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Trista & Klaus? What The Fu** PART THREE

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Erasing Past Memories". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Its been a year and Trista & Klaus are together again. But when a year of lies and secrets come out you'd best not mess with Mamma Gilbert.

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ScorpioCharmerFR1522,526004229 Dec 119 Dec 11Yes

Chapter Three & Four

Disclaimer: I do not own television show The Vampire Diaries , I do not own the television show Supernatural or the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is no No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained. BTVS belongs to Joss, Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J. Smith
(Buffy/Trista in her thirties but still looks the same as when she was killed)
(Trista & Klaus are back together, Klaus isn't evil, they all live in a two-story house in town)
(Katherine, Damon, Stefan and Elena are back & all have reasons for coming back)
(When Sam goes to hell at the end of season 5 Dean finds out that Lisa's moved on and goes to Mystic Falls instead where he falls for Trista)
(Only Dean and Bobby... I think)
(no other BTVS or ATS in it)

Chapter Three

(no other BTVS or ATS in it)
(Trista & Klaus are back together, Klaus isn't evil)
(Dean Winchesters in town)


After we had a laugh at my unintended joke Elena started bouncing around the idea that we should go and hang out at The Mystic Grill like we used to before I had the kids and when I said yes she dragged me out into her newly bought Mustang and sped towards our location not bothering to take notice of her husband and brother-in-law both holding onto their seats in the back of the car causing me to laugh.

Once we got there Damon and Stefan went to the to order us some lady liquor while the two of racked up the pool table, all-the-while trying to keep prying young eyes from staring at us. But seeing as I knew about half of them they approached in an attempt to hit on us only to back away when the guys came back along with Dean -Stefan wrapping his arm around his wife and kissing her cheek, Dean doing the same except he gently cupped my left cheek and kissed me passionately on the lips- causing a slam to be heard across the room and when I looked up I saw my kids had been eating with their father but the two of them were now leaving, my cheating husband leaving a moment after just so that he could pay for their meal.

When he was out of sight the four of us started to down tequila shots until it was time for them to close up for the night and when we left I decided that I was going to spend the night with them when I was suddenly hit with a vision containing myself, Elena, Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca and none-other than Mikael.

Only the scenery and the way that we all looked was different as if it were before we knew about everything, before Elena and I were even born and that's when I remembered what my look-a-like had been yelling towards Mikael. She had begged him to keep her family alive if he was going to kill her, if he was going to kill his daughter... It was me and suddenly a wave of memories hit me like a tonne of bricks causing me to clutch my head as I now held the lives of two women, two SLAYERS inside of me.

I was brought out of my reverie by Elena shaking my arm and the feeling that something was not right and as usual I was correct as when we entered the house Mikael, Elijah and Rebecca were waiting for us with a bunch of people standing at their sides as if ready to attack at that moment.

At the sight of my father I felt a longing for the way he used to tenderly braid my hair as a child, teach me how to wield a sword and how to fight when my mother disowned her own daughter for being a creature of the night -even though my duty was to protect people from the evil beings which roamed throughout the darkness.

But then out of nowhere he turned on me and decided that I would make the perfect sacrifice for a binding spell cast by with Witch Wife, killing not only myself but my cousin, some fledgling vampire and -oddly enough- my my Werewolf lover.

As I walked toward him I knew that he could see that I knew who I was, or had once been and it made me take a step back as I knew the reason that he killed me was so that he could get revenge on Klaus and that was over a thousand-years-ago.

Even after when he knew who I was he killed me and it hurt "Why are you here Mikael? If you want Klaus all you have to do is ask" and as I said that I could see the pained look on his face as I knew that I was close. "But if it's your grandchildren you're after then you'll have to kill me again!"

Chapter Four

(no other BTVS or ATS in it)
(Trista & Klaus are back together, Klaus isn't evil)
(Dean Winchesters in town)


As Trista spoke I heard gasps emit from her side of the room while Elijah's eyebrows merely raised and I looked at in Mikael's direction with a frown.

"Father what is this girl going on about?" I asked and when I saw the look of love and sorrow wash over his face at her words I knew that this was not the same Trista I had known when I was in town sixteen-years-ago but by half Slayer-of-a-sister Trista Petrova who had dome as she'd promised and passed on her memories to her own Doppelganger in the Petrova line who would become the most worshiped Slayer in history.

"Oh God!" I said before running as fast as I could out of the Salvatore's home as I realized that my brother had married my sister even if they weren't blood related at all she was related to the both of them and had even helped her brother in trying to kill her own niece and nephew.

"What am I?" She asked out into the night air as she sat inside what she knew to be the tomb beneath the Old Church where her brother had married her Trista, not knowing that after the Originals had left Mystic Falls that Bonnie had put the spell back on it so that vampires could enter but never leave and seeing how she had died along-side Caroline two-years-ago there would be know way to get her out.

The End

You have reached the end of "Trista & Klaus? What The Fu** PART THREE". This story is complete.

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