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The Five Times The Others Didn't Find Out...

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Summary: Proper Title: The Five Times The Others Didn't Find Out About Spike and Xander, And The One (Spectacular) Time They Did!

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Cast: Scooby GangMissEFR1862,007064,9966 Dec 116 Dec 11Yes


Disclaimer: Don’t own or claim rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Dawn yawned as she headed for the steps; she wanted a drink, and if she just happened to see Spike with his shirt of, well then who could blame her for having a good look? Even Xander wouldn’t be too bad, even though he wasn’t her crush anymore: apparently he’d looked really good in a Speedo.

There was a sudden flurry of movement as she wandered down the stairs. No doubt Xander was changing the channel to something suitable Disney-ified so Buffy wouldn’t scream at them for having it on while she was in the house. Please! As if she had any interest in the kinds of things they’d be watching at this time of night. She just wanted her drink. And to maybe perv at Spike and/or Xander.

“Everything okay?” Xander called out.

“Thirsty,” Dawn offered. She looked into the lounge, and saw the two men sitting on opposite sides of the couch, and frowned. “Did Spike hit you?” she asked, looking at Xander’s swollen mouth.

Xander touched his mouth. “Oh, uh, well, we were wrestling, and I kind of hit my mouth,” he offered, blushing.

Dawn shook her head at masculine stupidity: the things they did to themselves.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking