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Xander and Clark, Friends

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Summary: Scenes of Xander and Clark's friendship

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Television > Lois and ClarkIndraLeighFR1383,7732229,7925 Dec 115 Dec 11Yes

Interrupted Bank Visit

Summary: Xander Harris and Clark Kent are in a bank, when it it gets robbed.
Crossover: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Lois and Clark
Timeline: Between season six and seven for Buffy and preseries for Lois and Clark.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

"This sucks. I just needed some change and with two banks in town that my account is at, we pick the one getting robbed. By one of the employees and his buddy with big guns and big muscles." Xander said sitting next to Clark where the robbers left them, tied up and sitting against the back side of the counter. Xander and Clark met the summer after high school when they were both on their explore the country trip and kept in contact; phone calls, emails, and when they had the chance they would take a vacation or weekend and visit.

Clark had been surprised when the teller suddenly collapsed in the middle of talking to them and a man wearing a police uniform walked in, stuck a gun in Xander's ribs and commanded Clark to raise his hands.

"They have multiple video cameras and the two robbers are in the vault. It's not a big vault. I wonder what their plan is. The manager and deputy working together. They must have a plan to account for the video cameras and the gal they knocked out." Clark voiced his thoughts as Xander sat next to him.

"With the local law in on this, it's not looking to good to get rescued. No hostage negotiations over a bullhorn. This sucks normal human robbery, no demon in sight." Xander softly complained loosing his battle to stay upright, slowly leaning over to rest on Clark.

"Come on pretty boys." The larger of the two robbers commanded grabbing Xander. As Xander was puled up without care his head got slammed into the counter again.

"When we die Clark let's come back and haunt these two." Xander said as the new cut on his head started to bleed.

"Xander?" Clark asked as Xander was thrown into the vault.

"I can't see Clark and I think I'm about to puke." Xander answered from his landing spot on the floor of the vault.


Intently studying Xander's head wound and cradling his body Clark had stopped paying attention to the robbers due to concern for his friend.

"I bet that was the big heavy vault door closing. Clark, I don't think I'm .." Xander said before he lost consciousness.

Gently laying Xander on the floor and spreading his sweatshirt over him Clark moved rushing the center of the vault door.

Some unknown time later Xander woke up in a hospital room and he was able to see Clark sitting in the uncomfortable chair next to his bed.


Clark looked up at the mangling of his name. Seeing Xander awake he moved the cup of water and straw close to Xander.

"Thanks. How did we survive or am I dreaming something other than the bank vault? Xander said before taking another sip of water.

"I have something I need to tell you." Clark said leaning forward.
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