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Galactic Wishes

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Summary: A wish or two is normally harmless, but the crew of the USS Enterprise are shocked by the literal outcome of such wishes, especially in the presence of an unexplained space anomaly that they had yet to figure out or pull away from.

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Disclaimer, warning, author’s note, etc...:  See chapter one for all.  Also review author’s profile for preferred story pairings and writing style.  From here on this will not be repeated.


 CH 2


(Meanwhile back at the Headquarters.)


“What do you mean you can’t find him,” Willow screeched at the video conference screen set up in one of the Council’s Boardrooms.

“Like I said,” Sundra, one of the African Slayers, replied.  “We were fighting the Andronaks and then in the middle of the battle a flash of light happened.  It took him away.  We can’t be any more, clear than that.”

“It’s your fault Circe,” Willow said pointing at one of the girls on the screen.  “You shouldn’t have done that spell.”

“It wasn’t my spell that did that,” the young witch said defending her abilities and crossing her arms.  “My spell burned the nest of those flesh eating ‘Grr...’ beetles.  That is all.”

“Why are you so bent out of shape about this anyway?”  Dawn asked.  “It’s not the first time that Xander was pulled away from an area by magic or by some higher power.”  She paused and then looked at the red-heads worried expression.  “Have you been magically tracking him again?  You know he hates it when you do that.”

“It’s for his own good,” Willow said waving her hand.  “Now look what happened.  He’s not even being located in any of the known dimensions we associate with.”

“Willow Rosenberg,” Giles said forcefully.  “Have you been the one responsible for draining the arcane resources we share?”

“I needed to find him,” she huffed, crossing her arms.

“And just how did you manage to get authorization for their use,” Giles said.

“I might have...” she began, but then stopped as everyone stared at her with a mixture of disappointment and glares.

“” Giles was furious.  “How dare you drain our limited resources for an expanded magical search without waiting to see if Xander would or could contact us?  He’s always done so before now.  What on Earth makes you believe...”

“He’s not on Earth,” Willow shouted.  “He’s not here, he’s not on Earth and he nowhere in the known Dimensions that we commonly deal with.  I need to find him because he belongs here with me.”

A slap was heard around the boardroom and the girls watching from the screen all whistled and yelled their approval.  Their Watcher had been so tired and lonely, but could never retire because of her.  He couldn’t even maintain a normal or irregular relationship because of her and the magic she uses around him.  The last time that he had visited the Council Headquarters, he’d been obligated to go through an intensive tribal magical cleansing to wash away the magic links that had been added to him.

“Xander doesn’t belong to you,” Dawn said.  “He doesn’t belong with you and I sincerely hope to any of the good Gods out there that he is in a place where his skills are needed and appreciated.  I also hope that he’ll connect or contact us, if he can.  But my only hope is that he is alive and from what the girls have told us, he is and hadn’t even been injured from their last battle.  So that is good enough for me.”

“He’s mine,” Willow said holding her reddening cheek.  “He’s always been mine.”

Giles sighed and knew that this was a long time in coming, but he too prayed that wherever Xander was right now, that he would sincerely choose never to come back.  He also hoped that the young man had a way of stopping Willow’s magically possessive streak.


The Powers-That-Be didn’t understand such wishes or hopes.  They just watched and observed.  Some things just had to play out and perhaps the ones choosing to fight on this Earth will choose someplace else to fight.

They were fully prepared to grant a few unconditional demands, but how to pre-determine them, was something that even they couldn’t see this time.  Some intermediary was going to have to approach them for those kinds of concessions.

Meanwhile they watched another interesting situation happening in another Universe entirely.


“Well I’m glad that there’s no such thing as elevator music here,” Xander said, as he stepped off the turbo-lift and stepped onto the bridge holding the baby Captain of the Enterprise.

Spike had chosen to carry Spock and that was just the cutest thing that Xander had ever seen.  The baby Vulcan would point and ‘Ah!’ at something and the vampire would explain what he could. Most of it was about the history of his connection with the human and sometimes, like now was the demand to see the vampire’s true face.

The vampire walked onto the bridge saying, “Nah, it doesn’t ‘urt to change like this.  To me it’s natural as breathing is to you.”

Spock was trying to hit the face at a meld point so that their minds could connect, but his Captain spoiled it by being noisy and drawing attention to the attempt.  The vampire looked up and shook off his vampire aspect.

“Don’t let him touch certain points on your face unless you want him in your mind Spike,” Xander said in distracted tone.  He was distracted by size of the huge vaporous cloud on the front view screen.

“Little sneak,” Spike said with yellow eyes flashing at the tiny Vulcan and a toothy grin.  “Your mind ain’t ready for what you’d see.  Best what til your body can take it, hm?”

“Ah,” Spock noised and stuck a couple of fingers in his mouth.  There was no logical reason to do this, but for some reason his body felt the need to suck on his fingers.

“Lt. Sulu,” Xander said in a tone that brooked no argument.  “How many reports of this ‘Wishes Granted’ voice have occurred, which resulted in something happening?”

“How do you know,” Sulu asked.

“I’m the one holding onto your Captain that had his body de-aged by an entity that misinterpreted an innocent comment,” Xander said.

“Sixty-seven,” Sulu said with a sigh.  “Luckily no one was harmed by it, but the most extreme occurrence was what happened to the Captain and our First Officer.  Who are you?”

“I’m one of those occurrences,” Xander said.  “But lucky you, I believe that I can actually help.  We need to meet and discuss things.  An empty cargo bay would be best for a briefing of this nature.  I’m going to need a brand new unused PADD with a video capture program in it and a documentation program.  Also you might want to check all viewers to make sure that we aren’t being slowly pulled into this cloud.”

“Cargo bay nine delta twenty-one left,” Lt. Sulu said after looking at the ship’s manifest and rooms.

“Good we’ll need to see only the Command staff there,” Xander said.  “In twenty minutes.”  He turned and left the bridge holding Kirk at his shoulder and the baby waving at his staff with a burbling sound like he was ordering them to do it.

Spike did the same with Spock, but kept saying, as he tugged a pale hand away from the side of his face. “You really don’t want to do that kid.  I don’t care how old ya think ya are, my mind is not a place you want to visit at this point in time.”

“Ah,” Spock noised in pouty tone.  He was even physically pouting in such a way that the members of the Bridge staff had to look away in order to maintain their composure.  They all wanted to go ‘Aw!’ at the baby Vulcan’s expression.

However once the doors were closed, there were general exclamations of ‘How Cute...’, and ‘Did you see...’, also a couple of, ‘Yowza,’ and ‘Pirates Ahoy!’, which quickly followed by, “Who were those people?”

Lt. Sulu ordered a view on all ports and blanched as the casual statement that the eye-patch wearing man turned out to be true.  He was stunned that they hadn’t noticed the infinitesimal pull further into the anomaly.  He copied the data to a PADD in order to take that with him for the meeting.

Lt. Uhura could only note that, “Doctor McCoy didn’t seem alarmed by them.  You need to meet in the cargo bay.  I’ll notify Lt. Scott to meet them there.”

“Chekov, you have the Bridge,” Sulu said standing up taking the PADD with him containing new data of their predicament.  He stopped by supply to pick up a new PADD as requested and ensured that there was only the minimal amount of programming in it, as requested by the new passenger.

In the cargo area the two young men talked.

“So what do you think,” Xander said.  “If we have a way home, do you want to go back?”

“Personally,” Spike said.  “I’m up for more adventuring.  Don’t matter to me where it happens.”  He rubbed his head and knew that the dye job would leave him wherever his choices took him.  “Gotta leave the nest sometime!”

“Yeah,” Xander said.  “I’m retiring from the Council no matter what.”

“What are you going to do,” Spike asked, hoping that the young man would come with him or let a lonely vampire tag along.

“I figured I’d hang out with you,” Xander said with his eyes flashing green.  “Think on it, maybe we can make our own nest somewhere else.”  Their conversation halted as the Command staff of the USS Enterprise entered the cargo bay area.  “Hey guys,” he said to them.  “Thanks for coming.  Lt. Sulu, what was the verdict?”

“We’re in the anomaly,” he answered.

Xander nodded and said, “I thought so.”  He looked at the men and women from the various departments and started to explain a few things, some of which they had to take on faith.  “My name is Alexander Harris, call me Xander.  I was born on Earth in 1980.  This is Spike, a Master Vampire, also known as William the Bloody and he was turned in the late 1900’s.”

“I was born in 1853,” Spike said truthfully.  He watched with pleasure at the shock on his old companion’s face when he mentioned the truth about his birth year.  “I accepted the ‘gift’ of eternal night when I was twenty-seven, sometime in the year 1880 and I’m from the same Earth he came from.”

“My home town, which no longer exists, was home to a dimensional hell gate, more commonly known as a Hellmouth,” Xander said.  “There were energies that came from this gate that attracted a lot of creatures, usually of a demonic nature.  Most demons that moved into my town or that lived in it wanted to tap those energies and basically use that power to take over the world, think Apocalypse.”

“What does that have to do with our predicament here,” Lt. Montgomery Scott asked.

“There were a lot of different demonic species in that one town alone,” Spike said.  “One was called a ‘Vengeance Demon’ from one of the alter-planes of Hell.  Don’t ask how many there are, the possibilities are limitless and I don’t even know about all of them.”

“Vengeance Demons have many names, but sometimes in the old literature that I had accessed, they were also more commonly known as ‘wish’ demons,” Xander said.  “They could be the reason behind the old Earth saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for...’.  Still these demons have a leader and it’s that leader that we are going to call here to help you out with your predicament.”

“Why,” Doctor McCoy said taking the baby Captain from Xander’s arms.

“That thing out there could be one of his,” the one-eyed man said.

“One of his... what,” Lt. Sulu asked.

“His kids,” Xander said.  “We might have to do a bit of wheelin’ and dealin’ here, but the bottom line is that we’re either going to have to do something to warn other ships away from this region of space for a few years or destroy it, and I don’t think we could even if we wanted to.”

“Why not,” Scotty asked.

“Everything has a purpose in the grander scheme of things,” Spike said. “You don’t want to mess around with much of that.  So it might be better to prepare some warning buoys prepare.  You’ll have to program them to always remain out of the reach of the cloud mass though.”

“Why,” Scotty asked once again.

“We could be heading to the centre of the mass to be devoured,” Xander explained.  “Or we could just be pushed out the other end and suddenly find ourselves in an entirely new region of space, which at this point in time, I don’t believe that any of you would be ready for that.”

“This flagship has the best crew in the entire fleet,” Lt. Sulu said defending every one of them.

“What of the rest of the fleet,” Xander said.  “If the flagship finds itself in another region of space, unable to contact anyone in the rest of the fleet or any of the known Federation planets, how will they take your loss?”  He shook his head.  “The fleet isn’t ready to lose you and you shouldn’t be so quick to get yourselves into a predicament that could potentially cripple the Federation or Starfleet even further.”

“How do you know all of this,” Lt. Sulu asked with narrowing eyes.

“We don’t,” Spike said.  “Not really.  But we are using what we do know to help you get out of this situation and that means calling forth an entity that has skills and abilities that aren’t quantifiable or measureable by any of your scientific standards.  Demons are real folks and you’d best be ready for what you’re about to see.”

“Well we are scientists,” Doctor McCoy said.  “What readings we can take, we will and we’ll need this information for when we write our reports to for Starfleet records.”

“Understandable,” Xander said.  “Do you have that new PADD for me?”

“Yes,” Lt. Sulu said.  “What are you going to do with it?”

“Get some of the essential stuff that I’ll need for my future travels,” Xander said.  “No matter where I’m headed, please give us a few minutes to do this before we call on the Vengeance Boss.”

Spike handed the baby Spock to Commander Scott and stepped away to speak with Xander.  Spike did the typing up because of his speed and the fact that they didn’t want this to take too long.

Together they made a list of essential items that they needed from home.  They also gave their notices of retirement from the Champion gig, but they made sure that the background behind them was blank grey wall.  They didn’t want anyone guessing their location.

Soon they were back with the group of Officers.  “We’re ready,” Xander said.  He shook his head when someone wanted to hand him the Captain.  “I can’t just in case we get whisked away.”

“Ah,” Spock said, waving his hand.  He wanted the man to come closer.  He needed to meld with one of them.

“Sorry Spock,” Xander said with an insight of what the baby Vulcan wanted.  “We need to do this first.  We need to know if the two of us can actually go home or if we’re going to be stuck with you guys for a while.”

Spock pouted that his request was thwarted.

(...It’s logical Spock...) The baby Kirk projected into his mind.  (...If he was holding one of us and was suddenly removed, how do you know that we wouldn’t have been taken away with them?  The Enterprise needs us...)

(...I cannot logically explain my biological needs at this point in time Jim...) Spock confessed.  (...Something is compelling me to want a connection with either of these men and I do not know why...)

(...Spock...) Jim said looking at the little Vulcan.  (...You’re a Vulcan, whose body is in need of a parental connection.  Your father is not here and your mother...)

(...Died on Vulcan...)  Spock’s were wide with the thought.  (...You’re assessment is logical, but my fear...)

(...Is natural...) Jim told him.  (...I have the same needs, although not the mind thing, but still the same needs and those two were the most serene of everyone that has held us since this has occurred to us.  Let them do what they must.  You never know, we might be able to get changed back into our adult bodies sooner than expected and your needs my dissolve after that...)

(... Logical...) Spock said with drool falling down his chin.  (...I am looking forward to that...) He paused and then asked the other baby with the hopes that he’d know.  (...Why am I drooling?...)

(...You’re probably teething...) Kirk said.  (...Babies drool a lot when that happens.  They also stick their fingers or thumbs in their mouths because if you’re only teething on one section of your mouth the other might be irritated...)

(...Oh...) Spock said looking away from his baby compatriot.  He turned his attention back to the adult bodies in the room and noticed that Xander and Spike were having a heated discussion which caused the vampire to change his appearance.

“You need to protect them,” Spike said.

“We’ll get more out of him, if we do this my way,” Xander said.  He took hold of the vampire’s face, teeth and all and leaned in.  His eye changed to a green colour, his voice deepened and he growled out.  “You’ve trusted my plans before.  Trust that I know this is the right thing to do.”

The vampire rumbled, remembering a time when the eyes of his roommate had changed this colour before.  The determination and conviction was not something he could deny, ever.  He had tried and it had gotten him bitten, in a fun way, but still bitten and submitting.

Spike sighed and let his demon go.  “Alright,” he said.  “I do trust you.”

Xander’s grin grew big and toothy.  “Thank you,” he said.  “We have a few other things to discuss too.”

“Later pet,” Spike said, stepping back to let the near-human be the one to call on the demon that would have once been his Father-In-Law, if that infamous wedding had ever taken place.

“D’Hoffryn,” Xander shouted out.  “I call on you to appear before me, now.  Come on you old goat I know you can hear me, no matter I’m at.”


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