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The Surprising Replacement

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Summary: A certain red headed witch applied for the DADA position in Hogwarts but the headmaster has a different position for her in mind

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapebellaredFR1324,0730124,4248 Dec 1113 Dec 11No

Chapter 2

Here is a little info on the Buffyverse: It has been 6 years since the First has been defeated and everyone has settled into a somewhat of a normal life. The Watcher’s Council has been rebuilt with Giles in charge of it. Angel and the others won the battle and no one died because I just hate it when the good guys die so in this fanfiction they are alive and well.

HarryPotterverse: Harry and the gang are in the 7th year and yes, Voldermort is still trying to kill him. In this fanfiction Sirius is still alive and well. He has been cleared of all charges thanks to some real detective work …like I said before I really hate it when the good guy dies especially ones you pity to tears lol.


“Quiet down! Everyone quiet down!” Giles hollered.

“EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Faith shouted across the room.

“Thank you Faith. I would like to thank everyone for coming to celebrate this special occasion. If someone would have told me 6 years ago that I would be living in London in this nice flat, head of the watcher’s council and getting married to this beautiful woman by my side I would have laughed and called you mad.” Everyone laughed in unison, “After defeating the First I admit I too thought it would be near impossible to have a life. So much chaos erupted with many slayers going rogue and an all-out slayer war begun…” Giles said thoughtfully.

Buffy clapped her hands, “Come on Giles we ain’t dead yet!”

“Well most of us aren’t!” Spike chipped in as he wrapped his arm around Buffy’s waist.

Giles laughed, “NO we aren’t are we! We defeated and survived. And here we all are, in what I can really honestly say in a great place.” Giles raised his champagne glass, “Here is to all of you extraordinary people who stayed by me and I hope will continue doing so in the future.”

Everyone in the room cheered.

“Little red take care of yourself out there. If you ever need help don’t hesitate to call me. I’m anxious to kick some wizards ass ! Them bloody bigots have a pending debt with me trying to hex me to death a few years back all because of a few murders I did in their territory. Sensitive pricks I tell you.”

“Spike really?” Buffy said as she rolled her eyes.

Willow laughed, “I sure will miss you guys but I’m so giddy bout this job. I can’t wait to teach! You would be surprise to know I already have the lesson plans for the whole year set and color coded.”

“Color me shocked.” Spike said dryly.

Willow stuck out her tongue, “Why so glum Spike? Aren’t you having the time of your life?”

“Wills I think you need to have a pulse to be having ‘the time of your life.’” Xander said.

“At least we dead folks here have EYES to see.” Spike said as he pointed to both of his eyes.

“Touché. I’ll let you win this round bleach boy.”

“I’ll talk to you guys later. Imma head out to talk with Giles a bit.” Willow exited from the group and made her way to Giles.

“Just the person I wanted to speak with.” Giles said as he hugged her, “let’s head out to the balcony shall we?”

“Lead the way captain.”

“I believe a congratulation it is owed to you.”

“Thanks but I doubt congratulating me was the reason you pulled me out here all alone-y.”

“I want to say how proud I am of you. You have really gone above and beyond to find ground in your magic. For past years you have been doing nothing but learning to be a better witch. Now you are heading to this other world where magic will be all around you…”

Willow pinched Giles tweed sweater, “what are you trying to say stuffer?”

Giles smiled at the silly nickname, “What I am trying to say is to be careful in this world. I know you have not had a relapse in years but please do take care of yourself Willow. I am already somewhat regretting seeing that position at the Watcher’s council and telling you about it. Please do be careful and do not take worries of an old man the wrong way.”

Willow jumped into Giles arms, “I am honestly scared as hell. I feel like I’m jumping in a pond full of frogs. Their magic is so different from mine Giles and everything is so different and you guys won’t be there if something does happen. What if no one likes me and-“

“Willow you will do fine. “ Giles interrupted her babbling before it got the best of her, “Don’t be silly. Everyone will love you! How can they not?”

“YOU HIRED A WHAT TO REPLACE ME?!” Snape yelled angrily at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore of course had a smile on his face, “Severus please do calm down. I doubt you want the whole castle coming down.”

“Time and time again you amaze me with the TASTE of people you hire to teach these children. How can you TRY to replace me with some muggleborn American witch?! Of all things dear merlin an American? The audacity!”

“Severus the girl has an impressive background in potions. She is very qualified for the job.”

Snape sneered, “Do tell Albus, besides knowing how to brew love potions and a few petty spells here and there what can this …”Snape took a quick glance at the paper in his hand, “Ms. Rosenberg can do? You might have as well have hired that retched no good bloody dog Black for the job.”

“Now that you mention it since Black has be cleared of all charges and he is now a free man I did hire Black for a job. Even though you are more than capable of teaching DADA I thought you might need a hand with the students. Therefore I have hired Black to assist you a bit with your lessons. He will be arriving here after Halloween. I doubt you will be needing assistance when the term begins for it will be an introductory faze.”

“What in bloody forsaken hell makes you believe I will voluntary work with that DOG?!”

Dumbledore raised his hand to silence Snape, “Severus I do take in consideration your input in this matter however I am the headmaster and what I say will be done. I also would like you to assist Ms. Rosenberg in some classes if of course she needs some assistance.”

“The icing to the bloody cake.”

Dumbledore patted Severus in the arm, “I am sure you will all get along. Ms. Rosenberg will be arriving within a week. I expect all of your belongings and whatever items you believe you may need to conduct your own potions out before she is here.”

“Merlin’s beard what have you been drinking? Even he- who-must-not –be-named knows I despise Black! And this Rosenberg girl, I know for a fact I will not only hate her but despise her!”

Dumbledore chuckled before he closed the door behind him.

Snape took another scan at the paper. From what he read it seems this Rosenberg character has only been practicing magic for a few years now. Has somewhat knowledge of demonology, vampirism, charms, transfiguration, relics, etc. He scrolled down, “Experience in hand in hand combat training and field work? What in bloody hell is this?! Old fool practically hired a muggle.”

“Albus I cannot believe you! Not informing me you have hired Black to teach here and of all things working with Severus.”

“I do apologize Minerva; it was a last minute decision. In all honesty when I read the girl’s resume I was not going to hire her but when she grasped my hands I felt the power within her. A very powerful witch she is. I could see she is willing to do anything and everything within her power to make sure the children are taken care of. But I would like you to keep a watchful eye on her Minerva.”

“Pray tell why?”

“I saw mostly good in her but there is some darkness Minerva.”

“Albus then why jeopardize everything for this girl?” Minerva said worriedly.

“Because Minerva I believe she will do great things here.”

Minerva rolled her eyes, “Must you love to hire complicated people.”

“Do you wanna take this with you?” Dawn waved an ivory colored lingerie in front of Willow’s face.

“Nah, I doubt I’m gonna get any in a school full of children and the elderly.”

Dawn shrugged and tossed the lingerie inside the luggage as Willow went inside the closet, “Who is going to help me with my watcher’s studies and castings while you are in la-la land?”

“You have tons of people here that can help you so the whole guilt trip ain’t gonna be working here. Now come and help me bring the luggage downstairs.” Willow glanced at her watch, “Someone is gonna be here to take me to Hogwarts soon.”

“Willow get your ass down here! There is someone here for you!” Faith yelled.

“That girl never stops yelling.”

Willow dragged her oversized luggage down the stairs. Over the years she has learned not to use magic for silly things. She only used magic when it was the last option. She reached the bottom of the stairs and took a look at her escort. Willow was shocked how tall this man was; if he was a man at that. He was as tall as a tree, “Wow.”

“Hello there, you must be Ms. Rosenberg. I’m Rubeus Hagrid the Care of Magical Creature professor at your service.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Hagrid.”

“Nonsense call me Hagrid Ms. Rosenberg.”

“Call me Willow then.”

Hagrid smiled he liked her already, “Yer ready to go then?”

Willow nodded and picked her luggage, “So how are we getting there?”

Hagrid pulled out a dirty plastic bottle from his pocket, “With this here port key. Now hold on to it.”

Willow hesitantly did as she was told. She felt a tug in her stomach before she knew it she was at the front gates of Hogwarts. She stumbled a bit and bent over holding her stomach in pain, “Holy goddess what the hell was that?!”

Hagrid immediately came to her side, “Sorry bout that. Forgot Dumbledore tellin’ me yer still learnin’ should have asked yer ever used a port key.”

“It’s alright Hagrid. Totally not your fault that I can’t handle a little pull.” She said as she composed herself, “Note to self: never EVER doing that again.”

Hagrid opened the door and gestured her in, “The students will be coming in 2 weeks but all professors are all here.”

Willow looked around amazed she still couldn’t believe how much magic these people use for everyday things. How the stairs were enchanted to move by itself and the moving paintings that had a mind of their own. Creepy moving paintings but still amazing. In her own train of thought she accidently bumped into someone.

“I am so sorry. I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going. Hi, I’m Willow Rosenberg the new Potions professor” Willow said sweetly.

The man sneered at her, “I knew the headmaster hired a naïve beginner with enough knowledge to keep most mediocre students entertained however, did not know you were also blind. Now if it is not so hard for you to understand child can you please move aside so I may go?”

Willow glared at the man but nonetheless moved aside. The man glared back and left.

“Who is that snotty stuck up prick? Goddess I just wanted to punch that crooked nose of his so much arrrrgggg….”

“Don’t yeh take offense anythin’ he says that’s his usual self. Speaks to just bout everyone here like that. It’s best if yeh try to avoid him. Now let’s go and take yeh to yer room. Yer room is located in the dungeons since yer gonna be teaching in potions. Here we are.”

Willow looked up and down at the painting in front of her confused, “Umm , where’s the door?”

Hagrid laughed, “Guess someone explained yer bout the living arrangement here in Hogwarts? This here is the door. All yeh need is to come up with a password tell it the painting here an’ she will swing the door here open for ya’. I’ll be leavin’ yeh to it. When yer done come meet us at the Great Hall.”

Willow studied her surroundings. She became very nervous and scared. The lack of lighting and how seclude her room was from the rest of the castle made her feel as if something was going to pop out yelling ‘Bu ga! Bu ga!’

As she began to calm herself down telling herself she was being silly the painting in front of her moved. With a scream Willow jumped back and dropped her luggage.

“Stop that screaming. Dear Merlin I would have expected screaming from first years but from a professor?!” The painting exclaimed angrily.

“Sorry totally forgot a second ago paintings speak.”

The painting gave her a bewildered look, “I am Sophia Borehard.” She said proudly.

Willow gave her a quizzical look, “You surely have heard of the Borehard have you not?”

Willow shrugged, “Sorry, I’ve been out of this whole lingo here.”

“You must be a muggleborn then.” The painting said in distaste, “Just state your password so you can be gone from my sight. From what it seems I see we have nothing to talk about.”

“Well sor-ry Ms.–I-am–too-good-to-talk-to–anyone who wants to talk to your painted ass anyway! The password is Scooby magic. Now swing your painted self-open!”

“Never in my life has anyone been so rude!” The painting said as she swung open.

“Yeah, yeah no one cares. You ain’t no Picasso!”

“Severus where have you been?” Albus questioned as Snape sat down.

“Your new so-called potions professor has arrived.”

“And what did you think of her?”

“Seems like a blind moron. Little damn woman ran into me and had the audacity of smiling up at me.” Snape said irritated.

“Is that so.” Albus said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Snape became even more irritated. He couldn’t stand the look the headmaster was giving him. He looked at him as if he knew a secret he didn’t know and that just irked him to no end, “I tell you now Albus, you should fire her right now and save everyone a headache.”

“Severus how could you be saying such things.” Professor Flitwick chastised.

“I agree with professor Flitwick.” Professor Sprout piped in.

Snape rolled his eyes. He couldn’t stand the oh-so nice people who worked with him. Of course he needed to be the bad apple of the group. He looked around and saw he stuck out from the group like a sore thumb. He very well knew they all spoke to him because they had no other option. If one day Dumbledore did decide to get rid of him he bet a million galleons they would all gladly kick him out the school and throw a feast. He knew he was different from them and will always be. For he dabbled in the dark arts something they all in their little conscious shunned.

“Hi, everyone.”

Snape’s head snapped up. He didn’t notice the new professor come in. Not that he should of course.

“Hello Willow. It is great you made it for lunch.” Albus said as he scanned around the tablet to sit Willow. A mischievous smile graced his lips and flicked his wand. A seat appeared next to Snape.

Snape glared at Dumbledore, ‘Bloody bastard. Knows full well of my distaste for this woman and they say I’m a pompous jerk.’ he thought as he squeezed his fork.

Willow happily took a seat not noticing who was sitting beside her, “Ms. Rosenberg let me introduce you to the staff. Over here we have Rubeus Hagrid whom you have already met, Filius Flitwick Professor of Charms and Head of the Ravenclaw House, Professor Sybill Trelawney she teaches Divination, Professor Minerva Mcgonagall teaches transfiguration and is Head of the Gryffindor House, Professor Pomona Sprout Herbology Professor and is the Head of the Hufflepuff House ...” Dumbledore introduced nearly everyone in the table, “and to your left side next to you is the DADA professor Severus Snape who will assist you in some of your classes if needed.”

Willow turned her head to greet him. Within a flash her smile was gone, “YOU?!” she said angrily.

“How wonderful, you can distinguish people apart. How very primate of you.”

It was going to be a long year...

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "The Surprising Replacement" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Dec 11.

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