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Blood Ties

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Summary: Okay this one is a little different.   To say Crossover would be an understatement cause this is the a MEGA-CROSSOVER.  

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A Dangerous Encounter

Author's Notes: Okay so this story has been on the QAF site for almost a year. They loved it so I decided to put it here. As you know I don't own QAF nor Buffy. I wish own Dean Winchester but still no luck. They belong to their respective creators. I just play in the sandbox. Enjoy.

Emmett Honeycutt ran frantically down the street looking for the end of the line.   He had been running for the past twenty minutes and right at this moment he was thanking the god’s that he was so vain and had to stay in shape because if he would have been one of those fat queens he would have never made it to his destination.   He looked up through blurry eyes and was happy to see that The Liberty Diner was in his eyesight.   Finally he was safe.   He took one more close look behind him and was thrilled that he was safe.  He walked inside straight to the back to the booth that all his friends shared.

“You guys will not believe what happened to me last night?” He said trying to catch his breath.

“Judging by that outfit, I would say a rainbow threw up all over you.” Joked his very comical friend Brian Kinney with a smirk upon his face.

“Very funny Brian.   No I was at Babylon last night in the backroom and this big bear comes up to me and he man handles me and throw me against the wall and we’re going at it you know and I’m waiting for him to make me his, and then he starts sucking my neck--

“Is this story going anywhere?” asked Brian cutting Emmett off.
“Some of us have to go to real work.”

“As I was saying, just when I thought that he was going to swallow me whole.  He started sucking on my neck and then he, well he bit me!”

“Jesus is that all?   I thought you were going to say that the guy had tried to kill you or something.” stated Ted.

“He did, I’m not talking love bites.   This guy tried to kill me.   Eat me if you will  He tried to swallow me whole, and he didn’t look right.”

Brian was trying to act as if he was not paying any attention to what his friend said but that last thing peak his attention. 

“What do you mean he didn’t look right?” he calmly asked.

“His clothes were all wrong, I mean I heard of retro but this, well this guy was calling it out to the ‘80’s, 1880’s.”

“See Em, I was trying to take the conversation that you were having seriously but now you’re just being ridiculous, are you trying to say that you were attacked by a vampire.   Why on earth are you getting at?  Halloween was last week.” announced Teddy take his wallet out and paying for his breakfast before grabbing his coat and leaving.

“Yea Em, I was very concerned until you said that.   Very funny, well I got to go guys.   A new shipment is coming in and I want to be done by lunch so Ben and I can go somewhere nice together.   Babylon tonight?   Justin? Brian?”

“We’ll be there.” answered Justin before nudging Brian who was in some kind of trance.

“Yea Mikey, I’ll see you tonight.

“Are you okay Brian?” Justin asked concern.

“I’m fine, why don’t you get back to work looks like Deb could use a hand or two.   You’ve been procrastinating long enough with me.”

“Okay.” was Justin’s one word reply as he removed himself from Brian’s lap.

For about ten minutes Brian just sat there looking at Em sip the coffee that Deb had brought over.   He looked haggard, something had scared the shit out of him.   It really doesn’t take much to razzle Emmett but he was pretty sure that Emmett could handle himself.   Most people thought that he was a “Nelly Bottom” but he knew better.   He knew that there was some fight behind him.   He also knew that he had fought a lot in his life to be able to be the person that he wanted to be.

“So tell me about this guy?” Brian announced making Emmett jump.

“I don’t have time for you to pick at what I’m saying, he scared me okay.  He was strong and then he was looking into my eyes and it was almost like I couldn’t think straight, so I don’t have time for you to poke fun when something seriously happened to me last night.”

“I’m not mocking you, tell me.” Brian tried to say calmly trying not to let on that he was totally about to vomit at any moment if his theories were proven.

“Like I said the guy was hot and he tried to eat me.   But it was like he was dressed up for Halloween you know.   His clothes were from the early 18th Century and I’m sure Brian you know I know my fashion but everything look authentic.   This is Pittsburgh so I asked him was he from some kind of reenactment you know maybe he came in from work and didn’t have time to change.   No one really noticed.”

“What did he say?”

“He just laughed it off.   Brian that laugh, I know I’ll never forget it.   It sent shivers down my spine.   His fangs, that was nothing fake about it Brian he was a vampire.   I know he was.”

“Don’t be silly, there’s no such thing.   Next time never put your drink down and don’t forget don’t take “candy” from strangers.   I got to get to work.”

Brian tried his best to keep it together as he walked from the diner.  His heart was racing and he thought that he’d throw up what Deb called eggs at any moment.   He couldn’t get over what Emmett had said.   A vampire.   A vampire at Babylon no less.   They were rules, rules that he sat in place.   Things that he let happen and things that couldn’t happen.   No they had to come to Babylon that night and they were sending a message.   A message that he got loud and clear.   He had to go to work, for tonight there would be changes.

Buffy Summers liked long walks, she had grown accustomed to them.  They were good for thinking, and making mental notes, they were also good for staking prey.   Not tonight though, tonight she was having a stroll with an old friend.

“It’s been a long time.  I was very shocked to turn this corner and find you hear.”

“I know.   It’s been a long time, there’s been a lot of changes.”

“I say.   Heard you save the world twice.   You’ve even been dead, I always knew you were tough but damn girl.”

“Yea all in a days work.   But hey don’t knock yourself, heard you learned to love, and stop an evil doer yourself, and even came back from cancer, so tell me why are we here.”

“I don’t know.  I mean this is only a dream.    You’re dream Buffy, but I guess my purpose is to give you a message.”

“A message?” questioned Buffy.

“It’s up to you to stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Me.   It’s going to be bad, and you’re not going to want to do it because of our history but you’ll have too  so take this.”

“What?  Why?” Buffy asked handing the stake back to Brian.

“I’m going to bad and you’re going to have to do it.  You’re going to have to kill me.   I’m going to be bad.  I’m not going to be me anymore and you’ll have to take this to protect them from me.”

“Protect who?   What’s going on Brian?   Where are you?  You just left and I never saw you again.”

“You’re going to have to get passed the love that we have for each other and take this and kill me!”

Buffy was shocked by Brian flinging himself on her stake and bursting into dust particles.   Brian was a vampire.   Brian was a vampire.   How the hell was Brian a vampire?   She remembered what had happened in 95 she didn’t understand then but she knew now and he was normal wasn’t he?  He came back normal.   She was shocked.

She woke up screaming.   She had to calm herself, she needed to calm herself.   She had had prophetic dreams before, but there was just something about this one.   It was Brian.  Someone she loved, someone she hadn’t seen since that tearful goodbye.  How could this be happening.  How could this be true.  No she had to get to him.   She had to get there now.

“What’s the matter love?”  Spike gently asked.

“Get up, Get what you need we have to go now!”

“What’s the matter Buffy?” 

“I just had a dream and he needs me.   I have to go and stop this from happening cause there’s no way I would kill him.   I would never do anything like that to him.”

“Are we talking about Angel, cause I told you he doesn’t want you…”

“No.   I’m talking about Brian.  Brian needs me.”

“Who the hell is Brian?”

“He’s everything now get dressed.”
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