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Fan Art

Summary: A collection of Crossover Fanart collection and most of them may have a challenge attached so feel free to use them! Buffy Xovers and non-BtVS Xovers included!

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Multiple Crossings > FanartTheElegantFaerieFR154364018626 Dec 117 Dec 11No

The Vampire Diaries/Sherlock Holmes (Elena/Holmes)

Elena Meets The Great Sherlock Holmes...

Disclaimer: I don't own The Vampire Diaries or it's characters, LJ Smith is it's creator and Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson produce the show. I don't own Sherlock Holmes or it's characters, it belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Guy Ritchie directed the 2009 film.

Note: I'm also aware that that's a picture of Katherine in 1864 but I need a pic of Nina Dobrev in period wear and she's not looking naughty like Katherine in this one so I guess its okay.

Sherlock HolmesxVampire Diaries fanart

Both are Elena/Holmes (romance pairing)

Elena Gilbert, a vampire running from her past, meets the Great Detective Sherlock Holmes and the Good Doctor John Watson in London 1890. What cases will Holmes solve while Elena is living at 221B Baker Street and will Elena’s past catch up to her while she’s there? When the case-solving duo discover Elena’s secret, she begins helping in their case against Blackwood. What happens when Holmes begins to care for Elena and she returns his feelings?

or this one:

Elena Gilbert was born in London during the 1800s. What happens when she moves to Baker Street to assist her great-Aunt Mrs Hudson? What will happen when she meets Holmes and Watson, who are in the midst of trying to defeat Blackwood? What happens when a mysterious man named Klaus takes a dangerous interest in Elena that begins to worry Holmes?\

I'll probably be making a couple other Sherlock Holmes crossover fanarts in the future, including another TVD/SH most likely.
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