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Blood Ties

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Summary: Okay this one is a little different.   To say Crossover would be an understatement cause this is the a MEGA-CROSSOVER.  

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fandomoverloadFR15513,802001,8748 Dec 118 Dec 11No

What The.......


Brian wanted to go home and get ready. With this new development there was things that had to be done. More important things than meeting with this guy and his board. Why did he have to meet with the whole board? Normally he would say no to this kind of thing but Julian Amara was big. Everyone knew about his Pharmaceutical Company not the mention his publishing house. Any other words when you heard the name Amara that meant big bucks and money like that would be good capital for Kinnetick

"Mr. Kinney I would just like to thank you for doing us the honor of meeting with me and my whole board."

"I’ve always felt that the goal for a successful partnership is to please the client. So are you pleased?"

"Oh yes, we are very much pleased. You are exactly what we’re looking for that is why I would like to invite you out to lunch personally. It will be just you and I."

Brian took a good look at this guy. Was he propositioning him? Did this guy want them to go somewhere and do it. Would he that’s the question? He and Justin had been through a lot and he had convinced him that he would try and be better since the cancer but they hadn’t promised exclusiveness so could he do this? He took in the guys appearance. He didn’t look bad, he didn’t look bad at all. So yea he could definitely do this. The guy wasn’t half bad looking. He was handsome, he could do this. If he had to do it he could definitely do this

"Sure, I know the perfect place." Brian stated.

Justin Taylor sat across from his best friend grinning ear to ear. He just couldn’t believe that he was with Brian and what was the best thing that Brian didn’t care who knew it. They weren’t exclusive but everyone knew that he belonged to him.

"Why are you grinning about?" asked Daphne.

"Nothing, am I grinning?." he grinned.

"Yes you are grinning. Spill, best friends tell best friends everything so tell me what did he do that has you grinning like a villain?"

"Okay well this morning Emmett came to the diner looking crazy. Apparently he was attacked by a vampire last night. That’s not the point. I finished my early shift at the diner and then came back here and well when I got here he was here. He totally surprised me and he told me that he had something for me. I wasn’t expecting this I tell you and I swear but he gave me this."

Daphne couldn’t hold back the gasp when Justin took this lovely ring from around his neck. It was beautiful. It had some kind of weird stone that she had never seen before it was a lot of gold and red all entwined into like a sunset tone and it had diamonds around that. All and all it was beautiful. I for one couldn’t believe that Brian would do something that was definitely a gesture of love.

"Wow. I have one question why is it around your neck?"

"I don’t know, ,he told me to where it. He didn’t say that I had to wear it around my neck. In fact when he left he had placed it on my finger. He told me that it was very old and it came from his mother’s side of the family. He was suppose to give it to the woman that he was going to marry and for awhile in college he had given it to Lindsay but now he wanted me to have it."

"So? Why are you wearing it around your neck? Are you crazy?"

"I just didn’t want anyone to know. I wanted this to be just for us. If I put it on people will see and assume and I don’t want to put Brian on the spot. For the time being I just want it to be for us. He told me to always wear it to never take it off. He says it’ll protect me when he’s not there. Daphne it was so romantic and Brian doesn’t do romantic but I swear to you he had tears in his eyes. It almost scared me, I mean what if his cancer’s back."

‘Do you think it’s back?" Daphne asked with concern.

"I don’t know. I just think that it was nice of him to give it to me. I’m going to cherish this forever. I’m going to wear something special out tonight to Babylon. I’m going to let everyone see that I’m his."

"Awe that’s sweet come on I’ll help you pick out an outfit that’ll make your ass look good."

"Great and then will have lunch."



"Could you stop complaining already no one made you come!" argued Buffy.

"You thought I was going to let you come out here like this, you didn’t even tell Giles. Don’t you think that you should have told him. He can help love."

"Giles is fine, I don’t need him. This will be simple. I’ll find Brian and see that he’s not a vampire and then I’ll kill the vampires and then we can go back and get to our lives."

"I’ll have to stay in, in the day time, there’s nothing to protect from daylight, and why is it so damn sunny right now. It’s the Pitts it should be snowy and dark and dank?"

"A storm is approaching it’s going to be all fine. No worries, now I have to get out of here. I found out where he works. I’ll see you later. Stay out of trouble, and be nice to Xander."

"I’ll try."

Cynthia Moore was going out of her mind trying to reschedule meetings, since Brian had disappeared at noon and hadn’t come back. She was just about to curse out Craig in Graphics when she looked up and saw to very handsome men approaching her desk. One was very tall and handsome. With a mole, she would call that one "sexy mole", and the other one had some bow legs that just made her want to melt.

"May I help you two?" Cynthia asked with her best flirtatious grin.

"Yes you sure can darling, I’m Dean and this is my brother Sam and we were told that this could be the place to find Brian Kinney."

"Yea he owns this joint, but you wouldn’t think it when he leaves at lunch and never comes back without a call or anything."

The concerned look passed between the two men were not lost on Cynthia.

"Would you guys like to leave some kind of message?"

"No we knew it was a long shot. He wouldn’t remember us anyways, our dad’s use to work together and well he was an old friend so we thought we’d just say hi."

"You guys knew Jack Kinney?"

"Yea, but he wasn’t the kind of guy you liked to say you knew." stated Dean.

"Yea well we knew he was a drinker, that’s how he knew our dad."

"Well I’m sure your dad didn’t…." she trailed off.

"Well will you tell him that we came by?"

"Yea of course, you guys are free to check back later. I’m sure he’ll be around."

"Of course, we’ll be back. Thanks for your help." stated "sexy mole"

Cynthia was worried about her boss until that moment. Watching them walk away was the sexiest thing she had seen in ages. They were hot and you know what she couldn’t wait for them too come back.

Brian woke up sore. He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know how he got there. He remembered going to the restaurant, and ordering drinks. Now he was in a dank hotel. He was fully dressed, but there was something about his suit was crumbled and he ached. He ached, he hadn’t ached like this since his radiation days. He had to get back to his place, there were things that had to be done.

Emmett was scared. He didn’t like being at Babylon alone. They all promised they were going to be there but no one had shown up yet. He saw someone looking at him from across the room. He looked harmless enough but after last night Emmett was going home with anyone. He was going to sit there and drink his Cosmo and pray to god that no one was going have there way with him tonight. No one was going have any part of his body.

Justin had been looking around for hours. Brian had been scarce all day. "Where could he be?" Justin thought. He wondered had he changed his mind about getting him the ring. He hoped not. But to be on the safe side he wore it securely on a chord around his neck.

"Babylon, really B is there something you want to tell us? Joked Faith.

"Well F, I’ve been trying to find Brian all day and have no luck. He owns this place and they say that he practically lives here. So what we’re going to do is go inside and blend in."

"Sounds like fun, come on Tara it’s time to greet our people." stated Willow.

"Now keeps your senses peak, we can have some fun but we’re here to find Brian. I need to find him before it’s too late. Spike you’re with me." stated Buffy walking in the club.


"This has better be the last son of a bitch we dig up tonight!" shouted Dean from the back of the graveyard.

"Dean dad’s journal said that Jack Kinney was buried with the stone. Now we have to dig him up and get the stone. Brian has got to be the one, dad said that he was the one and Julian Amara will be able to get him if he doesn’t have the ring."

"Well maybe this Brian guys knows, maybe he’s protected himself I mean I’ve been looking around these parts and I haven’t seen on vampire or anything that goes bump in the night so maybe just maybe we wrong and we need to go and find someone else."

"It’s him. Now we’ve got one more Jack Kinney in a catholic church off of Tremont now lets get going cause then we’ve got to get down to the gay bar."

"Gay bar?" questioned Sam

"Yea so come on we need to hurry up so you can doll yourself up, with any luck you can get laid tonight."

Justin was just about to give up on Brian but then he felt those familiar arms circling his waist.

"I thought that you weren’t coming, or that you were sorry about what happened earlier."

"No, are you sorry? I see you’re not wearing it."

"I didn’t know if you wanted me to where it or not so I’m wearing it around my neck. For now it can just be something for us."

"Awe, I like the sound of that." stated Brian leaning in for a kiss.

Brian didn’t know what was going on. His senses were so enhanced for some reason. He hadn’t been on a hunt in ages. He could feel them though, Babylon was full of vamps tonight, and he was going to have to handle some things and he was going to have to handle them soon. It wasn’t going to be a night for play. At least not the kind that he wanted. It was Lesbian Night too so even the girls had come out to play. He looked to his left and even Melanie and Lindsay were out tonight. He wondered who were watching the kiddies while the mothers were out. Good for them.

"Wow it’s different here now on lesbian night, they are some fine looking specimens out tonight." stated Lindsay.

"Oh really?" stated Melanie.

"Well yea but don’t worry, I’ve got the hottest piece of ass here." Lindsay said leaning in for a kiss.

The girls heard the music on the jukebox changing. It changed to something retro. It was the song "Witchy Woman" and two women came out of the crowd and took the dance floor. One was blonde and the other was a redhead. They swayed to the music but unnaturally but then oddly they had perfect poise. You could tell they were in love by the way they complimented each other. The blonde had a weird scar on her neck going down into her shirt, but it didn’t take away from her beauty. Somehow it made her more beautiful. They were really something, if you didn’t know any better you would have sworn they were flying.

"Oh my." stated Lindsay.

"Right there with you." replied Melanie breathing heavily.

"Shall we go home?"

"Oh yes now!" stated Melanie practically dragging Lindsay from Babylon.

Justin had been having a great time with Brian. He would admit that it hurt when Brian total him to excuse him for a moment and he saw him flirting with a big guy in the corner. He was different then anyone Brian would normally be with. He was burly and strong, definitely a top so it was crazy that Brian would be talking to him. It was even stranger when he saw him lead him to the back door. He couldn’t help it, he was drawn to follow them.

"This is a waste of time Buffy! We haven’t seen him or anybody that remotely resembles a vampire, why can’t we just go." stated Spike.

"If you want to leave then leave I’m not going anywhere until I find him."

"Fine." Spike stated angrily walking off.

Buffy would admit she had been at a club that Brian owned for the last hour and she hadn’t seen him. She knew that it had been ages since she’d seen him but come on he really couldn’t have changed that much could he? She was walking down the alley, like the innocent victim. The vampire who had been following her since Spike had left had no idea what they were in for. She was pissed and she needed to let off some stem.

Dean Winchester had sent Sam inside Babylon and decided he would check out what was going on in the back. It wasn’t that he had a problem with the homosexuals, it was just that he couldn’t be seen in Babylon for his own reasons. He rounded a corner and he saw this pretty young thing walking down a dark alley. Why would such a pretty young thing be in the alley all along. Then he saw it, a vampire, a vampire was about to maul her well he couldn’t let that happen. He was about to say something when he saw her bent down and get something out of her shoe.

He couldn’t believe it. It was like some kind of kung fu movie. She had braced herself and jumped on top of the trashcan. The huge vampire thought that they’d rush her, but she jumped off into a round house kick and smack the bastard right in the face. Dean couldn’t help it he felt himself getting aroused by it. This girl was his kind of woman. She was great and he knew when this all was over he was going have to shake her hand. She was toying with him and he liked it. Then she stood there and let him rush her and she staked him right in the chest and he exploded into a pile of dust. It was amazing, she laughed as she skipped away. Then what shocked him was she went off to into the corner and started making out with a platinum blonde in the corner who was a vampire as well.

"Well fuck me? "Dean stated.

Brian had gotten the guy to the back alley away from anyone. He was big and burly and he thought that he was going to have Brian which was cool. He’d play along.

"I’ve always wanted you. I want to fuck you all night. I’m going to tell everyone how I made Brian Kinney beg for my cock up his ass." stated the trick.

"Oh really? I’d love that. You’ve all I ever wanted." Brian babbled he didn’t know what to say. He would ask Emmett later what you said in situations like this.

The guy leaned in close and he knew this was going to be the time. He pulled the stake from under his shirt and when the guy reached for his cock, he staked him as hard as he could. He was shocked first the guy was stunned. He thought maybe he had missed the heart because he wasn’t dusting. He didn’t know if his senses were as heightened as he thought they were and then he thought maybe the guy hadn’t been a vampire but then it happened. He gave him that one last fuck you look and then he dusted into tons of dust particles. "Fucker" he thought. That would send his message. Now he had to get to Justin and have some real fun.

Justin couldn’t stop. He was running. His legs ached, he hadn’t had to run to Deb’s since his high school years but now he was running. He was running as fast as he could. He couldn’t believe that, if someone would have told him that was true he’d never believe that. Not Brian. He had been acting funny all night and then he had given him the ring and didn’t care if he wore it. He was nuts. There was no doubt he was insane now. How was he going to cope. How was he going to be able to get over the fact that he had just seen the man that he love killed someone. He had killed a man. What was he going to do now?

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