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Christmas in the 21st Century

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Summary: Gwen, Jack, and John celebrate Christmas!

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats StoriesXeeliaFR71671003633 Dec 113 Dec 11Yes
Disclaimer: The characters herein are the property of others, Torchwood belongs to others, which is a real bummer!

John Hart sat dumbstruck looking at the way everything was decorated. Sure 21st century décor wasn’t his strong suit but all the plants and shiny bubbles around now weren’t around last time he’d been here. Beside him in the car Gwen Cooper laughed at his shock and Jack Harkness just smirked.

John was fed up. “What the bloody hell is all this greenery and sparklies about?”

Gwen gave a good belly laugh before speaking. “It’s Christmas John, everything is decorated for it. You DO know Christmas don’t you?”

John huffed and rolled his eyes. “Yes I bloody well know what Christmas is! It started out as a way to Christianize pagans by Christianizing their mid-winter festivals and evolved into a consumerist, commercialist, mess!”

Jack bit his lip and Gwen frowned. “It’s a holiday of togetherness and showing good will, which by the way you could use, and it’s when everything is calm. The presents are just a bonus.”

Jack smirked, “You DO remember togetherness don’t you John?”

John smirked back, “Sure I do!”

Gwen looked from one Time Agent to the other, “You two are incorrigible!”

Both men laughed as they pulled into the Torchwood safe house they had been heading to. They got out of the car and Jack unlocked the door. The house was plain and totally lacking any Christmas cheer. Gwen smiled and walked back out to the car.
John turned to Jack. “What’s got your girl all smiles?”

Jack shrugged. “No idea, and she’s not my girl.”

John laughed, “Of course not!”

Just then Gwen walked back in with two large boxes, which Jack and John took from her. John opened the one he held and looked inside. “Bloody hell! Christmas exploded in here!”

Gwen in the mean time had gone back out and returned with another large box. All three held Christmas decorations and greenery. Gwen turned to Jack. “You go get us a tree!”

Jack knew better than to argue so he left to do as he was told, only to return 30 minutes later to the smell of fresh popcorn. Gwen and John were sitting on the floor string the popcorn on a long string. “Awe! Don’t you two look cute!”

Gwen rolled her eyes and John threw popcorn at him. Gwen motioned to the spot where she had already placed the tree skirt and holder. Jack dutifully put the tree up.

The rest of the evening was spent decorating and being silly with Christmas carols playing. Gwen was twirling to the sounds of Winter Wonderland when she bumped into John. They both giggled but were interrupted by Jack clearing his throat. Both looked at him and he motioned above them. They looked up and saw they were standing under the mistletoe. John looked confused. “Why do you have a deadly plant hang about?”

Gwen smiled shyly. “Actually, the tradition is that if two people end up under the mistletoe they have kiss.”

John smirked and dipped Gwen before kissing her deeply while Jack clapped. Suddenly John’s hand reached out and grabbed Jack bring him over and kissing him as well. All to soon they were all kissing and touching and groping one another. As the fire burned brightly in the fireplace the three of them made love.

In the morning Gwen woke up in John’s arms and John in Jack’s. She stretched and looked around only to notice they were no longer in the safe house. Instead they were in a very futuristic apartment. “What the…where the… JOHN!!”

John yawn and looked at the raven haired woman. “What? You don’t like my apartment?”

Gwen just sputtered as Jack woke up and glared at the other Time Agent. “What did you do John?”

John smiled brightly, “I got into the Christmas spirit! I gave you both incredible sex, brought you to where you belong, and got me a couple of roommates. You SAID the holiday was about togetherness!”

Gwen rolled her eyes and fell back on the floor while Jack just laughed.

The End

You have reached the end of "Christmas in the 21st Century". This story is complete.

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