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Leasing Out Life

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Summary: For hundreds of years, Lucian has been trying to find what he lost when Sonja died. Close to death, he just might find what he wasn’t looking for in Dawn Summers.

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Movies > UnderworldJmariaFR1533,2170263,3878 Dec 1116 Jun 12No

One: Battle's End

Title: Leasing Out Life
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Underworld. I’m just completely fascinated by them.
Spoilers: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (even though everything considered a spoiler is in the first movie) and season 7.
Summary: For hundreds of years, Lucian has been trying to find what he lost when Sonja died. Close to death, he just might find what he wasn’t looking for in Dawn Summers
A/N: Okay, so apparently Kraven was a big ole douche who unloaded a friggin clip of silver nitrate bullets into Lucian. I remembered him popping back up - but part of my brain blocked that ending. And there was that whole finding Sonja’s necklace thing at the end. So maybe he’s not dead, maybe he is. For the sake of this fic - he ain’t.

Leasing Out Life
One: Battle’s End

He’d been prepared to die, having seen his will come to fruition. Michael was not the miraculous blending of lycan and vampire that the child he and Sonja had created six hundred years ago would have been, but he was indeed something Lucian had long wished to see. For not only was this the first hybrid of the two great species, but he - like Lucian himself had so many centuries ago - had fallen for Victor’s prized Death Dealer.

She looked so much like Sonja had, so much like his long dead bride that he felt a slight stab of jealousy. Michael would be the first of his kind, just as Lucian had been - just as his child would have been. Which is why he stabbed Kraven through the leg when he‘d tried to shoot Michael again after Selene had bitten him. Pity his aim couldn’t have been higher.

The vampire had tried to shoot him again, but Kraven’s clip had been empty of the cursed silver nitrate bullets. Once again, the would-be-king was impotent when it came to being rid of those who would thwart him. It brought a satisfied smirk to Lucian’s lips. The vision of Michael and Selene would be his last, and it was a comforting vision.

Lucian pulled himself up along the tunnels of the sewers, dragging his useless body up. He was aware fully that he was dying. But he would not die in the filth of the subterranean tunnels that so mirrored the ones he was born in. He would die free beneath the night sky, praying that when his eyes opened next, he would be looking into his Sonja’s eyes.


Rain poured down on the slick Hungarian street as Dawn Summers rushed out of the doorway. Thunder rumbled, sending booming vibrations through her slim frame. Muttering a curse under her breath, she made a mad dash for the next underground entrance. God, she hated thunderstorms. Give her warm sunny days and cool balmy nights any day over the constant wetness and cold.

If only she hadn’t put off that stupid trip to the library so late, she’d be safely tucked up in her modest apartment and not out in the oh-so-crappy weather. She shook her head and started to turn down the steps when something slammed into her. All of her ‘training’ with Buffy fled from her mind as she landed hard on her back as the drenched and nasty smelling body landed firmly on top of her. It chose that moment to start raining harder, as if that was even possible. Groaning, she tried to push at the thing on top of her. Her hands came back slick, and the person didn’t move, only settled harder on her. A groan hit her ears, and she realized the person on her was definitely male when his head all but burrowed into her breasts.

“Okay, buddy, get off!” Dawn squirmed, pushing at him again. Her fingers dug into his shoulders and she was finally able to push him off of her. Aggravated and drenched, she lifted a hand to push sodden hair off of her face when the metallic scent of blood hit her nose. “Oh, crap.”


Lucian’s entire body throbbed as he settled heavily into the female form beneath him. He couldn’t lift his head to respond to her, the effects of the poison in his system robbing him of his much needed strength. She tried to push him off her, but he was essentially dead weight. A half-smile slid over his lips.

“Look, I know you’re hurt and everything, but honestly, I don’t need any more of your bodily fluids on me, okay?” She squirmed beneath him, her breasts pressing more firmly against his face.

Lucian’s nostrils flared at the scent of warm femininity surrounded him. How odd that in the six hundred years since his mate’s death, he’d not noticed another woman’s scent as deeply as that of the one beneath him now. Of course, his own pending death may just have something to do with that.

She struggled beneath him, finally able to lever herself up to a sitting position. Long, dark tendrils of sodden hair clung to her shoulders and chest, the cap she’d been wearing dripped more water down her face. Lucian sucked in a painful breath. How - it could not be. Seeing her reflected in Selene had been one thing. For all Lucian knew, Viktor might have had other children not turned or born vampire. He could have kept them as serfs. Selene could very well have been a distant relative of Viktor’s or Sonja’s mother.

But this woman should not bear so striking a resemblance to his lost Sonja. She should not stir him as only Sonja ever had. Six hundred years of plotting his revenge, of saving his people from the crushing weight of the vampire’s boot heel and tyranny, of living a half-life. And now, he stared up stupidly at her. Fitting, really. He’d failed Sonja all those years ago and now, on death’s very doorstep, he stared up at the face of all he’d lost.


Dawn flinched as he snarled - snarled - at her. Okay, so maybe there was a language barrier. She could speak other languages. And honestly, she wasn’t the one bleeding. Last time she’d been the one bleeding, she’d been a bit testy herself. Time for a different approach.

“Are you in need of assistance? Are you badly wounded, sir?” Dawn tried to scoot out from under him, but he managed to find the strength to clamp onto her hips in a death grip.

She sucked a pained hiss through her teeth. The last time someone had grabbed her that hard had been when Rona’d tackled her in that graveyard back in Philly six months ago. Dawn’s eyes widened as she stared down into the eyes of the man. Fangs slipped past his lips and she knew she was in trouble. He levered himself up and sank them deep into her throat before she could even think to scream or fight back.

Panic beat at her, digging it’s claws deeper as her heart pumped her blood faster into his waiting maw. She could feel the slick, warm slide of blood down the column of her throat and a pinched feeling deep in her gut. Blood. They were always after her blood.

Her stomach cramped painfully as he growled against her skin, his teeth no longer sunk into her flesh. Even the rain seemed to still. Dawn’s vision dimmed as he pulled back, his shock clearly in his eyes as he took in the damage he’d done.

“You’re glowing,” he whispered brokenly.

“Oh shit,” Dawn’s eyes rolled back.

He made a lunge for her again, not that it did either one of them any good. The damage was done. It was always about the blood. It was just too bad for the monsters that they never really knew just what her blood was capable of.
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