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The Courtship of Severus Snape

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Reinvention of Draco Malfoy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Follow Jocey Malfoy as she decides to pursue her own destiny, in spite of him, and everyone else.

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Harry Potter > Joyce-CenteredEllandrahSylverFR18630,1781327,3744 Dec 116 Nov 13No

Saving Severus

Saving Severus

Disclaimer: All things HP belong to JKR et al. All things BtVS belong to Joss et al.

A/N: This is an accounting of just HOW Jocelyn Annemarie Malfoy eventually became Mrs. Severus Snape. And one day, the mother of Elisabeth Ann Snape. It's a series of shorts that will make sense if you read the main story for this series, "Fool's Consequences". This chapter is imported from All for One... Even a Fool. Future chapters in this plotline will be here and not there.


Lovely Illustration by christytrekkie. *grins* Thank you!

Jocelyn Malfoy was never one to suffer fools, gladly or otherwise. Having spent most of the last three years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she felt she had a decent idea of who the fools were. Of those ill tolerated numbers, the worst offenders were James Potter, Sirius Black, and their little shadow, Peter Pettigrew. For some reason, Remus Lupin spent the majority of his time with those three, even though he, at least, seemed to have a brain in his head. Of course, the fact that the three boys had figured out how to become Animagi purely in order to spend time with the school’s resident werewolf might have something to do with his loyalty to them. He didn’t know about the fourth shapeshifter in the Tower, although she was fairly certain Potter and Black did… or at least suspected. To be fair, she was very certain that they didn’t know she knew Lupin was a wolf… despite his ironically appropriate name.

Jocey stretched lazily, the action sending a ripple the full length of her body. Skippy was off hunting in the school dungeons, and she was sunning herself on the roof of the astronomy tower. The heat felt incredibly good on her black and green skin, and her silver and gold markings gleamed in the sunshine. She was also watching, with half an eye, the goings on down on the grounds. It was the end of the year, and the fifth years were taking their OWLs. She was waiting for Lily Evans to finish her Defence Against the Dark Arts OWL exam. The Muggleborn redhead was one of the few members of her House that she didn’t think was a complete lackwit, AND who took the time to get to know her, Jocey, rather than pandering to her because she was Lord Malfoy’s little girl or reviling her because ‘Malfoys don’t belong in Gryffindor’.

With a sibilant, sighing hiss, Jocey slid out of her sunning spot, coiled atop one of the great black slabs of stone that cornered the tower, and headed for the House elf tunnels she tended to prefer using when she was a snake. They kept her from being seen by other students, and the castle was positively riddled with the things. If one had the patience to learn the routes, and the memory to make a useful mental map of them, and the capacity to move about in tunnels only three feet tall in reasonable comfort, the tunnels were wonderfully efficient ways to get anywhere. And since she never bothered the House elves, simply slithered past them, they didn’t object to her using their access routes through the school. Well, not beyond the occasional wide eyed glance and shudder when she slithered past them. It was not her fault that house elves smelled quite delicious to Royal Anacondas.

When she reached the ground level of the school, Skippy met her, and she greeted him. {Good hunting, Skippy?}

He gave a disgruntled hiss, and replied, {No, Mistress. The cats have cleared out most of the wild rodents, and you told me not to eat the cats.}

{Well, one of them could be professor McGonagall. We’ll just have to go fishing later. Come on, Lily should be outside any minute.}

{Yes, Mistress. But she would not be a great loss.} Jocelyn would have sworn her familiar was grinning, if it weren’t for the fact that snakes can’t smile.

She looked out the tunnel opening near the woodpile and, not seeing any people about, crept out of the hole carefully before shifting out of her Animagus form. Skippy followed her out of the hole, and slipped by her before she straightened and walked sedately beside him, as though they’d just come out of one of the many side entrances of the school. She was strolling lazily toward the lake when a disturbance beneath one of the trees caught her attention.

The situation became incredibly clear to her when she saw Lily go storming over, an outraged scowl on her face. The redhead’s eyes were flashing as she confronted James Potter. Jocelyn blinked when the boy Lily was arguing with Potter over was suddenly hanging upside-down, his robes falling about his head. In the instant before his face was covered, she recognized her brother’s friend, Severus. Her face reddened in fury at the bullying, and she looked around for Lucius. Surely he’d be stepping in to defend his friend. She spotted him halfway around the lake, in a flower bedecked bower and realised why he wasn’t already involved. He was distracted by Amelia. She rolled her eyes, and sent a mild stinging hex in his direction. Her aim was perfect, and Luce jumped, reaching for his backside for a moment before turning to see who’d had the nerve to hex him. His eyes met his sister’s, and she pointed at the confrontation happening, just as she heard Severus call Lily a Mudblood.

Her own blue gaze snapped back to the argument in time to see the miniscule flinch the boy made when he realised exactly what he’d said. His mouth opened slightly, as though he were about to say something more, but Lily retaliated and he snapped his mouth shut. After exchanging a few more barbs with Potter, Lily stormed off, and Jocey moved swiftly to take her place, as the skinny boy was suddenly upside-down again. Lucius was approaching from the other side, but he’d never reach the scene in time to do anything about it.

Jocelyn recoiled in disgust when Potter made the most crass statement she’d ever heard.

“Who wants to see me take off Snivelly’s pants?”

I certainly don’t! she thought irritably. Smarmy bastard. Gathering her composure through sheer force of will, and training, she stood straight and asked, almost casually, “Skippy, do you like venison? I do.” She smirked slightly as Potter whirled so fast one might think she’d burnt him.

His hazel eyes were wary as he eyed her and Skippy. “Bugger off, Malfoy Minor, this doesn’t concern you.”

Her eyebrows rose. “I think you need your glasses checked, Potter. And perhaps you need YOUR mouth washed out. Honestly, did your mother teach you to speak so shockingly to a lady?”

He turned his wand toward her, but before he could use it, she snapped her own up and disarmed him, deftly catching his wand as it came back down. Not taking her eyes off her quarry, she snapped, “I wouldn’t do that, Black. You might get hurt.”

James Potter glanced at his best mate, to find him standing, rigid-backed, with Lucius Malfoy’s wand tip pressed against his back. Sirius’ wand was hanging limply in his hand, though it had clearly been pointed at Jocelyn a moment before. He glowered, turning his attention back to Jocelyn. “Standing up for the filthy snakes now, are you?”

Jocelyn gave him an utterly cold smile. “You should know better than to say such things to me, Prongs. You think your silly little nicknames are so clever. Didn’t you know? Snakes are the best companions in the world... aren’t you, Skippy?” She stroked her familiar’s head with her free hand, deliberately drawing Potter’s attention to the thirteen-foot-long boa. Stepping into Potter’s personal space, she pressed the tip of her wand to his sternum, and commented very softly, “I don’t believe you’d care to test my resolve, would you? I really do love a good hunt, you know. Father has taken me hunting many times, and I find there’s great fun to be had in running a magnificent stag to ground. Not that I think you would ever understand the appeal, hmmm?”

“Jocey...” her brother’s voice drawled, amusement and censure warring in his voice. “I don’t think you should be quite so close to Potter... he might have something nasty living in that wild mop on top of his head. Wouldn’t want you picking up any parasites.”

She smiled. “You’re right, Luce. You never know what manner of pests one might collect in the Forest, after all. Deer ticks are probably the least of his problems.” She placed her hand on Potter’s shoulder and hissed in his ear, “If I ever catch you bullying again, or hear you say something so crude and offensive, this will be a pleasant memory.” Then, before anyone could react, she brought her knee up sharply between the arrogant boy’s legs, smirking viciously as he fell, and moved to stand beside her brother. Looking Sirius Black in the eyes, she snapped, “Watch yourself, little princeling. I’ve had more than enough of YOUR kind already.”

“Bitch,” Black hissed.

Jocelyn snorted. “You only wish, mongrel.” Glancing at the two boys’ other companions, she added, “Keep better track of your pets, Black. Skippy does so love hunting vermin.” Her cruel smile deepened as she watched Pettigrew pale, his face going quite white as her familiar flicked his tongue in the chubby boy’s direction.

Certain that her point had been made, Jocelyn tucked Potter’s wand into her pocket as she nodded to her brother and went to help Severus to his feet. With a wave of her wand and a soft charm, the rumpled robes were righted and clean, and she smiled at him. “Alright, Severus?”

The boy blinked at her. “Er... yes, thank you, Lady Jocelyn.”

She smirked. “You know better. Jocey, remember? You’re my brother’s friend, you may call me Jocey.”

He nodded solemnly. “Jocey, then. Thank you.”

His nearly black eyes seemed to be great pools of mystery, and she blinked as she found herself falling into them. Her cheeks pinked faintly, and the smirk became a soft smile. “You’re welcome, Severus.” She stood there staring at him for a few more seconds, before Lucius cleared his throat irritably and she jumped. Looking at her brother, she noticed he was glaring at his friend. She frowned. What’s his problem? “Luce?”

Her brother gave her an unreadable look. “Perhaps it might be best if Sev and I absent ourselves before you return Potter’s wand?”

She quirked an eyebrow in his direction. “And what would make you think I intend to give it back?” A choking noise came from James Potter, who was back on his feet, but bent nearly double, his hands on his knees, and grimacing in pain. Jocelyn sniffed in disdain as she added, “I rather think I’ll keep it until I think he deserves to have it returned. Or perhaps...” she looked toward the outraged and suffering boy, “I’ll give it to Professor McGonagall, when I report this entire incident...?”

Potter paled, the blood of his rage draining from his face. He knew his Head of House was aware of the enmity between himself and Snape, who seemed to have the loyalty and attention of Lily, the girl he wanted, but he knew that if it came to it, what happened just now could get him expelled. Nobody had ever had him so completely over a barrel; and the little third-year Malfoy knew it. He was grinding his teeth, visibly restraining himself from saying whatever was in his mind.

Jocelyn smiled, tucking her hand through her brother’s friend’s arm and walking away from the tree, giving the boy little choice but to walk with her. She could swear she heard Luce chuckle, but she didn’t look back as she led the sixteen-year-old wizard away from his erstwhile tormentors, with James Potter’s wand still in her pocket. After a moment, Lucius joined them, and he commented, “You can let Sev go now, Jocey, you’ve made your point.”

She gave her brother a speaking look. “Have I really, Luce? Or will I have to do this again every day this week, because that puffed-up strutting peacock will think he can do whatever he likes and nobody will step in and hold him responsible?” She patted Severus’ arm with her other hand, and added, “I don’t think so. I rather like your friend here, and thought I might take him for a walk around the lake. Isn’t Amelia still waiting for you in Lovegood Bower?” she said pointedly.

Lucius narrowed his eyes. “Yes, as a matter of fact. We were making plans to celebrate my graduating with top marks in two weeks.”

Jocelyn grinned a trifle wickedly. “Good. Go back and make your plans. I’m perfectly safe with Severus.”

Lucius looked at his friend, who was blushing somewhat and looking anywhere but back at him. “Indeed. But is Sev safe with you, I wonder.” He murmured.

Scoffing, Jocelyn commented, “A good deal safer with me than back there, I imagine.”

“Hmmm...” Lucius studied Severus, and then asked, “But does he want to walk with you around the lake, Jocey? You’re being a bit presumptuous, I think.”

Cocking her head in his direction, Jocelyn asked, “Is that true, Severus? Am I being presumptuous to want you to walk with me?”

Shaking his head, the clearly nervous boy replied, “No, Lady Jocelyn. Err... Jocey. I wouldn’t mind walking with you for awhile.”

“Excellent. It’s all settled then. Luce, you go spend time with Amelia. I’m going for a walk with Severus.”

Lucius shook his head in exasperation and left, heading for the spot where he’d been comfortably lounging in the sun when Jocey had summoned him in her usual unorthodox fashion. He watched surreptitiously as his baby sister led his friend around the edge of the lake. Perhaps it might be time to Owl Father. Jocey looked entirely too comfortable on Severus Snape’s arm. He only hoped his friend realised that Jocey was a little hellion before he made a fool of himself. Ever since she’d been Sorted into Gryffindor, she’d been getting more and more brazen. Perhaps, the Sorting Hat hadn’t been as off the mark as he’d always thought.
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