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Trista & Klaus? What The Fu**

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Erasing Past Memories". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy travels to Mystic Falls to meet her twin Elena when she learns about the Sun & Moon Curse where she meet Klaus. Not soon after she finds out some shocking information.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter One & Two

Disclaimer: I do not own television show The Vampire Diaries , or the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is no No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained. BTVS belongs to Joss, Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J. Smith
(Time-line's different making Buffy/Trista Elena's 17-year-old twin)
(Klaus had no idea who the Slayer was until after his first 'meeting' with her)
(Buffy & Angel never slept together. Angel helped to stop Acathla like he was supposed to)
(no other BTVS or ATS in it)

Chapter One

(Time-line's different making Buffy/Trista Elena's 17-year-old twin)
(no other BTVS or ATS in it)


It had been a week since Isobel had killed herself because of Klaus' compulsion and Elena still couldn't get over what she had told her-

"You have a twin Elena" and ever since then Elena had been searching but had come up with nobody with the name of Trista in their family at all. The only person who had a weird name was the daughter of friends of Grayson and Miranda's called Buffy and she lived in Sunnydale, California.


It had been a week since the Scooby-Gang and the ex-mini-slayers had closed the Hellmouth for good and a week since I found out that I was not who I thought I was.


It had been a week since the Scooby-Gang and the once Slayers In Training now Potential Slayers had closed the Hellmouth for good and a week since I found out that I was not who I thought I was.

It had taken all of my courage to make my way here after the last time I had seen this man, but seeing as we had just defeated the First I figured it was about time that I patched things up with him. "Hey dad, I miss-" but before I could finish my sentence he opened the door and pulled me inside "wait here!" he said gruffly before marching up the stairs.

When he came back down there was a box in his arms; "these belong to you" he spoke monotony. i looked towards him about to ask what they were when he said what I had only ever dreamt; "inside are your adoption papers, your real birth certificate and all of the things that we were asked to pass down to you once we told you of your adoption-" I blocked him out as I looked through the box and found my birth certificate clearly stating that my real name was Trista Isobel Gilbert not Buffy Anne Summers and caught my attention that only my mothers first name was on there 'Isobel' but my fathers wasn't and that's when I heard him say that my father was an old friend of the family, in fact she'd known him as Uncle John her entire life.


So I was in the small apartment complex I had bought a couple of days ago in my own thoughts as I was unpacking my things when there was a knock on my door, and when I answered it there was my History teacher -Alaric Saltzman- standing there before me with a huge grin across his face.

"I just wanted to welcome you to the area!" He said, looking at me with a grin somehow plastered on his face the entire time as he showed a bottle of vintage wine that was hidden behind his back to go with the chocolates and flowers which he'd already given to me.

"I'm Alaric Saltzman by the way, I tech at the local High School" He said introducing himself before shoving the bottle into my hands and then walking the few feet to his own apartments entrance yelling out as he went "have a nice night!" and then slammed the door behind him.

I closed the front door and put all three items on the dining counter-top, pouring myself a glass of the vintage wine given to me by my weird neighbor before putting the cork back in and putting it on the top shelf in my small kitchens cabinet with a few other bottles of alcoholic beverages hidden from sight.

Taking my glass I then walked into the bathroom turning the radio on full blast as I turned the on, waiting a minute until it was warm before I stepped beneath it putting my wine glass on the small stand beside the shower.

As soon as my body was soaked from head-to-toe in the warm water relaxing my muscles, I got my shampoo and conditioner, thoroughly washing and making it go throughout my long dark-brown locks.

I then got my vanilla-chocolate scented soap and washed my body all over with my favourite rainbow colored lufa before rinsing it of and checking to see if I needed to shave my legs or armpits -nope- so I turned the shower off.

Once I was out I grabbed a fluffy red towel and dried my body then put on my dressing gown as I dried my hair with another and walked over to the vanity mirror, turning on my hair dryer and using my curling brush through it until it was completely dry and in it's natural dark waves down my back i took a sip from my glass and started to apply my makeup .

So I grabbed by large makeup box and stated off with light blush before adding my favourite water-proof black liquid eyeliner, shimmer black and silver shadow on my lids (giving them a smokey look to make my eyes seem darker). I then applied my favourite water-proof mascara onto th edges of both top and lower lashes and lastly a twenty-four-hour protected dark cherry-red colored lipstick (to hopefully keep the males wondering eye keep away from my breasts).

I then packed my makeup away and walked out into my small walk-in closet when I heard a noise coming from Alaric's room, choosing to ignore it as I didn't wast to be late to meet with -my ex-uncle- John Gilbert for the first time in my life as my father for dinner.

After five minutes of looking through my items of clothing I decided on my favourite pair of faded ripped skinny jeans, black corset top and black ankle peep-toe-boots.

After I put them on I put on my favourite ring -given to me by John on my last birthday-, a diamond and onyx embedded bracelet given to me by my adoptive parents on my fifteenth birthday and and simple silver chain with a heart and key diamond embedded pendants hanging from the middle.

I looked into the mirror in my closet quickly before grabbing my wallet and mobile putting them into my back pockets.
I then went back into my walk-in and found my favourite black leather duster which had three stakes hidden inside along with a can of pepper spray and a bottle of holy water in the secret pockets -sewn in by my long past watcher- and a silver dagger.
I quickly ran and the grabbed my keys of the hook before opening the door to my apartment and slamming it shut before locking it and running down the flight of stairs that would take me out of the building to the parking lot where my car was peacefully parked.
I got in, put the key in the ignition and started to drive towards my newest family.

Chapter Two

(Disclaimer: I do not own television show The Vampire Diaries , or the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is no No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained. BTVS belongs to Joss, Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J. Smith)

As I entered The Mystic Grill I found myself searching a sea of families, students and adults alike that I'd no doubtingly be meeting soon after I met John Gilbert.

But after five minutes of searching and asking I couldn't find him.

So seeing an empty pool table I walked over and started to rack up the balls when a group of teenagers around my age approached me, one -who looked kind of like me- asking "mind if we join?"

I didn't bother to answer, just nod my head yes in answer barley listening to what the other teens were talking about until they stopped when John came over and said her name making the girl who had asked her if they could join her in the game gasp as I let out an un-lady-like laugh.

"It's so nice to see you again daddy dearest, do I get a present for coming all this way?" I said in a sarcastic tone of voice whilst looking at the man who I had entrusted my entire life, only to be bombarded with questions by my look-alike.

She had dark brown almost black hair like my own only in was strait and large chocolate doe eyes much like her blue ones. Her pace also had an innocence about it, and when she smiled you could see a small dimple on each cheek if you looked carefully -she also had absolutely no respect for John what-so-ever- and that's when I realized that this girl was the twin sister I had stated clearly on my true birth certificate.

Seeing John give me nod a small smile graced my lips.

"How about we head over to the Boarding House and talk?" John pressed more as an order then a suggestion making Trista pissed off earning a "fine" from both Trista and Elena.

While Trista stormed out by herself to her car and waited for the others so that she could follow, Elena left gracefully with a look of annoyance until she found her newly found twins car and gave her the directions to the Boarding House.

As soon as I sat down Elena once again started to bombard me with questions to which I just ignored as I gave John a look raising an eyebrow, a look he knew very well as used it a lot when I got into trouble at school.

It roughly translated 'you can answer for me' and so he did until Elena's vampire boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore asked me a question catching both myself and John off guard.

Myself as I didn't think that he or his brother would figure me out and John because he had no idea about me having been the past Slayer.

"I am... well I was the Slayer" at the blank looks on every-ones faces including John's I started the speech that was given to me by Merrick when I was first called in the fifth grade.

"The Vampire Slayer, she alone will stand alone against the vampires, demons and forces of darkness to stop the spread of their evil. When one Slayer dies another is called. Translation I'm supposed to kill you boys, and Blondie over there, but I'm not the current Slayer-" all three vampires in the room were moving towards me along with John and Elena but I held up my hand

"-a little over a year after I was called I went up against a Master Vampire who ironically called himself the Master. Anyway there was this prophecy that I was going to die and the Master would be set free from his cage and yeah he killed me... but only for a couple of minutes. Then I threw him through one of those sky window things, and he fell onto a broken table leg and turned to dust leaving his skeleton behind. A couple of weeks later I had to smash the bones to bits though because there was a bunch a vampires who wanted to bring him back, killing my friends was a part of the ritual to do it so it wasn't really the 'welcome home' kind of surprise that I was hoping for when I got back from L.A. but it suffice."

As I finished everyone in the room looked at me in awe and wonder. "Ooh... and we closed the Sunnydale Hellmouth for good last week!"

"Well seeing as you've told us some of your war stories maybe we can tell you-" Elena was cut off by the older her boyfriends brother -Damon- "maybe later, right now we need to focus on keeping you safe from the curse-"

"What curse?" I asked in annoyance at the fact that I hadn't been informed about this sooner.

"It's the curse of th Sun & Moon and involved a certain Gilbert Girl-" Damon said looking sideways at Elena before looking towards myself once more "-in order for the curse to be broken one thing we know for sure is that your dear Martyr of a twin will have to die. It's said that the Doppelganger is the Key to Klaus's ritual-" he paused for a moment and looked around at the others as if waiting for them to stop him
"-if a vampire aka Klaus does the ritual Vampires get to walk in the sun, but if a werewolf does it then they get to change whenever they want while vampires have to stay amongst the land of night."

As Damon finished I nodded and said "If Elena's in danger then you're going to need more help, three vampires, a couple of hunters and a witch won't help use much. I was the Slayer, and when I died my Powers were enhanced along with my magical capabilities-" I turned to Elena and said "-I'm staying sis, and I'm going to protect you from this vamp whether you like it or not."

I then turned towards John with a smile and said "I have a place, all I need is for you to get me registered at the High School so that I can at least graduate, if that's okay with you?" John's face lit up as he walked towards me and gave a hug and said "already done!" earning laughs all around, including Elena who wasn't a huge fan of the man.

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