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The Surprising Replacement

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Summary: A certain red headed witch applied for the DADA position in Hogwarts but the headmaster has a different position for her in mind

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapebellaredFR1324,0730124,4248 Dec 1113 Dec 11No

Chapter One


“Yes Mr. Hopkins I will surely let you know if the position is yours.” Dumbledore gestured Mr. Hopkins out of his office. Dumbledore sighted heavily never had he had such trouble in finding a decent professor. He guessed word has gotten out about the DADA position being somewhat cursed. This has been the 7th interview for the position and no luck. All that had applied for the position had no real knowledge or experience or had no previous experience is educating.

“For just this once can I ever get a break?” Dumbledore questioned out loud as he began shuffling through all the resumes.


“Come in!”

Professor Mcgonagall entered the office, “Albus it seems there is another applying for the DADA position.”

Albus looked up and sighted, “Another?! Dear merlin please do not let it be another dimwit! I really cannot go through another silly interview. Minerva why do you have that shocked expression on your face-"

To answer Dumbledore’s question out pops a little red head from behind Professor Mcgonagall , “Hi-umm hopefully I won’t bore you to death.” The female said as she waved nervously.

“I will be heading out then.” Professor Mcgonagall said.

The witch took a seat and Dumbledore extended a hand, “I am Albus Dumbledore the Headmaster of this school.”

The witch shook his hand with a bright big smile on her face, “I’m Willow Rosenberg and yes I am an American.”

Dumbledore laughed at this, “I figured out as much you were. So, Ms. Rosenberg why are you interested in this position and of all schools you could have applied to why this one?”

“Honestly, I love teaching! And I heard this position was open from a friend so I thought why not and take my chances and apply." Willow pulled out a folder and handed it to Dumbledore, “This is my resume” she said nervously.

Dumbledore began reviewing it, “I see you never been to a wizarding school nor have taught in one. From the look of this it seems you have no real knowledge of the wizarding world.” Dumbledore sighted disapprovingly and looked at her straight in the eyes, “Ms. Rosenberg what makes you think you will succeed here without knowledge of anything of this world?”

Willow met the headmaster’s gaze, “Look I know what you are trying to say your right but TOTALLY wrong as well.”

“And how is that so?” Dumbledore said amusingly.

“You are judging me on stupid basic things that I should know like not knowing what a galleon is and FYI I do know! That was just a…REALLY BAD example, but- but I am qualified for this position because I know what lurks in the dark waiting to chuck your head off! I have years of experience in defeating and killing demons, vampires, wizards, and anything and everything evil you can think of I’ve come across. I can teach these kids how to really protect themselves and defend themselves.” By now Willow somehow had grasped both of Dumbledore’s hands, “If you just give me the chance. Just one little tiny chance and I can show you that I can do this because I really do care to what may happen to these kids and I know I can teach them.” The witch pleaded.

Dumbledore patted her hands, “Your speech is from the heart but how will you teach if you do not even possess a wand? It saddens me to say, that I cannot give you the job because ultimately you do not know and cannot teach the magics the student must learn to protect and defend them. “

Willow released the headmaster’s hands and picked up her resume and began to back away to head to the door, “Well it was worth a try right.” Willow said sadly, “It was nice meeting you and hopefully this interview was not THAT bad for you.” She said before she grasped the door handle and turned it to open the door.

“Ms. Rosenberg hold on,” Willow turned to look at the headmaster with a quizzical look.

“You may have no experience in the DADA magic I am looking for but from what I saw in your resume you do have an extensive and very impressive knowledge in potions and for some odd reason I do not know I do not wish you to leave here. Are you willing to take another position in this school?”

Willow smiled, “Anything but the kitchens. I’m a terrible cook.”

“So, how did the DADA interviews go?” Snape asked as he unfolded his handkerchief.

“All but one interview went very horrid.”

“All but one?” Snape questioned before he took a bite of his dinner.

“Oh Albus did that girl not get the job? She seemed so nice.” Professor Mcgonagall said.

Snape sneered, “Minerva if jobs were based on pleasantness than any fool would be teaching.”

Professor Mcgonagall glared at Snape. She still couldn’t believe how much of snotty bastard he sometimes could be.

Dumbledore began to laugh, “Sadly no Minerva. However her interview was something of an amusing genuine surprise. She really did try her best to get the job but she does not have the right qualifications for it.”

“It’s a damn shame we still hadn’t found a professor.” Hagrid said.

“Let’s cut to the chase shall we. Albus we both know there is no one better for the DADA job than I With such qualifications that I have.” Snape said smugly, “And you very well know I have been wanting the position for quite some time now and-“

“Alright Severus the position is yours.” Dumbledore interrupted.

The whole staff except for Dumbledore and Snape began coughing in surprise, “You cannot be serious Albus?” Minerva exclaimed.

“Really? You are going to give the position just like that?” Snape said in shock.

“Yes Severus I am being serious. The position is all yours my friend.” Dumbledore said amusingly. He wished he had a camera for this moment. Never had he surprised his staff let alone Snape this much. Dumbledore got up from his seat, “Well I wish you all a good night I must finish some unfinished business I have in my office at this moment.”

Snape began pondering with his thoughts, “But what about the Potions Master position? Who in the bloody world are you going to hire to replace me? I doubt you can ever find anyone as capable as I-"

Dumbledore chuckled a bit and waved his hand nonchalantly and popped a sweet inside his mouth, “Do not worry Severus I have already hired someone to replace you.”

“You hired someone already for the potions position BEFORE you had requested me to take the DADA position?!” He said in outrage.

“Yes I did.”

“Very confident of yourself Albus are we? What would have happened if I had denied it?”

“Something in the back of my mind told me you wouldn’t. In fact it told me you would jump at the opportunity and here we are; you did. I guess my planning beforehand was the correct choice.”

Every professor stared at Snape in shock, “What are you fools staring at? Stop gaping at me like some fish and continue with your dinner!” Snape said angrily.

‘Insufferable old man toying with me like that! But I will have the last laugh. He of course hired someone with petty knowledge and will quit. No one can ever be a greater potions master than I.’ Snape smiled evilly, ‘Let’s see if this new professor can handle the wrath of Severus Snape.’

Hope you all liked the 1st chappy :)
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