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Leasing Out Life

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Summary: For hundreds of years, Lucian has been trying to find what he lost when Sonja died. Close to death, he just might find what he wasn’t looking for in Dawn Summers.

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Movies > UnderworldJmariaFR1533,2170263,3878 Dec 1116 Jun 12No

Two: Old Familiar Places

Title: Leasing Out Life
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Underworld. I’m just completely fascinated by them.
Spoilers: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (even though everything considered a spoiler is in the first movie) and season 7. (Also, possibly for Underworld: Awakening)
Summary: For hundreds of years, Lucian has been trying to find what he lost when Sonja died. Close to death, he just might find what he wasn’t looking for in Dawn Summers
A/N: The strongest image I had of the first movie was of Lucian biting Michael. I don’t know why, but it was which is part of the reason I had him bite Dawn. (The other has to do with the fact that I was reading Meagan Hatfield’s Shadow of the Vampire, which is pretty bite-heavy.) It’s a good plot device to get them out of the alleyway (because Dawn could never carry him and he’s severely wounded), as well as it being the nature of a wounded animal to attack.

Leasing Out Life
Two: Old Familiar Places

Dawn’s whole body shook and throbbed as the energy swirled around her faster and faster. All of a sudden in was over, and she was slamming into the ground face first. She managed to roll a bit, lifting her arm to protect her head in time. She felt the stinging ache in her shoulder and wrist but the pain of her keyness outweighed that by far. She wasn’t supposed to open anything anymore! Not after Glory’s crazy person tower. It was supposed to be one shot deal. That’s what Giles had told her.

Her hands sank into hard, unyielding soil. Her eyes flicked up to the dense canopy of the trees. Where the hell had the portal energy sent her? What kind of hell dimension was it? And it could have at least been a softer landing.

“What are you?”

Dawn kicked herself backwards. How could she have forgotten her assailant? Oh, right. She was too busy focusing on the key-ain’t-so-broke aspect of it all. Hugging her back to the large conifer behind her, she glared at the man in front of her.

“You’re really gonna hit me with that question? Especially after you bit me, you son of a bitch?” Her voice squeaked a bit, but given the traumatic experience she’d just gone through, she was fairly certain she was entitled to a squeaky voice.

“As if I haven’t heard that before,” he snapped back, a tinge of a growl in his voice.

“Oh, shit, you’re a shifter!” Dawn paled, her hand snapping up to the nearly gone fang marks there. Wait, hadn’t he just bit her?


“Fancy way of saying werewolf, but okay,” Dawn fingered the disappearing wound on her throat. Why the hell was it healing so fast? Growly-man in front of her first, potential new issues second. “Needless to say, you shouldn’t have pulled innocent bystanders into the little pissing turf-war you have with the high and mighty covens! A drinking buddy of mine went missing after that attack in the subway, and now you bit me!”

“You’ve avoided my question,” the Lycan glared at her.

“Oh, don’t even go there! I’m most likely infected and stuck in the middle of god knows where with Mr. Bite-happy! Are you sure you’re not part vampire? Because they tend to be the bite happy sort.”

“We’re in the woods.”

“Really? What gave it away? The monolithic trees or the lack of urban noise?” Dawn bit out, her hands shaking as she inched her way up the tree. Her knees shook from the power still throbbing through her. Damn Key.

He pushed himself up, his eyes tracking her slow progress. How she could have mistaken him for nearly dead back in town? Two tiny rivulets of pinkish blood oozed down his half-bare chest, his long dark hair plastered to his neck and shoulders with a mix of brackish water and blood. Other than that, he looked fine. In every sense of the word.

He boxed her in against the tree, a wall of leather and anger in front of her. Why was he so angry with her? She was the victim in all of this. The idiot girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. She hadn’t asked to be bitten, and she certainly hadn’t known her Key abilities would come back at the least opportune moment.

“Woods outside the keep,” the Lycan growled, wrenching her head to the side to show her ruins of an old fortress.

“Get your hands off of me!” Dawn shrieked, clawing at him.

“How do you know of this place?”

“I’ve never been here before in my life.”

Images blared to life in her mind, the throb intensifying. Snarling Lycans, hissing vampires, blood running in rivers across the land. What the hell was going on?

“What clever little trap has Viktor set before me now?”

Sonja. The answer is always Sonja.

“Sonja? Who the fuck is Sonja?” Dawn’s vision blurred and she found herself slipping into the darkness again.


Lucian caught her in his arms as she pitched forward. He’d stiffened at the mention of his dead love, and had almost let her fall back to the ground. But some greater force had moved his hands to catch her in his embrace. Her head lolled forward, catching on his shoulder. Her breath whispered over the crease of his shoulder, and a growl pushed through his lips unbidden.

His blood surged with renewed strength as he scooped her up into his arms. Sonja would have weighed more than this human child. She also would have fought him on the issue of his carrying her. But this girl was in no position to argue and they were not safe out in the open.

Lucian glanced up at the ruins. He’d not been back here since the day Sonja had been killed. He made his way through the trees, cradling her head to his shoulder. He was going back to his first home.


The thin girl ran frantically through the knee-high water. Her long dark braid slapped wetly against her back as the water kicked up against her. Her heart beat erratically as she sought out her brother.

“Mikhail! Mikhail!” She hissed, hoping he would hear her over the screams of the village. She’d lost sight of her twin in the chaos, and Marta had been dragged from their hiding spot. Mikhail had rushed after her, even though he was no more than a boy, and hadn’t the strength or skill to save their brother’s wife. “Mikhail!”

A hand clamped over her mouth, another over her waist as she was dragged back into the tall grass. She glanced up, tempted to bite down on the hand that had snagged her, but held back when she saw her brother staring down at her.

“It was William. He took Marta,” Mikhail’s voice shook, and she could see his face for the very first time. Blood spattered across the left side of his pale face. Her heart thumped painfully. Her brother could not be bitten. She could lose no more of her fractured family. Marcus and William had already been changed - each recruiting two, brutal and cruel armies. Their sisters, Magda and Alessa had been slain most brutally along with their young families. Vincent had not returned from his hunt for their killers. And now his pregnant bride had been ripped from their very hands.

“You - you cannot be -”

“It is Marta’s blood,” Mikhail swiped at his cheek, trying to sweep her blood of his skin. “I fell. I could not save her.”

“How do you know it was our William?” she trembled from the relief of knowing her beloved twin had not been

“He is the only silver Lycan


Dawn jerked upright, her body sore and abused. Black walls broken and crumbling loomed over her. She’d been set into a crumbling throne, unforgiving stone softened by a damp leather jacket.

“Spike?” She glanced up, hoping that somehow her big brother-figure had found her. Which was ridiculous, since they wouldn’t have even realized she was missing yet.

“My name is Lucian.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Leasing Out Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jun 12.

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