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Summary: On Parent-Teacher Night, Angel ‘gave’ Xander to Spike. He didn’t mean it, it was all a trick. Spike, however, decided to take him at his word.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/XanderMissEFR21511,2503146,9986 Dec 116 Dec 11Yes

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Season Two

Disclaimer: Don’t own or claim rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Notes: Written for the Fall for S/X livejournal ficathon; this is a complete story. Somewhat dark (features a pre-chip and post-chip Spike), underage sex (I believe Xander is only just 17?) and probably dubious consent.


Spike prowled along the empty streets, scowling. Tonight had been one cock-up after another. Not only did the Slayer have friends, which he already knew, but she had family. It went against all the laws of nature, it did. And a right piece of work that woman was; handy with the fire axe, which he couldn’t really begrudge, for all that his head still hurt like a bitch.

His Sire, though; Angelus had really done a number on him. Strutting up, all vamped and beautiful as ever, yet it wasn’t really him, it was the soul. Those bloody gypsies, and their bloody soul curses; it just wasn’t fair. And the so-called gift the great poof had offered him, a human, all fire and useless rage. It had been fun to watch his Sire struggling with the boy, to hear the child spitting out his accusations, to scent the fear balanced with rage. It had been almost enough to tempt him, if it hadn’t been for the bitter betrayal he’d felt.

And what do you know? There was the boy just up ahead, walking all alone on the Hellmouth. Who was it fool enough to let this tasty morsel wander alone in a place like this? Smirking, he slipped up beside the boy, and dropped his arm around the human’s shoulders. “Hey there, pet,” he greeted. “Nice night.”

Xander yelped, and tried to sidle out of the vampire’s grip, but found himself neither quick nor strong enough. “Uh, Spike,” he gulped. “Hey, how’s it going?”

Spike forced himself to not laugh at the boy’s wince. “Doin’ a lot better now I got my pressie,” he smirked.

“What?” Xander squeaked. “No, not a present. That was a joke, and you really need to take it up with Angel. Yeah, and while you’re at it, hit him hard for me, too, will you?” he finished, his anger at his mistreatment surging to the foreground.

“Oh, I’ll deal with Peaches,” Spike nodded, “make no doubt about that. But,” he went on, swing around to face the boy, “a Sire’s gift is a Sire’s gift. Which he knew, and he has no cause to be backing out of it. You’re mine, boy, and that’s all there is to it.”

Xander gulped, and set his jaw. “You kill me, and Buffy will hunt you down,” he promised.

“Oh, pet,” Spike rumbled, “I’m not going to kill you. I have much better things in mind for you.”

Xander gaped at the vampire, confused, until the blond pulled him inexorably closer, and kissed him. His eyes flew wide, and he tried to pull away, but the vampire was stronger, and held him in place with arms of seeming iron. He struggled futilely for a long moment, before giving up. Surprisingly, though, he quickly began to respond to the kiss, desire making itself felt deep within, driving him deeper into the embrace.

Spike eventually broke the kiss, leaving the human wide-eyed and panting. “There,” he smirked, “that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Xander blinked. “You want me?”

Spike slid his hand under Xander’s shirt, and trailed his fingertips up to rest his hand over the racing heart. “Lot of passion tucked away in here,” he murmured. He moved his hand over, and brushed his thumb over a nipple, drawing a soft gasp. “Such a hot one, you are,” he went on, tweaking the nipple. “Bet you’re a screamer.”

“Not gay,” Xander offered shakily. “Never … never been gay.”

“Not sayin’ you are,” Spike argued against the human’s throat. “But you are mine, and I will be havin’ my fill of you, one way or another.”

Xander stood there, unsure of just when his world and tipped on its axis. All of a sudden, he had a (very masculine) vampire seducing him (there was no other word for it) in the middle of the street. And he was very rapidly falling for it. He already had one hand on Spike’s hip and the other on his arm, trying to stay upright as the blond seemed to find every heretofore unknown erogenous zone on his body. In public, no less. All he needed was for Buffy or Willow to walk up and say hello: that would make his life complete.

He didn’t even realise he’d opened his mouth until he heard the words, “What do I do?” sound out in his voice.


Xander stood in the doorway of his house, undecided. Spike was right behind him, and sanctuary, doubtful though it was, was ahead. He could end this so easily, but should he?

Spike had obviously picked up on his sudden indecision, and growled. “Invite me in now, pet, or I’ll be back tomorrow, and get your parents to invite me in. ‘Course, I won’t be so happy, then, and I’ll drain them both before having you, and I won’t be so nice about it.”

Xander tensed: he parents would do exactly that, and they’d all suffer. “You won’t kill my parents?” he asked, voice wavering.

Spike pressed himself against his fiery human’s back, and murmured against the crook of his neck, “Long as they leave me alone, they’ll be fine.”

Xander shuddered and gasped softly. He stepped over the threshold, and turned to look back over his shoulder. “Come in, Spike,” he invited softly.

The vampire smirked, and followed his boy inside. “Very good, pet,” he soothed. “Now where’s your room?”

They managed to make it to Xander’s room unmolested, and Spike closed and locked the door behind him. He then turned to the teen, and cupped his face in one pale hand. Xander sighed, and relaxed into the touch.

“You’re mine, boy,” Spike rumbled. “Now and always.”

Xander turned tragic eyes on the vampire, and smiled slightly. “For as long as you want, you mean.”

Spike smirked. “What I said, yeah?” With that, Spike closed the distance, and drew his boy into a deep kiss, pushing at the jacket he still wore. Clothes were quickly shed, and soon Spike was pushing Xander back towards the bed. Without a word, Spike readied the wildly distracted young man. Finally, he swept the boy’s legs over his shoulders, kissed him deeply, and pushed in.

Xander squealed at the sudden intrusion of something bigger than the tormenting fingers that refused to let him come. He broke the kiss, and desperately tried to push Spike off him.

“Hold now, pet,” Spike growled, “I got you. It was always going to hurt first time, but it will be over in a moment. Soon you’ll be flying, yeah?” he rumbled soothingly. “’Member how it felt with my fingers inside ya? ‘Member how you wanted it? Heard you just about scream in frustration that I wouldn’t let you come. Softly, now, and relax,” he crooned, mouthing the spot behind his boy’s ear.

Xander calmed his panting, and screwed his eyes shut. Relax! How the fuck was he supposed to relax with that huge thing in his ass? Yet, as he listened to the soft, rumbling voice, he felt his body ease, and the vampire work his way further in. The acute pain of the initial entrance was dying away to a gentle burn, and he felt himself being distracted again by the cool breath on his neck, turning him on when it should have been scaring the hell out of him. Hello: sharp fangs where they shouldn’t be.

As he relaxed further, Xander felt Spike begin to rock back and forward, and he was starting to get even more interested again. Then the vampire shifted, and Xander gave a sudden, surprised groan, thankfully muffled by a quick hand to his mouth.

“That better, pet?” Spike chuckled into Xander’s ear.

“Yeah,” Xander sighed, “do it again.”

Spike pulled out further, and thrust back in again, hitting the prostate with practiced ease. Xander shuddered, and tossed his head back. He writhed against the lean form of the vampire, clutching once more at the strong arms. Spike smirked at his young lover, and dropped the long legs off his shoulder, only to feel the searing heat wrap around his waist. “Good boy,” he soothed, and eased into an age-old rhythm as he worked for their pleasure.


Xander ambled into school, moving through the students with practiced ease. He’d put off coming back to school for a day, citing worse than normal bruising, and warning that he’d landed badly at some point. Anything to avoid saying that he couldn’t sit normally because the vampire he’d been given to had fucked him through the mattress. He still wasn’t sure what to do about that, either. Spike was the enemy; to make it worse, he was one of their biggest enemies, and yet he’d just spent the night with the man (vampire, get it right) and he wasn’t sure, but he thought it might happen again. He also thought he might want it to happen again. Which he shouldn’t. Because it wasn’t like he was gay, or anything. Plus: enemy! So that gut-deep twisting when he thought of white-blonde hair and blue eyes was just … nerves. Self-disgust, that’s what it was. And repulsion that the vampire could do something like that to him, though, evil, so duh.

He sighed, and tacked his goofy smile on his face. Showtime.
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