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Unlocking Olympus

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Unlocking Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Hercules had been having a fairly normal day until they dropped in (2nd in the Unlocking Dawn Series)

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Dawn-CenteredJadedFR181120,715610624,7534 Dec 1125 Dec 11Yes

Portal Mishaps

Author: Jaded
Story: Unlocking Olympus
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Hercules (the TV show, anyhow) is owned by Christian Williams, and Xena is owned by John Schulian & Robert G. Tapert . I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: Hercules had been having a fairly normal day until they dropped in.
Word Count: 1,586
A/N 1: Sequel to Unlocking Torchwood. Kinda. It's set in the same universe and mentions of it will be brought up, but it is NOT a multi-cross and you don't have to have read UT to understand it. It'll be short, like UT, and I hope funny.

Portal Mishaps

Dawn had been enjoying Greece when it happened. Standing in the middle of Athens, looking up at the Parthenon, and wondering what it would be like to have been around while it was being built, she didn't notice the blood from a minor cut she'd sustained that morning glowing green. She, did, however, notice when Vi, Cassie, and Molly all suddenly latched onto her, all of them shouting something along the lines of “oh no you don't!” right before everything turned inside out and upside down.


“I'm telling you, she was interested and you just completely blew her off!” Iolaus said as he and Hercules walked towards the nearing city of Athens. “One of these days, Herc, you're going to get yourself in trouble with the ladies and then where will I be?”

“You be?” Hercules asked, amused. “What does my getting in trouble have on your notch post?” He stopped a moment, thinking about that, and grimaced. “On second thought, don't answer that.”

“Very funny,” Iolaus said. “Honestly, Herc, how am I supposed to find anyone with you always ignoring women and making them feel bad?”

“I didn't make them feel bad, I'm just...not interested,” Hercules defended himself. “And besides, what I do in my own bed is—do you hear that?”

Hercules stopped walking, looking around. Iolaus rolled his eyes. “Right, like I'm gonna fall for that old trick, this conversation isn't--”

“I'm serious,” Hercules cut his friend off. “Do you hear that? A sort of screaming sound?”

“Now that you mention it...” Iolaus said just as the wind picked up. Their eyes met and Hercules knew they were both thinking the same thing—this was not normal.

The screaming got louder, the wind got stronger, and just when Iolaus and Hercules had to grab onto a nearby tree to keep from getting tossed around like a chicken, a flash of green tinged light filled the air and there was the tell-tale sounds of bodies hitting the ground as everything went quiet and still. Two of the thumps were Hercules and Iolaus themselves but years of fighting monsters (usually sent by Hera) or humans (typically sent by Ares), had Hercules on his feet and looking around carefully without much pause. His eyes caught something and he stopped, staring in confusion. Where in Hades had those four come from?

“I think I'm gonna be sick,” one of the women groaned, flat on her back and making no attempt to change that position. “What the hell happened?!”

“Portal,” a blonde answered nearby. “You really need to get a hold on the whole key thing, Dawn Marie.”

The first girl, Dawn Marie if Hercules had to guess, repeatedly hit the back of her head on the ground below her. “One of these days, Cas, I'm so going to hunt down those monks and find out why they couldn't have included a users manual! I swear I am!”

“Look at this way, it might not be as bad as the last time this happened,” another brunette said, sitting up and shaking out her wildly curly hair. Her accent was different than the other two. “I mean...we're obviously alive.”

“Hey!” Dawn Marie yelped, sitting up just as the blonde did. “I thought we agreed that wasn't my fault!”

“No, you kept saying it wasn't your fault and we just pretended to humor you,” the final girl, one with hair the color of fire, said, flipping to her feet fluidly. Hercules couldn't help but chuckle—the entire conversation reminded him of some of the conversations he'd had with Iolaus...not to mention Jason, Yvenne, and Lilith.

His chuckle caught the attention of the second brunette and the redhead. The former flipped to her feet, twisting in mid-air so she was facing them; the redhead just turned around.

“Don't,” the blonde said quickly, as the two girls stared at them, somewhat stunned. “They're not evil.”

“Oh thank God,” the first brunette said, eying him and Iolaus. “Be a shame to have to slay something that good looking.”

“That's one's not entirely human,” the redhead said and Hercules crossed his arms, huffing a bit. She squinted at him. “Why do you smell like ozone?”

“Son of Zeus,” the blonde said, standing, and Hercules could just make out bright blue eyes and a grin on a thin face. “He's Hercules. Short guy is Iolaus.”

“I'm sorry...have we met?”

“What language is that?” Iolaus suddenly asked, and Hercules turned to him, almost having forgotten he was there. Iolaus looked at him accusingly. “And how do you speak it?!”

He shrugged, not having realized he and they hadn't been speaking Greek. It wasn't the first time he'd known a language he had no right to know—he assumed it was just another aspect of his godly side. Iolaus seemed to get the message cause he huffed, crossing his arms. “Of course,” he muttered. “Zeus again.”

“Probably,” he agreed and then repeated it in Greek when Iolaus looked at him, confused. Hercules had a feeling he was going to be doing a lot of that.

“What's he saying?” the redhead asked, looking lost. Under his breath, he translated her words for Iolaus' sake. “Cause that is in no way English.”

“It's all Greek to me,” the second brunette grinned, looking pleased with herself. The other three groaned and Hercules got the feeling that had been a joke—and probably a bad one, from the girls reactions.

“That's horrible,” Dawn Marie said, finally getting to her feet. She wavered a bit but the two girls who'd first stood, reached out and steadied her. She shook her head and then looked over at him and Iolaus before suddenly frowning and turning to the other brunette. “And how'd you know that was Greek? You hate language studies.”

“Just because I hate language studies doesn't mean I don't pay attention,” the girl replied, ignoring Iolaus as he suddenly grinned. “I'm not fluent but I can recognize when its being spoken.”

“Great,” Dawn Marie said. She looked over at him, as if sizing him up. “Well...they certainly don't make 'em like they used to.”

Hercules flushed, getting the meaning, as the other three girls snickered. Iolaus looked between the girls to Hercules and then grinned. “She flirted with you, didn't she?”

“Not exactly,” Hercules muttered, watching as Dawn Marie smirked, eyes practically dancing with mirth.

“You're not exactly hard to look at yourself, short stuff,” she said and Hercules debated whether or not to translate that. He sighed; Iolaus wouldn't leave him alone if he didn't. His blonde friend grinned smugly.

“Hear that, Herc? I'm good-looking!”

“And short,” Hercules couldn't help but add. Iolaus glared at him as Dawn Marie snickered quietly. The other three looked at each other and then, as one, shrugged, having apparently decided it was safer not to ask.

“You obviously know who we are,” Hercules said, deciding it was time to get down to business. “But we don't know you.”

“I'm Dawn,” the girl said.

“Not Dawn Marie?” he asked, frowning.

“Where we come from, most people have two or three names,” the blonde explained when Dawn just sort of looked confused. The blonde smiled lopsidedly at them. “You're given name, a second name, and then a family name.”

“I go by just Dawn,” the brunette agreed. She waved at the other four. “That's Cassie, Vi, and Molly.”

Molly was the other brunette, Vi was the redhead, and Cassie the blonde. He told Iolaus, who nodded and pointed to himself. “Iolaus,” he said, speaking slowly. “Hercules.”

“Got that,” Molly agreed with a raised eyebrow. Hercules translated and Iolaus winced.

“Right,” he agreed. His best friend looked over at him. “Asked how they got here yet?”

“How'd you get here?” Hercules complied, curious himself. He didn't think they were a threat, they seemed too good-natured, but he'd been mistaken before.

“Traveling portal,” Dawn answered truthfully. “I have the power to make em...just not, you know, control 'em.”

“How do you have that power?” he asked, frowning. That sounded like a godly power to him. Dawn shrugged.

“Just something that's always been a part of me,” she said. “Its only been the last couple of years the portals became”

“Nummy,” Vi muttered, a wicked grin on her face, as Cassie and Molly both snickered and Dawn turned slightly pink. “Captain Jack. Making with the kissage.”

Dawn turned red, muttering something under her breath he couldn't catch. He decided to take pity on her, she was obviously embarrassed, and crossed his arms. “You didn't always have that power?” he asked pointedly.

“Not exactly,” she admitted as Cassie smiled at him. “I had it when I was fourteen but I had even less of an idea on how to control it then thanI do now. A...woman...did know though and she and some of her minions managed to open a big one.”

Her expression darkened at the memories and Hercules had a feeling the experience hadn't ended well. He could relate, given he'd accidentally killed the first time he'd actively tried using his strength on another human being.
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