,” he said out loud to no one in particular.  “If you want to meet me at that time you can, but I’m not coming out until the time is right.”  He heard the whirr, whirr of an engine revving up a couple of times and then just stop.

A half hour later he stepped out of his little office shack and noticed two cars parked nearby.  ‘This is different,’ he thought.  ‘Wonder how they got here.

He walked around them, noting the rust spots and the age of the cars.  One was a cute little 1955 Crown Victoria coupe that Ford produced and the other was big thing known at a 1961 Buick LeSabre.  “Wow,” he said.  “How did you guys get here?”

He put his hand on the top of the hoods and felt warmth radiating from them.  He shook his head and thought, ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if they came here on their own.’

Xander turned on his flashlight and didn’t do what any normal, curious human would do. 


The owner of the junkyard was watching for this and was surprised at the consideration and then he began to wonder just why this human was different.  Any normal human on this job would have taken the flashlight and lit up the insides of the cars, but Xander just went about his round. 

His round in the junkyard took about twenty to thirty minutes, but the owner watched as the human did his job thoroughly.  The boy made notes on a clipboard about holes in the fence and about potential breaches in the perimeter of the yard.  This too had been first for Daemon.

“I wonder why he’s different,” he said looking to his one child.  This was the only child that had finally been returned to him after a few unfortunate incidents in Pittsburgh.

“I don’t know father,” Christine said. 

That wasn’t her real name, but it was the one that she had taken in defiance to her father when she had been living on earth.  It was her name when she had been stuck in the body of a 1958 Plymouth Fury.  Daemon had six children altogether, but the other five were still up there.  They had all taken names with that variation in order to tick him off, but he no longer cared about that, he just wanted his children back.

“Do you want me to look into it,” she asked.

“No,” he said.  “I will do it myself.  I don’t trust any of the minions either.  That place is dangerous enough because of the Hellmouth Gate.  You’d get stuck there just like the others.  You don’t want to go back there only to go back as that blasted car do you?”

“No father,” she said looking into a water bowl noticing that the two cars were following the human around and that the human wasn’t even panicking.

Lucifer smirked at the sight of his children being mischievous.  Then he got a quizzical look on his face.  “He’s not even surprised.”

“Nope,” Christine replied.  “I thought he’d be surprised when Chirsthart and Christiane showed up, but he’s not even showing any acknowledgement that they are there.”

“Wait a minute,” Lucifer said looking into the mirror.  They both turned to the mirror watch what happened next.


Xander had just finished his rounds and was returning to the shack, when one of the cars bumped him gently.  They had been following him around the lot and he knew that they were there, but he also felt that he shouldn’t do any of the normal horror film stuff, like scream, panic, go nuts or run away. 

That’s how he mainly had been able to stay with Buffy and the rest of the self proclaimed Scooby troupe for so long.  He refused to show panic or fear.  Although he knew that some demons can smell it or sense it, but he absolutely refused to ever show it.  It was decision that he had made a long time ago and it seemingly worked for him.

The car that bumped him received a smile and a pet on the hood.  “I’m almost done,” he said to the Crown Victoria.  “Do either of you need me to check your fluid levels or the air in your tires?”

That had the effect of making both cars draw back a full wheel rotation before coming forward for more attention.

“I don’t know the types of fluids that you’ll need, but I can look them up on the internet or ask the owner when he comes in,” Xander said.  “Will that be all right?”

He received a couple of toots from the Crown Victoria’s horn and nothing from the LeSabre.  The LeSabre nudged him instead because it was embarrassing for the car to acknowledge that he had lost his voice a while ago from one of the last night shift people working the yard.

Xander petted them both one last time before going into the shack and said, “I’ll see what I can do.”


Lucifer and Christine were watching all of this happening with confusion in their minds.

“Why would he even act like that,” she asked.  She was referring to the human, of course.  They didn’t know that Xander was aware of the Hellmouth or of demons nor did they know about his hunting with the Slayer and a group of others to maintain the balance in the town.

“I may have to ask him a few more questions,” Lucifer said thoughtfully.  “I can’t really see what goes on in that particular town, but I do know that several entities have an interest in the place due to nature of the dimensional gate that the town sits on.”


Nine days later


Xander had arrived early for his shift that night because he had just finished signing the lease papers for a large ground floor, one bedroom apartment that had a huge on suite storage room that was just as big as the master bedroom.  He had a plan to ease Spike’s uneasiness about his pending move, but for now he still needed to finish off his unsigned contract with Lucifer’s Lot & Junkyard.

During his shift he had been helping to restore a few things on the cars that needed to be replaced in order for the cars to become whole again.  He had already figured out that they were possessed by something, only he didn’t know by who or what.  He had a good idea about that though.

The owner was there and again he had tried to get him to sign a contract, but the boy refused.

Xander was used to the man’s insistence, but finally he said, “Sir.  I understand that you want these cars to go to a good home, but I can’t afford the maintenance or upkeep on any of them.  Also it’s wrong to own something that has any form of intelligence, at least anything with intelligence higher than the average human pet.  I can’t take any of the cars that you’re offering.”

“That’s a strange thing to say, young man,” Daemon said.  “Why would you suspect that they contain any form of sentience?”

Xander snorted and said, “You don’t need to pretend with me.  I have an idea of just who and what you are.  Your name is a dead giveaway and I’m not one of the blind townies that will fall for any of that.  I’ve known about this town ever since I was in high-school.  So who are the cars really?  Did you piss off a necromancer or something?”

“Or something,” Lucifer said softly and to the side, hoping that the boy wouldn’t notice.  However Xander did, but did not say anything about it.  “They’re my children.  Due to the age of the cars, I’m having difficulties placing them or selling them.  Not many choose to own such vintage vehicles and I’m running out of time in order to retrieve them.”

“So it’s either their souls that are stuck in the cars or is the car actually their body and they have to be completely destroyed in order to go back to you,” Xander wondered.

“There was a spell in the past that would essentially allow them to be re-born, as it were.  There were also a couple of others that would allow their souls to be retrieved and placed securely into orbs until I could take my children home,” Lucifer said.  “However I’m not certain where to look for such.  It was a spell lost during one of our wars with other dimensions and I’ll not bore you with those details.”

“If you give me the who’s who I can probably research where the possible spoils of war ended up,” Xander said.  He didn’t mention anything about the orbs because he had a good idea about that particular spell and where to pick up several Orbs of Thesulah.  They were special orbs made for the storing of souls, which is what used during the Angelus fiasco.  “You never know, I might have a connection or two that you don’t even know about.”

“I’ll have to think on that,” Lucifer said.  “Well enjoy your evening young man.”

“Thanks,” Xander replied.  He got his flashlight and clipboard to begin his rounds for the night.  This time the Crown Victoria followed him with a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville that played ‘La Bamba’ on its radio.  They were both playing that song so at least they were in sync.

For the second round that night he was followed by a 1964 Chevy El Camino and the LeSabre.  He did a few minor maintenance repairs for them because despite their regenerative natures, ‘Mother Nature’ did her own part with the rust and time.  Also the lack of existing replacement parts made it that much harder to repair these poor aging cars.

He looked at the LeSabre and said, “I found a horn for you, but you might have to get your father to put it in properly.  I don’t have enough mechanical skills to take care of that for you.”

“Oi, Harris,” a British voice shouted to him at the gate of the junkyard.  “Who the bloody hell are you talking to?”

“Spike,” Xander said with a sigh of exasperation.  “What are you doing here?”

“Came to look in on you,” the vampire said.  “Your Pops came down the stairs and asked me who I was.  Told ‘im I was there to pay you back some dosh, so he told me where to find ya, why’nt you tell the birds you was workin’ ‘ere?  Buffy’d help you out with the ooglies of the yard.”

Xander shook his head and said, “There are no ooglies in this Junkyard, notice the name of it?”

“Whot of it?”

“It’s very telling,” the human said.  “The owner’s name is Daemon Lucifer too and if that doesn’t send up the beware flags in your mind...”  He just shrugged and said, “My round is done now and I’m just returning to the shack.  Is there anything that you need?”

“Whiles I’m here guess I’ll look for a grill for my DeSoto,” Spike said.  “You have any in the books?”

“Don’t know,” Xander said.  “We’ll go check.”  He started to walk towards the guard house.  He paused to look back at the vampire and noticed that he was suddenly wedged in tightly between the two cars and couldn’t move.

“Guys,” he said to the cars.  “Let him be.  He’s here for a reason and he’s not going to scratch any of you unless you provoke him.  Now let him go.”

Spike was surprised to see the cars obey the human by moving away.  “Whot the...”

“Leave it be Spike,” Xander said.  “Come on, I’ll check the books for you.”

“Yeah whotever,” Spike said looking back warily at the cars.  “You gonna tell the others about them?”

“Nope,” Xander said.  “They don’t need to know.”

“This have anything to do with the research that you’ve been doing behind the Watcher’s back,” the vampire said speculatively.

“Could be,” Xander said.  “Please don’t tell the others.”

“Whot’ll you give me to keep me mouth shut?”

“I’ll look up that grill for you,” Xander said.

“You’re gonna do that anyway,” Spike said.

“True,” Xander said.  “But this time I’ll consider giving you a discount.”  Spike snorted, but just followed him back into the shack.  That surprised the both of them.

“Have you been here before,” Xander asked.

“No,” the vampire said looking around.  He was surprised that there was no barrier, but then again with an owner by the name of Daemon he figured that he was permitted to come in anytime.  “What do you think?”

Xander grinned as he looked at the ledger of potential car parts.  “I think that the owner never had a barrier to keep out vampires,” he paused looking at a particular part.  “What year was your DeSoto made in?”

“1957,” Spike said.  “The model’s a Firesweep.  He’s a sweet car.  We stole him right off the assembly line, it was great fun.”


“Yeah,” Spike said.  “Dru said that it was a he and that his name was Christof.”  He shrugged that off as one of the crazy vamps ideas.  He kind of liked that name anyway.


Elsewhere... or other where...


Christine ran into her father’s throne room and said, “I know who owns Christof.”

Lucifer stood up, walked to her and said, “Show me.”

She left the room with him at her heels.  They arrived at her viewing glass, this time it was a huge oval mirror that faintly resembled the one from the story of ‘Snow White’.  “Show me the last ten minutes of Xander’s conversation with Spike.”

They both watched it roll by and that’s when they heard the name of Christof.  “Spike,” Lucifer said.  “That name reminds me of something.”

“Maggie Walsh,” Christine said, knowing exactly who her father was talking about.  “You know that mad scientist who was sent here after she died from her own experiment.  You gave her to me for her punishment.  She screams really nice too and really hates the word or name Spike.  I didn’t quite know why until right now.”

Lucifer chuckled at that statement.  “I remember,” he said.  “Experimenting on sentient creatures or demons... wasn’t it.”

“That’s right,” his daughter replied.  “Do you want to question her?”

“Yes,” he said, watching as his daughter pulled out a doll like thing from her front apron pocket and shook it.  It yelped a couple of times before twitching and growing to a comprehensive size.  He couldn’t abide the squeaky noises of the smaller doll sizes that his daughter preferred to play.

“What is it,” Maggie ground out.  She had never gotten over being pissed at the fact that she had died at the hands of her beloved Adam. (...i...)

“Spike,” Lucifer said.

“Hostile 17,” the ex-scientist spat out. 

She really hated that vampire.  He always got away from the facility, which was a nightmare that she was currently re-living as part of her rehabilitation in order to earn the right her soul to return to Earth and try again.  It was a process that was taking too long in her mind, but she hadn’t been down here all that long anyway.

“What is he,” Christine asked.

“Vampire,” Maggie hissed.  “He’s one of the hundred of undead blood sucking corpses that fill that town.  If he’s still walking around up there, I hope that the chip we put in his brain still causes him extreme pain.”

Christine slapped her hard in order to wipe the evil grin off of her face.  That’s also what signalled the magic to change the woman back into the doll like state of being undersized and squeaky. 

Daemon’s daughter then gathered the woman with a severe hold, intentionally snapping a few limbs for her attitude.  The woman will learn... perhaps... given enough time, meanwhile she was returned to the dusty apron pocket for healing.  It was part the woman’s daily punishment anyway, broken limbs and demons experimenting on her body with overnight healing only to start again the following day until she realizes the error of her ways.

“Good girl,” her father praised.  “You’re handling her just right.”

“Thank you father,” she said.  “What about Christof?”

“I’ll have to return there earlier than planned,” he said.  “That way I can either talk to this Spike directly or else have Xander bring him to me.  Maybe I can strike a bargain with him about his DeSoto.”

“Good luck,” she said heading out of the viewing room.  She left him there, as she noticed that he was still concentrating on the mirror and the conversation that had continued on without them to witness it.


“Do you know of any good mechanics in town,” Xander asked.

“A couple,” Spike said.  “The ones I trust with my DeSoto ain’t human, though.”

“That’s just what I’m looking for,” Xander said.  “If they’re used to fixing your car, then maybe they won’t mind doing a few tune-ups on those guys out there.”

“Why would I put in a good word for you with ‘em,” the vampire said.

“I’m moving out of my parents place when this part-time job ends in three days,” Xander said.  “You want to come with me or what?”

“Whot are you sayin’?”

“Do you want to move in with me,” Xander said fighting and succeeding in his plan to not stutter.  He rubbed the back of his head and continued.  “There’s this on-suite storage closet that’s nearly as big as the bedroom, only no windows.  I figure you can make up your own room in there.  You can set it up however you want even if you only want a safe hidey hole that no one knows about.”

“I don’ need no hidey holes,” Spike grumped.  The offer had thrown him for a loop.  “I’ll need a think about that.”

“Sure,” Xander said.  “Even if you just need a place temporarily, you’d be welcome all the same, just like in the basement.”

“Thanks whelp,” Spike said.  His need to be included was there in his demeanour, but the human paid it no mind.  It wouldn’t do to acknowledge the vampire’s loneliness any more than this.

Xander began to look through the books and ledgers for a grill for the vampire’s DeSoto.  “You know it would really help if you didn’t run over the ‘Welcome to Sunnydale’ sign every time you come back into town.”

“Gotta leave my mark,” Spike said with a shrug.  “It’s bloody tradition, in’nit?”

“Just your tradition,” Xander said with a small chuckle.  It was at this point that his shift was nearing the end and the owner had chosen to return slightly early.

“Xander,” Lucifer said and looking directly at Spike he asked.  “Who’s your friend?”

The hairs on the back of Spike’s neck stood up in the presence of this particular individual.  He wanted to change, vamp out, growl and hiss at the man.  He moved closer to Xander and felt that his temptation to change became easier to contain the nearer he got to the ‘Scooby’ human.

Xander moved to stand in front of Spike in order to block Lucifer’s staring gaze focussed on the vampire.  It was like the owner of the junkyard was waiting for something to happen.

“Hey Boss,” Xander said with the same tone and ease that he always had.  “You’re in early.  This is my Spike.”  His possessive slip of the tongue jolted the vampire and put him at a greater ease now that he was effectively blocked from looking at the man that had just walked into the guard room.  “Hey do you happen to know if you’ve got a 1957 DeSoto Firesweep grill in the junkyard?”

“I might,” Lucifer said.  He was still trying to get a look at Spike, but something about the human he had hired prevented him from even noticing the vampire creature once it was hidden.  “Your friend would have to sign for it.”

“No way,” Xander said.

“Harris,” Spike started to stay, but was surprised by a dark green inner glint in the depth of the boy’s brown eyes when he turned to look at him.

“You’re not signing anything here,” Xander said with a dark growl-like tone.  “I promised my father and you’ll do the same to me.  You’re not going to sign anything of yourself away in this place.”

“As you wish, not signing nothin’,” the vampire said, making his vow.  “But you’re gonna’ be explainin’ that later.”

“Not a problem,” the human agreed.  He turned back to the owner of the lot and said, “Don’t do that again.  I have the means and ability to see to it that you never get your kids back.”

“That means that you know how I can get them back,” Lucifer said with a grin.

Xander’s grin was darker, less jovial than normal and he showed far more teeth than necessary for a human, but he only said, “Only if you don’t do something stupid.  Leave ‘mine’ alone.”

Daemon Lucifer had had humans threaten him before.  He had people, creatures, souled or soulless try to bargain themselves out of their signed contracts.  This, however, was the first time that a human successfully never signed any documentation in front of him.  Also, he was convinced that this boy knew something about how to bring his children back to his side.  It wasn’t chance that he was willing to lose for a simple vampire’s signature.

A verbal contract of employment was marginal and non-binding compared to his normal contracts.  He needed his children back before it was too late.  He needed them before any God noticed that they were here.  It had been hard enough to get them all in one place. 

He had still been missing one son and now he knew that his son was so close or nearby, he was getting a little panicky about the timeline.  But he was being prevented from any form of action by this human, this one strange, unreadable, human who... seemed to exude something that protected the vampire behind him.

“Very well,” Lucifer said.  “What do you want?”

“No, no, no,” Xander said shaking his head.  “That’s not how this works.”

“How does it work pet,” Spike asked with his hand on the warm back of the human standing in front of him.

“You tell the truth,” Xander said to both the creatures in the room.  “You tell me what you want and then the discussion can begin.”  He glanced at the clock on the wall and then he looked at the owner and said, “My shift is up.”

“Very well,” Lucifer said.  “Tomorrow night let me tell you a tale after your first round.”

“We’ll see you then,” Spike said.  Lucifer raised one eye-brow in question.  “I’ll not let him continue working here without me around to protect him.”

“He seems to be able to handle this junkyard just fine,” the owner said.  Spike only shrugged his shoulders at that and didn’t say a word.  He glared at the owner in his own manner and that’s when the owner knew that the vampire would be accompanying his human employee for the remaining four days of the part-time job.  “Very well, I’ll see you both tomorrow.”


Following Night


Xander finished his primary round of the junkyard.  This time however he was followed by a shocked vampire and the vampire’s own car. 

The DeSoto had refused to remain in the parking lot and had chosen instead to join its brothers and sisters in the junkyard.  There had been a lot of tooting and honking of their metallic horns, however no one living outside of the junkyard even noticed it.  Such was the Hellmouth aversion of all things strange.

Spike had been surprised when his car started moving on its own.  He had always suspected that there was something unique about it, but he put that down to Dru’s ramblings more than anything else at the time.

“It’s the name,” Xander told him, as they were walking next to one another with the DeSoto nudging them from behind periodically to get petted by the human and his own vampire owner.  “The name of Christ is a part of all their names.  I looked it up one night in the ledgers.  The previous owners all the way back to their first had named their cars with the same first five letters.”

“Bloody hell,” Spike said.  “Whot are their names?”

“Yours is Christof and male obviously,” Xander said.

“I’s whot Dru said when we first got him,” Spike nodded in agreement.

“The other four in the lot are Christobel, Christo, Christiane and Christhart,” Xander said.  They were returning and he pointed out the other cars.  “They’re the Bonneville, the El Camino, the Crown Victoria and the LeSabre, respectively.”

Spike peered at the four cars all neatly parked in a row.  “They tryin’ to act innocent or what?”

Xander laughed and said, “Oh I’m sure that that’s what they are trying to do, but do you believe them?”

“Not bloody likely,” Spike said.

The human shook his head as he was chuckling.  “I know what you mean,” he said.  “They are all far from innocent, but I don’t hold their past actions against them.  I am curious as to how they ended up like cars though.”

“That is an answer that I can provide,” Lucifer said from where he was sitting outside by the door of the guard house.  “May I present my sixth child, Christine.”  In a puff of yellow smoke, a sultry human looking female in a red dress and long red hair appeared.

“Hello boys,” she said in dulcet, sensual tones.  “How are you doing this fine evening?”

“All right,” Xander said with a seemingly shy smile.  He was actually taking everything that he saw into consideration and he was gauging her.  The other two fell for it, but Spike took another look at the human and just realized that the boy was actually more observant then the Scoobies had ever noticed.

“Jus’ fine,” Spike said.  “So you gonna talk now and how long’s this gonna take?”

“It’ll take as long as it takes,” Lucifer said calling forth three lawn chairs from the stack leaning at the side of the guard house.  “Have a seat.”  Once everyone was settled he began to tell his tale.  “It all began in the year of your lord 223 A.D. and we had just finished battling some creatures from a minor hell dimension...”


Two days later


Xander arrived earlier than normal, but he was lugging a duffle type bag with six very specific items that would allow his boss to know that he knew just what to do about the souls stuck in the cars.  He had six smallish boxes, each about nine inches cubed.  Inside each was a very special orb, an Orb of Thesulah.  He took one of the boxes out of the duffle, placed in front of his boss and waited.

Lucifer looked at the human and then looked at the box.  He knew that the boy wouldn’t tell him what this was all about and he found that he was curious about the contents.  He slowly lifted the lid and blinked when he saw what it contained.  “An Orb of Thesulah,” he said.  “I’ve seen these devices before.  The spells for their use are lost to time.  Humans have been using these as paperweights ever since.”

“Are you sure about that,” Xander asked in a casual manner.  He heard his vampire companion outside snort softly and he grinned darkly hearing that.

“Of course I’m...” Lucifer stopped and then really looked at the human who just shrugged as if to say ‘if you’re sure then never mind about all of this’.

“I’ll just go do my primary round then,” Xander said. 

He moved to pick up the box and the Orb, but was stopped by his boss pulling them out of his reach.  He shrugged it off, picked up his clipboard and began his shift as per usual.  He left his boss there in the small guard house staring at the Orb and wondering just what it was that the human knew or thought he could do such a magical device.

“You coulda’ jus’ told him,” Spike said quietly.

“You gotta be careful about making deals with the devil,” Xander said evenly and just as quietly.  “I need to know that those I care about are safe and I need to know that he won’t be hanging around for the next fifty or so years trying to make the rest of my normal human life miserable.”

“That don’t seem like a lot to ask for,” Spike said.

“It is a lot,” Xander returned.  “We have enough going on in this Hellmouth town that I’d rather not have to also deal with bad contract decisions involving another entity from some other plane.  One who wants to or can perhaps make your afterlife a true living hell?”

“This is my afterlife,” Spike said flippantly.

“You think so?” Xander asked with such a tone that the vampire looked at him sharply.  “What happens when you get dusted?  What happens when you immediately get dusted for some reason or another?   You won’t remain on this plane, but you’ll definitely go somewhere.  Angel did and he paid for it.  Are you ready to sign ‘that’ away?”

Spike was silent as Xander continued his round.  His DeSoto was following him and received an absent minded pat every once in a while without having to nudge his owner.  The fact that his car was possessed had surprised the vampire, but even more so was the fact that his car had some regenerative properties that he had never noticed before.

The Scooby White Knight had suggested that perhaps the car took on some elements of their original owners and since the DeSoto’s original owner was a vampire, it may have gained a better bargain than his other siblings.  Although the boy had pointed out that the other cars had regenerative powers too, but there was something preventing them from a full regeneration now.  That’s what Xander had told him the other night and it made too much sense for it to be otherwise.

The vampire has to make a decision now because Xander was all for releasing the souls from their confinement, but would his car still work?  Would he still have a car?  It didn’t matter in the end because he could always steal another, but only this time it won’t be directly from the assembly line like he had done with the DeSoto.  There was too much security at those factories nowadays.

He exhaled a puff of smoke and said, “If the cars are gone after the souls leave them, do you think that his nibs in there would allow me to take a replacement without signing somethin’?”

“Something like that would probably be negotiable,” Xander said.  “I can do the spell, but I guess it depends on what and how much he expects from us.”

The primary round was finished more quickly than normal, but that was expected because the boss was still on site.  The man in question was still in the office looking at the Orb wondering just when the human boy had discovered it and how it could be used. 

He sighed and thought, ‘I really should ask him a few questions.’

The door to the guard house opened as Xander and Spike walked into it.  Lucifer immediately asked, “How have you used the Orb of Thesulah?”

Xander looked at Spike who just shrugged and said, “Go ahead and tell him.”

“Maybe you should begin this one,” Xander suggested.  “It would probably help him to have some kind of background.”

“Happened back when the Scourge of Europe were runnin’ around creatin’ wonderful havoc,” Spike started his tale, lighting up a cigarette and blowing smoke up into the air.  “The Scourge bein’ Darla, Angelus, Drusilla and yours truly...”

Lucifer had heard parts of this tale before from the souls that have been sent to his dimension for punishment or what have you.  He had never heard the whole story. 

A vampire cursed with a soul,’ he thought.  ‘What a delicious form of punishment!

He listened avidly to the story and when the human took up the tale that’s when he heard about the Slayer and the boy’s connection to her.  He never knew about that.  The boy had left no feeling in the supernatural world.  His friends certainly did, but the boy was a blank, like he had no effect.  Looking closely he did notice a few anomalies, but they were well within the norm for someone living near an active Hellmouth.

“I don’t believe this,” Lucifer said.  “You’ve been working with the Slayer for a long time and I’ve never been told.”

“Don’t worry about that mate,” Spike said.  “I’s probably because you’re one of the ‘don’ mess with’ types.”

“What do you mean,” the devil asked.

“You’re one of the big ones.  A big bad, I mean a true ‘BIG BAD’,” Xander said.  “The normal lower demons or whatever that flock to the Hellmouth probably just want to avoid your notice, since you could take them all out.  Also you have no affinity for who you take when they die.”

“Well only the ones that ‘HE’doesn’t want until they’ve been... uh...,” Lucifer pointed towards the ceiling, indicating a much high power.  There was the rumble of thunder and a darkness that suddenly came up with the rolling in of dark clouds.  “Ah... it’s a deal we made a long time ago.  I take the ones that can probably be re-habilitated, but that is not your concern.”

“No,” Xander said agreeing.  “It’s not anything that we need to know about at this point in our lives, but uh...” He leaned in and said in a stage whisper.  “Everyone, demons and humans, in town have a pretty good idea of not wanting to draw your attention or focus for some very obvious reasons.”

Lucifer sighed and wondered if that was why he hadn’t been getting that many contracts signed in this place anymore.

“There’s also the fact that others keep interfering no matter what the grand plan turns out to be,” Spike said finishing off his fourth cigarette in a row.  “So are we doing this tonight or what?”

“Doing,” Lucifer asked.

“The spell for your brood,” Spike said.  “You want’em back dontcha?”

“You brought everything here now?”  The devil asked in astonishment.

“Yep,” Xander said.  “Although you’re going to have to call Christine and have her included as part of the spell.”

“Why,” Lucifer asked.

“The spell is number specific,” Xander said.  “When it was cast all of your children were present.  So in order to correct or change the outcome they all have to be there.  It was also cast using a six-point star as a focus, one point per kid.”

“Ah,” the devil said.  “Where should this spell take place?”

“Probably somewhere where all the cars can participate,” Xander said.  “There’s that abandoned farming land just outside of town.  It’s about five miles north.”

“When did you want to do the spell,” Spike asked.

“We can do it tonight or on my last day of working here,” Xander said.  “The construction company hired me full-time and I can begin working there following Monday.  That’ll give me enough time to move into my new apartment and have an extra week mini-vacation once I’m done.  What do you think?”  He was asking everyone in the room and was answered by a crashing rumble of thunder.

“HE agrees too,” Lucifer said in surprise.  “That works for me.”

“I’ll keep you company,” Spike said.

“Okay,” Xander said.  “Let’s plan on the eventuality that the car bodies are destroyed in the process.  We’ll need something available to get us home after we’re done.”

“Very well,” Lucifer said.  “I have a few things to do, so I will be back at the end of your shift tonight.  Did you want to leave this here?”  He was pointing to the duffle bag sitting in the corner.

“Yeah, actually that might be a good idea,” Xander said.  He received a couple of looks asking why.  “Less questions will be asked, if there’s nothing around to ask questions about.”

“That’s true,” Spike said.  “Never trust the others not to go pokin’ into someone else’s business.”

“I’ll see you boys later,” Lucifer said leaving them there to finish off Xander’s shift.


Last Day - After Work


Five miles outside of Sunnydale, on old farming land, should anyone have chanced to witness this event they would have been forever blinded by a swirl of almost daylight bright white light. 

There was plenty of white lightning flashing in the area.  All of which made Spike twitchier than a nervous rabbit during hunting season.  He was pacing along the outside perimeter of the spell zone.  He had already done his part and willingly given up some body fluids as some of the spell components.

The cars were in a circle from oldest to youngest, including one humanoid like female in their midst.  The Orbs of Thesulah that Xander had gathered up two days ago were on the hoods of all the cars and in the hands of the lone woman. 

The form of the star was mapped out with the yellow and black ribbon of police crime scene tape, which was tied to all the side mirrors of the cars and the wrists of the woman.  This had the effect of solidifying the form and a good thing too because wind had picked with the coming of a storm.

Lucifer was on the outside watching too, knowing full well that if the human didn’t come through then something terrible was going to happen.

There was another witness present, but all HE did was rumble and make noise.  HE didn’t disapprove of the events, but there is always a price to pay for undoing something of this nature.  It was a price that would not show up until much later in time.  HE was curious about this human child too since the boy would soon be off of the radar for all the “Powers”, good and bad, again.

HE chose to send one of his down to question this invisible boy.


Xander concentrated hard on keeping the ingredients where they were supposed to be and he hoped that the wind would die down in time for the little candles to do their work.  He said the mystic words, lit the main candle, and then lit the ingredients and all other candles.

The human was secure in the casting circle and the spell ran its course like it was supposed to, but he suddenly wasn’t alone in the circle.

“We are curious, human,” the creature said.  “Tell us about yourself.”

“Hmph,” Xander noised, concentrating on the spell words as he projected his thoughts at the being.  ‘I have nothing to say right now.  I kind of busy...

“We are in a small time loop,” the being said.  “You can talk to us now.”

Xander looked around and noticed the standstill he was in.  He huffed and asked, “Why do you need to know?  Aren’t you guys like, be all see all types?”

“We can see most... not all,” the being confessed his limitations.  There was something about this human that made him want to be truthful to a point.  “There are some humans and other creatures that we simply cannot see, you happen to be one of those.”  He or she paused.  There was no distinct sex when this being spoke. 

“Why are you doing this for them?”  The being was curious and looking at the others in the field with bland judgement and seeming disdain.

“Odd,” Xander commented on the fact that he wasn’t tracked like the Champions or Evil creature were.  He then explained why he was doing this.  “They told me their story,” he shrugged when he looked at them too.  “It doesn’t matter about the war that was fought back when.  Some things just need to be set right.  His kids were going to die and sooner than Lucifer suspected, as no more parts were being produced for the cars that they are.”

“How do you know,” the being asked of the human still kneeling, prepared to continue the ritual at a moment’s notice.  “A machinist could have...”

“Not for all of them,” Xander said.  “Not all of those cars could have been maintained until someone came along building parts just for them.  They have the same right that everyone else has and maybe they finished paying the price for their foolishness...” He looked at the being and then said, “Maybe they haven’t, but I can’t judge that.  All I can do is use what I know to set some things right.”

“What if what you’re doing is wrong?” The being questioned him.

“It doesn’t feel wrong to me,” Xander replied candidly.  “I usually go with my gut feeling in things like this.”

“What of the vampire,” the being asked.  “What of him, impotent and unable to assist in fight or even feed his nature?”

“I can only deal with one thing at a time,” Xander said truthfully.  “Perhaps one day he will get his bite back, but that won’t fundamentally change him.  He is who he is and whether he kills me or helps me that will be his own choice to act upon.”

“If the chip could be removed,” the being probed, as he was prodded to ask that question.  “Would you help him or terminate him?”

“I’d help him if I could,” Xander replied honestly.  “I’d get rid of the chip if I could.  It was wrong for anyone to do that to a creature whose nature is to hunt the human population.  Besides, even when he did hunt us it felt more like play than true hunting.  It was like he was trying to improve his skills by pitting himself against us... it’s something that I can understand.”

A higher decision was made while the time loop was in effect.  A bolt of lightning flashed down from the sky and its target...a bleach blonde vampire.  The bolt was angled and it hit the back of the demonic creatures head.

Xander could only watch in horror as Spike fell to the ground while blood exploded out from the back of the vampire’s head, but he noticed that there were still question to be asked.  “What was that?  Why would...?”

“A gift,” the being said, rising up into the sky on bright wings.  “Or a curse, just for you.  We can no longer watch you anymore and time must now continue its course.  Make your choices as wisely as you can.”

Xander tried to blink the whiteness away as he continued the chanting where he had left off as though nothing had interfered with it in the first place.  He was fully aware that Spike needed his help, but first a promise to keep and a purpose to fulfill.


White lightning flashed, thunder rumbled and crashed in the sky.  The cars flickered in and out of focus and form.  Soon there was the crumbling, twisting sound of metal being crushed and glass being shattered.  Christine screamed in pain as the radio music of the others fizzled and died.





Silence filled the field.  Lucifer, Christine and five vintage cars were no longer there. 

The police tape blew away, tumbling over the field, disappearing into the night.

The rains came, shooshing down, drenching everything in the area.

Xander blinked away the light and darkness that was slowly invading his sight.  He stood quickly, but careful and made his way to the downed vampire. 

He looked at the blood tinting the blonde hair and tried to find the injury.  Rolling the leather clad creature over he saw a slow healing hole in the back of the creature’s head.  A glint of metal was there in the gray mass of flesh that was exposed because there was no bone to hide it.

Without thought, he took out a pocket device that had many useful bits of tools attached.  It was like a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ only this tool contained, small fold-away pliers, wretches, screwdrivers, etc... made for small jobs like tightening the tiny screws on eyeglasses.  He also took out a pointer like tool that had a small, but powerful magnet on the end.  It was something normally used to pick up lost screws, nuts and bolts that fall into small spaces where retrieval of them tended to be difficult.

He used the pliers and tugged gently at the microchip the he knew was in the brain of the vampire.  He used the magnet to help the pull of all metallic fibres, along with small splinter tweezers from the multi-tool.  The fibres were still there, jutting out from the gray mass and could be seen once the chip had been removed.

Xander worked as quickly as he could racing the slower healing factor of the demon, grateful that he was in a field away from the dark mass of the Hellmouth town.  Demons would have been attracted to the smell of the downed vampire, however as it is, the human had the time to work the on him.

The last metal bit was removed and the brain was slowly healing the damage that had been done.  The holes were closing and the bone of the skull was knitting too slowly for the human’s peace of mind.  It was interesting to watch happen, but the human knew that they had to get home.

Xander’s vision was blurring from time to time and he needed to get to a safe place in order to recover from the events of this night.  A small four legged creature walked up to him and whined, hoping that the human would accept him. 

It was a gift from Lucifer, who knew that something was going to happen to the human’s vision in time.  It was a price that the human was going to have to pay for having helped the ‘Evil’ that was once his boss. 

Xander didn’t know what it was, but a small pup with a wagging tail was fine by him.  “At least my lease said that I can have pets,” he said to the small wriggling bundle that he picked up after he had gently place the unconscious vampire in the back of the non-possessed black El Camino.  There was a dark tarp cover that would hide him from the sun and from the eyes of the curious.  The vehicle was another gift from his boss. 

“You behave for now,” he said to the puppy.  “We have a few things to pick up from town and we have to be quick about it.”

He plopped the little guy next to him in the front and headed slowly back into Sunnydale, heading to a twenty-four hour ‘Walmart’ for dog items, like leash, collar, food, bedding, travel cage and even a large litter box in case they couldn’t let the dog out during the day.  They had time to learn about their new four-legged pet later. 

He also picked up, a ton of general medical supplies, five camping coolers, several cases of oversized mason jars and a large charcoal barbeque grill with enough coal for ten cookouts, plus lighter fluid.  He had plans for those and hoped that his new roommate would be accepting of them.

He then headed to the hospital where they turned a blind eye to the dealings that sometimes occurred with the medical waste that was sold to the non-human inhabitants of the town, rather than incinerated as code required.  Donations went a long way to grease the coffers of the hospital and it was something that they needed a lot of anyway.  They were careful to vet the buyers, but this human had been to the hospital so many times that it didn’t matter to the staff why he was there now, what he was buying or why.

Five hundred dollars and three coolers full of non-usable human blood later, Xander was heading towards his new ground floor apartment.  He had a private, personal, entrance in the back of the building, which included parking close to that door, as well as the common entrance with a security lookout. 

The building superintendent knew about him and his nightly activities, as well as the fact that the human worked human hours making real money.  He’d offered that apartment to him because he was hoping to actually see money coming from it.  All other occupants that had lived in there never lasted more than the first and last month’s rental agreement, untimely demises being what they were in Sunnydale. 

He was taking a chance with this particular human, but did agree to allow pets in the lease of that unit because it was on the ground floor.  The super didn’t care whether the man had company or not.  It didn’t matter, if when moving in, that the human brought in two beds instead of one, he never said a word about it to his managers.  All he cared about was the rent and ensuring that it was paid on time.

Spike hadn’t been to the apartment to see anything of it, but Xander quickly invited him in.  Conscious or unconscious the invite worked anyway.

“Spike you are welcome in my apartment,” Xander said nearly breathless.  He had a headache and suspected that the problem came from the casting that he had done.  Of course the lightning in the field didn’t help him any either.

He took the vampire to the second door in the master bedroom, which contained the storage room that had been converted into a room for the vampire.  He removed most of the clothing that Spike had been wearing in order to wash it.  He somehow managed to get the vampire on his stomach in order to treat the hole that was still visible on the back of his head. 

He jug of clear, clean water and several one-time use industrial towels were enough to clean the blood from the hair and to ensure that there no bacteria in the wound.  He used a disposable razor around the slow-healing edges in order to prevent any from being trapped in the wound.  Hopefully the vampire won’t mind the bald patch at the base of his head for the short while it would take to grow back.

Xander was very lucky that his only response to the anti-septic wash was a rumbling growl.  He watched in fascination as the vampire’s aspect shifted, but the demon never opened his eyes nor did he attack the source of the stinging jolts.  A gentle petting, warm human hand at the base of his neck, calmed him down.

The jolts were not from the chip, that much Spike had been aware of and in another sense he knew that the person was human and was caring for him.  A cooling paste was placed at the edges of his open wound.  A clean and new gauze square was a make-shift patch that would prevent something from entering the slowly closing wound.  Blood would have been the better deal to close the injury, but somehow the vampire knew that he wouldn’t be getting it from anyone here.

Xander wrapped the listless head with finishing white bands of medical wrap.  He then moved slowly out of the room to deal with his other new roommate and his own growing headache.

He quickly and efficiently put away the blood in his refrigerator and freezer.  He took some plain aspirin for his head and put out water and food for his new four-legged friend.  “I’ll talk to Spike later and we’ll name you then, little guy,” he said to the black and brown pup that looked at him with a tilted head.  “First let’s hope that the Big Bad won’t eat us while we’re sleeping, eh?”

He transferred all of the blood from one of the coolers into one of the cases of mason jars that he had bought.  It was a way to get more than one bag into the vampire as each jar held about two and a half bags.  He heated up three of the jars in his microwave and had an oversized straw that could be used by someone unconscious. 

It was a trick that he had used a few times on Spike when the vampire had been living with him.  He wasn’t sure if the vampire knew about it, but for now it would help the vamp to heal.

He returned to the storage room that had been turned into a shelter for Spike.  He squatted down by the bed and watched the non-sleep, sleep that the vampire was doing.  He was familiar with this too, as it had happened a few times whenever the vampire refused to acknowledge that he had been nearly beaten to total exhaustion and needed a safe place to heal.

Xander pulled back on one corner of Spike’s mouth and slid the straw as far up the cheek he could, until there was a sucking sound.  The vampire had strange instincts, but this was a better way to feed him in this state.  Two and a half jars were used, until the sucking slowed down.  It was an indication that the vampire was full, so the human pulled the straw away slowly. 

The pup just followed and watched every action, as though it somehow understood that the creature on the bed was supposed to be dangerous.  He watched as the human put away the rest of the stuff and slowly walked to washroom to clean away the spell casting and dirt of the day.  The pup jumped into the shower with the human, who laughed at that and quickly washed the small creature once he had washed his own hair and body.

They both were clean and dry as they headed back into the main bedroom.  A quick glance about the room ensured that they were all protected from the dreaded morning sunlight.  The blackout curtains were secured and the darkest shade had been pulled and tacked in place permanently. 

The bedroom faced North-East which could be good or bad depending on your nature.  However that also meant minimal light in the mornings and that made the place a better haven for the vampire.  It also meant that the human could sleep in later on week-ends when he needed sleep the most.

The pup hopped up onto the bed and curled up near the human’s chest.  It listened to the heartbeat of his new owner and it listened to the magic that belonged to the vampire of demonic descent.  He knew that the creature was magic, just like he knew his new owner was special and would one day need him.




(...i...)  True or not, I’m sticking with this idea.




Challenge 1378: The car is the star... (Buffy/multiple)

Very vague challenge to give you all room to play:
Sunnydale is a very strange town, where nothing is ever normal. This would probably include the used car lot.
The basic premise of the challenge is someone from Sunnydale goes and buys a second hand car, but accidentally picks one from another universe. Think James Bonds Austin Martin, K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, Herbie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the crazier the better! No crossover is out of reach!



Cars in the Story:


Christine (movie car), she’s a 1958 Plymouth Fury, plays a song all the time, song (don’t remember)

1964 Chevy El Camino, “Christo(m)”, song “Can’t buy me love” the Beatles,

1961 Buick LeSabre sedan, Christhart(m), “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles

1959 Pontiac Bonneville, Christobel(f), song “La Bamba” Ritchie Valens

1957 Chrysler DeSoto Firesweep, Christof(m), song “Jailhouse Rock” Elvis Presley

1955 Ford Crown Victoria, Christiane (f), song “Rock around the clock” Bill Haley and the Comets

The End

You have reached the end of "She Was Not The Only One - Alternative Ending". This story is complete.

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